Data, Data, Data: Start Your Spring Cleaning Now

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Other Data Quality Sessions. Check back on for these recorded presentations:Admin Track -

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Data, Data, Data: Start Your Spring Cleaning Now

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Presentation Transcript

1. Data, Data, Data: Start Your Spring Cleaning Now! Katrina Perano, SunGard Paul Young, CommVault Daryl Spreiter,

2. Other Data Quality Sessions Check back on for these recorded presentations: Admin Track - “No More Bad Data” Admin Track – “Clean Your Database and Keep It Clean with CRMFusion” Admin Track – “The Power of the Force Platform in Action: Real Solutions to Business Challenges” Sales Executives – “Turning Around Your Data Quality Dilemma”

4. Agenda Introduction to the Importance of Data Quality Paul Young – CommVault Katrina Perano - SunGard Lessons in Data Quality Tools & Take-Aways Question & Answer

5. Why is Data Quality important? Marketing wastes money and effort when working with bad data Company image and brand can be negatively impacted Understanding your “customer” becomes impossible Inaccurate report metrics impact ROI User get frustrated, you lose valuable buy-in and adoption Poor data can be bad for the environment Analysts rate bad data as one of the top 3 reasons for CRM failure

6. Please Welcome…. Paul Young Global Manager of CRM

7. Data Quality Boring, but so is wearing a  seat belt

8. CommVault and 450 licensed users on 6 continents 200 other people deriving data from Salesforce CRM 800+ custom fields 30+ record types Dozens of validation rules 50 Workflows and alerts Many custom objects Formulas, S-Controls, Triggers, platform More than 10 major app exchange packages in use

9. Four things to take away 1.  Data quality is important 2.  Prevention is preferable to cure 3.  Don't ignore chest pains

10. What your users expect of the data Clean -no dupes, no duds, no incompletes Comprehensive-customers, contacts, leads, prospects, products, opportunities; it all needs to be there Coherent-that mean reportable and repeatable

11. Which is easier?

12. How do we keep data clean?

13. Ring 1 Good Policy What constitutes good data? Who has authority to override that definition? In trade offs, what are the priorities? (More leads? Fewer dupes? Mining the install base?) Who can make changes to the data? WRITE IT DOWN AND GET SIGNOFF!

14. Ring 2 Training Uneducated end users are the single biggest source of contamination Make them understand the connection between the data and their paycheck Give them simple, concrete, steps to follow

15. Ring 3 Trend Monitoring Lead influx trends looking for abnormal upsurges in imports and unusual patterns of usage. Record completeness survey looking for missing or incomplete fields. Formal and informal user feedback.

16. Ring 4 Cleanup-the Maginot Line

18. OK, OK, I've failed. What now? No magic bullet Automated programs will work 0-70% Human eyeballs can get you to 95-95% Make backups before cleaning Don't give up

19. Write this down Data quality is critical to business success Prevention is better than cure Defense in depth Good Policy Training Trend Monitoring Cleanup Don't give up!

20. Thanks from your friends at CommVault!

21. Please Welcome….

22. Agenda Who is SunGard? Data quality strategy – Why is it important Key data challengers How we over came this Conclusions

23. All About SunGard

24. Data quality strategy – Why is it important SunGard is a global company made up of acquisitions Our primary SFDC goals are: Present one face to our customer Have a centralized system for sales, marketing and customer support for global processes and reporting For visibility and reporting it is key for all of SunGard to be on one “open” SFDC instance We share accounts and contacts across all segments so it is key to avoid duplication and ensure data quality Leads represent potential opportunities (“above the funnel” information) so we have genuine duplicate leads across our segments but we are aware they represent future (and existing) accounts and contacts as well

25. Lead to Opportunity Pipeline

26. Key data challenges Huge amounts of shared data (“many hands in the cookie jar”) Avoiding duplicate accounts and contacts Managing genuine duplicate leads while still having visibility into the individual across multiple records Data ownership for shared data

