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Centre for Excellence in Tropical Design An Overview

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Centre for Excellence in Tropical Design An Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Centre for Excellence in Tropical Design An Overview. YBE 2004 Queensland Mission. Celebration and understanding of how the built environment improves quality of life Fostering a sense of community and purpose by setting directions for a

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Presentation Transcript

YBE 2004 Queensland Mission

  • Celebration and understanding of
  • how the built environment improves
  • quality of life
  • Fostering a sense of community and
  • purpose by setting directions for a
  • positive and sustainable future
  • Promoting initiatives to direct focus
  • into the future

Securing North Queensland Future

Societal Trends

Production and

distribution of

goods and services

Application of knowledge

and learning in a global


Sustainable living


Key Challenges Sustainability in the North

  • Securing sustainable and affordable sources of energy
  • Resolving competition for natural resources
  • Balancing development with biodiversity and needs of the natural environment
  • Securing sustainable water supplies
  • Responding to changes in climate variability and extremes
  • Building globally competitive 21st century businesses
  • Providing equity and social justice

Future Building Practice

  • Touch more lightly on the environment
  • Shared understanding of sustainability for the
  • tropics
  • Urban and Rural application
  • Integrated research, action learning and practically
  • focused partnerships
  • Develop systems and processes for wide and timely
  • dissemination of best practice
  • Develop 21st century opportunities for business
  • and employment to generate growth for
  • Townsville, Thuringowa and North Queensland

Probable Future

Path to the Future.

Preferred Future

Centre for Excellence in Tropical DesignSustainability & Innovation as a networked partnership

Learning Partnerships

Current Thinking

Compromise &

Contradicting Visions


The Vision

  • Nurturing and coordinating a series of knowledge hubs.
  • Founded on an alliance between State, Local Government and centres of learning for the Region.
  • Supporting sustainable construction and community building.
  • Recognised as the pre-eminent source of sustainable tropical design information.

The Vision

Expanding influence

Development and retention of expertise

Greater regional employment prospects


Role and Scope

  • Collaboration on practical solutions to issues

of sustainability.

  • Application of innovative techniques across industry and community.
  • Stimulating awareness for transition to sustainability.
  • Facilitating co-operative research for local solutions.
  • Encouraging application of innovative design strategies.
  • Supporting knowledge transfer between organisations


  • Building owners
  • Producers of products and materials
  • Town planning authorities
  • Educational institutions
  • Government organisations
  • Design professionals
  • Industry organisations
  • Other specialist Centres of Excellence
  • Community members
  • Environmental businesses and groups
practical first steps

Practical First Steps

  • A Sustainability Summit
  • Identifying knowledge gaps and working/networking with research and education institutions
  • Develop a Local Government Planning, Sustainability officers program
  • Developing base projects that support the idea of a network into the future
  • A Centre for Excellence in Tropical Design (CETD) Web site
  • Continued collaboration on practical outcomes from YBE activities

Photo courtesy of Troppo Architects


Building the Momentum…

  • Commence as a ‘virtual’ Centre with more permanent base in future
  • Expansion of tropical design expertise through networks
  • Real Projects to build the momentum
    • Thuringowa Riverway Project
    • William McCormack Place, Cairns
    • Travel Smart
    • Townsville Waterway Project – Creek to Coral
    • The Strand Foreshore Development - Townsville
    • Rasmussen and sustainable retrofitting of public housing
    • Sustainable Design Project of the Year of the Built Environment
sharing the vision

Sharing the Vision

  • Concept initiated by a small group
  • Underpinned by collaborative partnerships between local governments, state government, universities, business and community
  • Vision statement is starting point for future discussion and expanded involvement
  • Legacy document into the future
  • Welcome support and contributions to develop networks and ensure future success in sustainability for North Queensland.

Photo courtesy of Troppo Architects

expression of appreciation

Expression of Appreciation

  • Greg Bruce (Townsville City Council)
  • Andrew McEwen (City of Thuringowa)
  • Guy Lane (SEA O2)
  • David King (James Cook University)
  • Keith Whenmouth (Department of
  • Public Works)
thank you

Thank You

Photo courtesy of Troppo Architects