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Welcome to DMEM An Introduction to 1 st Year Students 2013-2014 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to DMEM An Introduction to 1 st Year Students 2013-2014. Mr. Ross Maclachlan Room - AR 4 th Floor ‘West End’ Tel : 0141 548 2653 r.maclachlan@strath.ac.uk 1 st year co-ordinator. Dr. Thanos Rentizelas Room - AR 4 th Floor ‘West End’

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Welcome to DMEM An Introduction to 1 st Year Students 2013-2014

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Welcome to DMEM

An Introduction to 1st Year Students


Mr. Ross Maclachlan

Room - AR 4th Floor ‘West End’

Tel : 0141 548 2653


1st year co-ordinator

Dr.Thanos Rentizelas Room - AR 4th Floor ‘West End’

Tel : 0141 548 XXXXathanasios.rentizelas@strath.ac.uk

Assistant 1st year co-ordinator

  • Ross will be on Paternity Leave approx. 2 – 21 October

  • During this time Amir act as a Temporary 1st year coordinator

Dr. Muhammad Amir

Room - AR 4th Floor ‘West End’

Tel : 0141 548 1806 muhammad.amir@strath.ac.uk

Temporary 1st year co-ordinator


10:30 – 11:00 First Year Presentation

11:00 – 11:35 Ice Breaker – Design Challenge

11:35 – 11:45 Proof of the pudding

11:45 – 12:00 Tidy up

12:00 – Lunch followed by

DMEM Society Welcome

Starting University Life

  • Register (Complete)

  • Get an IT username and password

    Familiarise yourself with the environment DMEM, Library, Sports Centre, Union etc

    Get to know your fellow students

Where to go for ....

Timetables, Council Tax Forms, submission of medical certificates

Departmental Office

Curriculum Changes, options and electives, registration matters

Year Co-ordinators

Academic Transcripts, Matric. Cards, Fees & Grants, Exam Timetables


Issues related with particular class – e.g. access to material

1st Go to Class Registrar/ Lecturer

Still issue - then 1st year co-ordinatorStill issue - T&L directorStill issue - HOD

Where to go for ....

Lecturer(s) /

Class Registrar

If you need someone to talk to if you have:

  • Personal Issues

  • Financial Problems

  • Health Problems


University Counselling Services / or person of your choice

The Departmental Office: AR4

First Stop for:

  • Timetable/Room Information

  • General Enquiries

  • Submission of Medical Certs.

  • Head of Department

Undergraduate Advice for 1st & 2nd Year:

Graham Upton graham.upton@strath.ac.uk

Tel: 548 - 2047

Access to 1st Year Co-ordinators

  • There will be a drop-in session in the John Anderson (JA 502) Studio at each week, Wednesdays 1-2pm

  • Enquiries regarding Curriculum Changes, options and electives, registration matters will NOT be dealt with outside this time

  • Co-ordinators are here to help with your academic progress

Personal Development

All students will be assigned a Personal Development Advisor (PDA) and a Peer Mentor (student from a year above)

Contact Ross if you do not hear from your PDA by the end of week 2.

If you need someone to talk to for:

  • Personal Issues

  • Financial Problems

  • Health Problems

    Speak to your PDA / University Counselling Services / or person of your choice

  • Director of Teaching & Learning

    • Dr Avril Thompson

      • Room AR 418

      • Tel – +44 (0)141 548 2354

  • Undergraduate Teaching & Learning Leader

    • Dr Kepa Mendibil

      • Room AR 4 ‘West End’

      • Tel - +44 (0)141 548 2640

  • Placements & Careers

    • Dr Muhammad Amir

      • Room AR 4 ‘West End’

      • Tel - +44 (0)141 548 3007

  • Student exchange

    • Mr Alasdair Downes

      • Room AR 4 ‘West End’

      • Tel +44 (0)141 548 2937

Other people in DMEM

  • Head of Department

    • Prof. Alex Duffy

      • Room AR441

  • Director of Operations

    • Mr. David Cunningham

      • Room AR417

  • Department AdministratorDisability Co-ordinator

  • Complaints Co-ordinator

    • - Mrs Caroline McGuire

      • Room AR4 ‘West End’

Other people in DMEM

  • PDI Course Champion

    -Mr. Mike Anusas

  • PDE Course Champion

    • Dr Xui Yan

  • PEM Course Champion

    • Dr. Andrzej Rosochowski

  • SE Course Champion

    • Dr. Andrew Wodehouse

Programme Champions

  • University Website – http://www.strath.ac.uk

  • Department Website - http://www.strath.ac.uk/dmem/currentstudents/

  • Student Counselling Service

    • Graham Hills Building, Level 4

    • Phone: 0141 548 3510, email: student-counselling@strath.ac.uk

  • The Advice Hub (Independent Support for appeals etc.)

    • Student’s Union, Level 5;

    • Phone: 0141 567 5040

  • Nightline (Open 24 hours)

    • Staffed by student volunteers 7pm -7am

    • 0141-552-2555

Where else can I get help?

Where else can I get help?

  • Student Financial Support Team

    • Email: s.finance@strath.ac.uk

    • Phone: 0141 548 2753

    • The Advice Centre, McCance Building

    • http://www.strath.ac.uk/studentfinancialsupport/

  • Student Health Service

    • Email: studenthealth@strath.ac.uk

    • Phone: 0141 548 3916

    • Level 2, Livingstone Tower

Bad news

We had a fire

Lots of DMEM facilities were damaged.

