The dou ble
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The Dou ble. Ed ge. Sword Of. Hallo ween . BY : Natalie Ruff . What did I think of Halloween. To children its a day to it’s a day that generous random people give out free candy to us adorable little angels . . . . . . . . Halloween is the time we get to act young and really humorous …….

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The Dou ble

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The Double


Sword Of


BY : Natalie Ruff

What did I think of Halloween

To children its a day to it’s a day that generous random people give out free candy to us adorable little angels . . . . . . .

Halloween is the time we get to act young and really humorous …….

By the way he is supposed to be pregnant

My first thought was Halloween was a way for movie producers to make money of our culture …..

My Second thought was that maybe it was the candy company was of making a huge profit of society……

How Halloween is Celebrated ?

  • In our culture (America) we cherish Halloween as our official holiday for Fun. A day where its totally ok to accept candy from strangers under supervision. A day where are able to dress up like famous characters from a series of different movies and television shows.

  • In Austria Halloween is celebrated with living bread and a light lamp to welcome dead spirits back to the earth they thought it was magical.

  • In Mexico Halloween is celebrated in a some what sweet way compared to the others. In loving memory their lost ones they clean the graves offering food and fruits some time alcohol to show love to the diseased.

Halloween & Satanism

For many years there where many different stories of Halloween. But no actual proven fact that’s says this is holiday that comes from the idea of ________. So I took of upon myself to find out for my self . There’s always some kind of evil behind witches, warlocks, zombies, and all animals/ creatures of the unknown. What I came up with is the name Aton Lavely. He is the founder of the satanic bible and church. He dedicated two days to his practice and strong belief of Satanism. April 30 Walpurgisnacht a medieval German folklore the evening preceding the feast day of St. Walpurgis, when witchescongregated,especiallyontheBrocken.And October 31 Halloween the day of the dead.

Others Might Argue

While others may believe that Halloween is satanic there are many who do not believe in the same theory. For example Catherine Beyer. Who believes that Halloween is only satanic in only circumstances and not in history. She believes that the satanic meaning of Halloween is only borrowed on the behalf of Aton Lavey who celebrated the holiday in his satanic way. She believes that the folk practices where a act of pushing the spirits away not attracting them.

Me: How ever Halloween has been around for many, many years and it depends where you are on the circumstances of the culture. But in conclusion Halloween being evil and connected to Satan is fairly new adoption. And only in the eyes of those who do believe in it.

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