27. How we over came this Company data standardizations Centralized account creation Centralized lead conversion Defined and monitored process for lead imports Monthly adoption metrics distributed to all Presidents with corresponding adoption dashboards monitored by Super Users SPOT – Single Point of Truth custom object Custom buttons for data clean up SunGard Roles custom object for multiple contact owners

28. SPOT – Single Point of Truth custom object SPOT – single point of truth custom object that links all leads/contact with the same email address and stores subscription preferences including “Email Opt-Out” Global view of a person across contact and multiple leads What marketing activities have they been targeted across all segments What leads are being pursued within a segment and across all segments For lead owners easy visibility into contact ownership Captures segment-specific subscription preferences versus only a global opt-out for more targeted marketing 3 Leads 1 Contact

29. SPOT cont…

30. Data quality custom buttons Ability to flag contacts as duplicates for merging Creates a case for our centralized administration team Centralized administration team then searches and merges the duplicates Ability to mark contacts as Former Contacts For account-level history we maintain former contact association Appends (FORMER CONTACT) to the contact name so it is recognized immediately by users Updates a Contact Management custom field for excluding them from lists

31. SunGard Roles custom object SunGard Roles are used to identify multiple owners of a shared contact.

32. Conclusion Its important to have processes to deal with data quality Processes around imports Management of huge amounts of data Cost effective ways Import templates User awareness SPOT Custom Buttons

33. Please Welcome….me! Daryl Spreiter Customer Success Manager

34. Domains of Success Key elements for achieving continuous value

35. Data Quality : Industry Trends Maintaining data quality is a challenge


37. Math Quiz

38. 4 Lessons in Data Quality

39. Lesson 1: No Old Data – No Bad Data Always Start with Current & Clean Data Do not import incomplete data – scrub it first Question old, untouched leads, contacts & accounts Excel Connector (all editions) & Data Loader (EE, UE)

40. Lesson 2: Apply Best Practices Create a Data Management Strategy Establish a De-Duping Process Ensure there are executives willing to own data quality (CMO/CFO?) Centralize and control the creation of Accounts by Sales Ops/Data Quality team Develop and articulate data segmentation needs to support departmental marketing efforts Ensure that users are incented to keep it clean Ensure you have the tools to make sure quality does not degrade again Hold your teams accountable Data elements must be updated in x amount of time Apply the “What’s in it for me?” strategy

41. Lesson 3 – Leverage Tools Leverage the tools you already have: Data Quality Analysis Dashboards 1.0 Record De-Dup Mass Update Anything Stay-in-Touch emails Validation Rules Workflow Rules SPOT Excel Connector Data Loader

42. Lesson 4 – Leverage the AppExchange Leverage the expertise of third-party apps Account Intelligence 2.0 by OneSource D&B Customer Data Integrator by Astadia PostCode Anywhere CRMFusion: DemandTools, PeopleImport, Dupe-Checker RingLead Declone ActivePrime CRM Informatica Data Quality Assessment Service (promo $)

43. What Did We Learn Today? Start with Clean Data Establish a Data Quality Strategy and Stick With It Identify Data Owners Make use of the tools and capabilities inside Salesforce CRM Leverage 3rd party groups to minimize the amount of data entry your team has to do and optimize your system to support good data Recognize the cost of bad data and make a commitment to keeping it clean

44. Additional Resources Best Practices Reach out to your Customer Success Managers Review Data Quality Best Practices Presentation on Community Excel Connector Data Loader (Setup/Administration/Data Management) Salesforce Professional Services Data Management Data Quality Assessment and Cleansing Solutions

45. In Closing…

46. Session Feedback Let us know how we’re doing and enter to win an iPod nano! Please score the session from 5 to 1 (5=excellent,1=needs improvement) in the following categories: Overall rating of the session Quality of content Strength of presentation delivery Relevance of the session to your organization

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