Good News, James Weir will be like this

You get some newly refurbished rooms, and some reallocated rooms

The departmental offices are also being relocated to Architecture (AR) 4th floor.

In the meantime

We have an app

To help you find stuff


  • Android

  • Apple


Let us know of any bugs

Or feature requests

We will be adding more options to it throughout the year

There is a common area available to you on 4th floor of the Architecture (AR) Building

  • Student Handbook http://onlinelearning.dmem.strath.ac.uk/handbook

  • DMEM Website


  • Pegasus


  • MyPlace


Useful sources of information

Student Handbook (Online)

  • The first place you should look for information relating to courses is the online DMEM handbook

  • If you enquire about course regulations, course structures etc. you will be referred to the handbook

  • It also contains information on appeals, fees, graduation, registry, placements, mentoring and much more

  • READ IT and become familiar with where information is

  • Available on the DMEM website – www.dmem.strath.ac.uk

    • Under ‘Current students’> ‘Undergraduate Handbook’

    • Or directly at link -http://onlinelearning.dmem.strath.ac.uk/handbook

Student Handbook Screenshot

DMEM Website

DMEM Website

  • Key points from the handbook are also on the department website

  • On the website, you can also access information on module descriptor forms, timetables, FAQs, DMEM Society and handouts for many of your classes

  • Check FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Go and visit at:




  • Pegasus is a web portal which gives access to university systems

  • It can be accessed through the university homepage or at http://pegasus.strath.ac.uk

  • You should go there to check you are registered correctly for your classes (it will take a few days to update)

  • If you receive an email generated by Pegasus asking you to arrange a meeting with an academic advisor, you should attend the next Wednesday 1-2pm slot to discuss.

  • If ill, you should submit medical and mitigating circumstances information via Pegasus

Coursework Submission

  • All coursework must be submitted by the given deadline via the collection boxes opposite DMEM office or electronically (Registrars discretion)

  • Once a coursework deadline has passed 5% per day will be deducted from the mark awarded

Mitigating Circumstances

Attempts may be discounted if:

  • You have medical or other certification that impacted your ability to be assessed and is at the correct point in time.

    What to do if you have circumstances:

  • Please submit medical or other documentation to the DMEM office as soon as you have it available, and inform your year coordinator.

  • It is also useful if you use Pegasus to self-certify to illustrate the true extent to which your studies have been affected.

  • Do not leave it to the last minute – report circumstances if needed in a timely manner.

Mitigating Circumstances

  • When circumstances beyond your control affect your academic performance you should report these to the University as soon as possible as Mitigating Circumstances.

  • You should submit Mitigating Circumstances as soon as you feel you have not performed as well as you expected.  

    • do NOT wait until the results have been published. 

  • If you have been absent from the University for seven days or less you should record a self-certification online via PEGASUS using the 'Personal Circumstances' link under the Services tab.

  • Where sickness results in absence of more than seven days, you are required to submit a medical certificate (signed by a medical practitioner who is not a member of your family) to Student Business.



  • University VLE - http://classes.myplace.strath.ac.uk

  • Gives you access to class material; e.g. lecture notes, tutorials, courseworks, past exam papers, articles of interest, etc

  • Make sure you have access to all your classes through Myplace. If not, let your class registrar know


Stuck with a class?

  • ATTEND THE CLASS and all of the TUTORIALS!

  • Prepare for the Tutorials, don’t just turn up

  • Go to the lecturer in charge of the module and arrange extra help.

  • See the Year Co-ordinator

  • See the Programme Champion

  • Special mention - Maths four attempts and out!

Stuck with Maths?

  • All students taking Mathematics classes MA115 should purchase a copy of the lecture notes before the 1st lecture from –

  • EEE Resource Centre, R206 (Royal College Building)

  • Cost should be £6

Stuck with Maths?

  • Chat to Maths Skills Centrehttp://www.strath.ac.uk/mathsskills/Open Monday to Friday 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.Livingstone Tower room 308


  • one-to-one support when you have difficulty understanding specific topics or lack confidence when using basic techniques.    

  • A place to study with experienced members of staff on-hand to provide help and assistance when required.

  • A multitude of online resources that include summary notes, multiple choice quizzes and diagnostic tests.

MANDATORYbefore using workshops and labs

To take place in the first Integrating Studies classTuesday 24th

Safety Induction

Curran Building – Seminar Room 4 (4th floor)

Please check names on list for your session (4 groups)

Friday 27th

Library Induction

Library Sessions – Please Note

All sessions in Curran Building, Level 4, Seminar Room 4

* PDE students see group lists pinned on the wall for notice of your slot.


  • At university, your education is YOUR responsibility - staff are here to help and support

  • Good time management, organisation and study discipline are habits you should develop early on in your university career!

  • The challenge is not only academic – consider other factors

You need to pass a minimum of 100 credits BUT aim for 120

Carrying that extra 20 credits makes 2nd year hard

BEng/MEng - you may be registered for one of these – it’s not fixed though

A 60% average on Core classes means you can stay on/transfer to MEng <60% average on Core classes means you will stay on/transfer to BEng

End of 1st Year

Your first class is at9am


Monday 23rd Sept.

DM103 Technology Concepts for PDI & SE

16132 Engineering Mechanics for PDE & PEM

Monday 30th Sept is a Glasgow HolidayTheUniversity will be closed that Monday


These slides will be available on the DMEM website

Under ‘Current students’ > An introduction to 1st year

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