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Daniel Assouline – Nothing Wishy-Washy About Him PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Daniel’s main goal was always to build others up and he is generous to a fault there. He pushed his team hard to ensure they are able to deliver well past their own expectations too. Also, he followed the adage, “Persistence beats resistance” and that helped him to stay the course, no matter what. He persisted where others left in defeat. He had the willingness to go well beyond where others stopped and that made him take his company to the lofty height of success

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Daniel Assouline – Nothing Wishy-Washy About Him

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Daniel Assouline, UpClick Co-Founder, Charms

With His Qualities



Born in Montreal, Canada, Daniel Assouline, UpClick ex-CEO and co-founder, has a lot to tell aspiring CEOs.

He has set an example. He is a simple man with a penchant for the adventures of life.

Daniel does not feel shy when telling about his failures. It is his failures that have taught him to succeed.

Starting young, Daniel co-founded UpClick. He helped it build from scratch. Today, it is one of the leading online payment portals in the web world. It is a reliable site for online merchants.

Daniel may no longer be at UpClick, but his essence stays. People still follow his work culture, which is rooted in trust, diligence, and motivation. He has taught people to command respect through deeds and giving respect to others.

Daniel Assouline, Montreal resident and CEO, has made it to the top through sheer hard work, ethics, and smartness. He believes that it may be lonely at the top but it is certainly not lonely on the path of success. You need to build a support team that helps you reach the top.

Daniel’s beliefs, qualities, and open-minded approach have made him popular among his workforce and business associates. People like to get associated with him. They want to learn from him.

Daniel Assouline, UpClickex-CEO, is an inspiration to innumerable aspiring entrepreneurs

Daniel is not just all work and no play. He maintains a fine balance between professional and personal life.

He loves the sea. Boating and cooking are his two main passions. The latter is a newly discovered one, as he says.

He loves to spend quality time with friends and family.

There is no doubt that Daniel Assouline, UpClick co-founder, is a family man and a CEO, who is approachable, honest, and compassionate.

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