Benefits of iamslic membership
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Benefits of IAMSLIC Membership PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits of IAMSLIC Membership. Barbara Butler Oregon Institute of Marine Biology [email protected] and Steven G. Watkins California State University, Monterey Bay [email protected] updated by Jan Haspeslagh Flanders Marine Institute [email protected]

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Benefits of IAMSLIC Membership

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Benefits of iamslic membership

Benefits of IAMSLIC Membership

Barbara Butler

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

[email protected]


Steven G. Watkins

California State University, Monterey Bay

[email protected]

updated by Jan Haspeslagh

Flanders Marine Institute

[email protected]

Iamslic membership benefits

IAMSLIC Membership Benefits

  • IAMSLIC Blog

  • IAMSLIC Membership Database Access (updated daily)

  • Printable PDF Membership Directory (updated daily)

  • Eligibility for IAMSLIC research and travel grants

  • Eligibility to serve as IAMSLIC officers (or committee members)

  • Voting privileges in IAMSLIC elections

  • Global network of aquatic and marine librarians (360 members)

  • Membership in any of the IAMSLIC regional groups

  • Partnerships with IOC, FAO

  • IAMSLIC Duplicate Exchange Program

  • Sponsored Memberships

  • IAMSLIC Z39.50 Distributed Library borrowing privileges

  • Use of the IAMSLIC discussion list for last resort ILL requests

Benefits of iamslic membership

The cost of IAMSLIC Membership?$20 per year for members from developing nations$50 per year for members from developed nationsSee: for additional information

The value of iamslic membership

The Value of IAMSLIC Membership

IAMSLIC:$20/year (Developing Nations)

$50/year (Developed Nations)


Compared to:

SLA$160 (+)

ALA$120 (+)

IFLA$215 (personal)

$230-486 (Institutional)

Iamslic resource sharing goals

IAMSLIC Resource Sharing Goals

  • Equitably distribute the burden of interlibrary lending across all types and sizes of libraries

  • Help smaller facilities share their unique or geographically distinct collections with our global community

  • Simplify searching and borrowing

  • Incorporate libraries without online catalogs into the Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials so their collections are accessible

  • Free resource sharing for all 360 (and hopefully more) IAMSLIC Members

Iamslic z39 50 distributed library

IAMSLIC Z39.50 Distributed Library

  • Launched in July 2002

  • 360 potential borrowers

  • 73 participating lending libraries

  • 8,000 ILL requests processed to date (roughly 55 per week or 3,000 per year)

  • During 2004-2005:

    • 68 libraries made resource sharing requests

    • 22 countries were served

    • 52 libraries supplied documents

Interlibrary loan transaction

Interlibrary Loan Transaction


Library Catalogs








Distributed Library

Broadcast Search




Catalog Record






Union List




Copy to







Online demonstration

Online Demonstration

  • IAMSLIC Z39.50 Distributed Library


  • Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials


How to participate

How to Participate

As a borrower: Simply join IAMSLIC!

As a lender:

Those with Z39.50 capability should send the following information to [email protected]

1. Catalog server IP address or Internet name

(e.g. or

2. Z39.50 server port number for incoming queries

(often 210, 7090 for Endeavor, 2200 for SIRSI, etc.)

3. Internal database name for Z39.50

(e.g. Voyager, UNICORN, MARION, INNOPAC, etc.)

(See the system at work:

Alternatives for participation

Alternatives for Participation

Don’t have Z39.50 capability?

You can join the Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials which is also searched as part of the IAMSLIC Z39.50 Distributed Library:

  • Add your library’s serial holdings to existing records

  • Enter new journal titles not already in the Union List

  • Records are exported periodically and indexed for Z39.50 retrieval in the IAMSLIC Distributed Library system

  • Direct input of titles or input of tab delimited text or spreadsheet files

    (See the system at work:



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