Kelsey kayla and dylan 9 27 10 mrs anderson hirtz
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Kelsey , Kayla , and Dylan 9/27/10 Mrs. Anderson-Hirtz PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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**For Global Warming**. Kelsey , Kayla , and Dylan 9/27/10 Mrs. Anderson-Hirtz. What people do to make global warming occur. Opening Statement.

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Kelsey , Kayla , and Dylan 9/27/10 Mrs. Anderson-Hirtz

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**For Global Warming**

Kelsey, Kayla, and Dylan


Mrs. Anderson-Hirtz

What people do to make

global warming occur

Opening Statement

  • People on this planet have watched global warming occur for many years. Little efforts have been made to solve this problem. Factories are still running strong, and acid rain is still wearing away at tomb stones. We believe people on this planet has caused this major problem, so therefore it is human societies fault not global warming because it can not occur by itself.

**About Global Warming**

  • Global warming is caused by the increasing population rate 80,000,000 per year

  • Motor vehicles are accounted for 80%of transport energy use

Proof of global warming

  • Heating of the worlds oceans

  • Melting glaciers

  • Caused sea level to rise

  • Altering habitats

  • Affecting plant and animal distributions

  • Carbon dioxide level in the air

**Pros and Cons of global warming**



  • Causing people to recycle more

  • Cause people to care about the environment

  • A factor to natural disasters

  • Increasing temperature

Air pollution makes the water level rise and the acid rain wearing away at tomb stones.

**Factory contribution to global warming**


Pollution level


Fact 1

Fact 2

  • 2006 was the hottest year by far on record in the continental united states

  • President Bush only mentioned global warming once in his 6 state of the union speeches

Climate Change

US to China

Global Warming/Cars

  • Vehicles also contribute to water pollution through the oil and other fluids they leak onto roadways and that wash off into storm drains, rivers and bays.

  • The nearly 4 million miles of public streets and highways in this country have eaten into wildlife habitat.

Closing Statement

  • You should vote in our favor because we made a good statement about global warming. We believe that our point of view is correct. We thought carefully through everything we put on the slides. Global warming has been occurring for many years and this event occurred for a reason. Human impact caused this problem because we are not taking care of our planet.

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