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Help and Documentation. Agenda. User Support Requirements Types of doc/help User Support Approaches Presentation issues. User Support. Help Problem-oriented and specific Documentation System-oriented and general. Help & Documentation. Never a replacement for bad design, but essential

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Presentation Transcript
  • User Support Requirements
  • Types of doc/help
  • User Support Approaches
  • Presentation issues
user support
User Support
  • Help
    • Problem-oriented and specific
  • Documentation
    • System-oriented and general
help documentation
Help & Documentation
  • Never a replacement for bad design, but essential
  • Simple system
  • Most other systems with rich features require help
  • Kebanyakan user tidak suka membaca manual
    • Boring, no goal
    • start working
  • Sering digunakan saat kondisi panik, ketika user membutuhkan bantuan secepatnya
user support requirements
User Support Requirements
  • Ketersediaan
    • Should be available any time the user is operating the system
  • Ketelitian & Kelengkapan
    • Should be accurate (tricky with changing versions) and should cover all aspects of application
user support requirements1
User Support Requirements
  • Konsisten
    • Across different sections, between on-line and paper documentation, in terminology, content and style
  • Ketahanan
    • Should be predictable and free of errors
user support requirements2
User Support Requirements
  • Fleksibilitas
    • Mulai dari user awam sampai yg ahli
  • Unobtrusiveness
    • Tidak mengacaukan
types of doc help
Types of Doc/Help
  • 1. Tutorial
  • 2. Quick reference/review
  • 3. Reference Manual (Full explanation)
  • 4. Context-sensitive (task-specific) help
types of doc help1
Types of Doc/Help
  • 1. Tutorial
    • For start-up
    • Gets user going
    • Convey conceptual model
    • Communicate essential items
    • Sometimes see on-line tour or demo
types of doc help2
Types of Doc/Help
  • 2. Quick reference/review
    • Reminder or short reference
    • Often for syntax
    • Can be recall aid for expert
    • Can allow novice to see what’s available
types of doc help3
Types of Doc/Help
  • 3. Reference Manual (Full explanation)
    • Detailed command descriptions
    • Usually for experts
    • Unix on-line manual pages, for example
types of doc help4
Types of Doc/Help
  • 4. Context-sensitive (task-specific) help
    • System provides help on current situation
    • Macintosh balloon help, for example
    • Other examples?
user support approaches
User Support Approaches
  • Command assistance
    • Detil spesifik pada command tertentu, seperti MAN pada linux/unix
    • Bagus jika user tahu apa yg diinginkan
  • Command prompts
    • Message ketika user melakukan kesalahan
user support approaches1
User Support Approaches
  • Context-sensitive help
    • Knowledge of particular user to information pertinent to a particular situation or interface item
user support approaches2
User Support Approaches


  • Takes user through procedure step by step
  • Inflexible, & often slow.
  • Also problematic if user gets stuck
user support approaches3
User Support Approaches
  • On-line tutorials
    • Work through simple examples, provide a feel for application
user support approaches4
User Support Approaches
  • On-line documentation
    • How much like paper doc?
    • Electronic can emphasize hypertext, indexing, and searching more
advantages of on line help
Advantages of on-line help
  • Always available with the application - paper manuals often unavailable
  • Don’t require extra desk space.
  • Electronically updated – fast & low cost
  • Electronic searching facilitates rapid location of specific information
  • Can use graphics, sound, color, and animations to explain complex functions
  • Can provide interactive & context specific help
  • Links to other on-line resources
disadvantages of on line help
Disadvantages of on-line help
  • Reading screens always slower than paper
  • Small displays require frequent page turning
  • Display resolution less than printed material (v. important when graphics are used)
  • Paper versus monitor
  • Studies show that people are 15-30% slower reading and comprehending text from a display as compared to paper
presentation issues
Presentation Issues
  • Integrate with system, don’t “add on”
  • 1. How is help requested?
    • Command, button, function, separate applic
    • Advantages, disadvantages?
  • 2. How is help displayed?
    • Separate window, whole screen, part of screen, on top of applic., pop-up box, command line, highlighted button, light bulb..
    • Largely depends on what type of help it is
presentation issues1
Presentation Issues
  • 3. Effective presentation of help
    • Design it like any other part of UI: language, terminology, jargon, etc.
    • Use active voice
      • “To close a window, place the mouse cursor in the box at the upper right corner (with the X) and click the mouse button.”
  • 4. Implementation issues
    • Fast response time is important
    • How is help stored? File, database, …?