Be the change you want to see mahatma gandhi
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“Be The Change You Want To See” - Mahatma Gandhi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Be The Change You Want To See” - Mahatma Gandhi. Made by Arvel , Sanah & Sai. Definition. O vercoming one’s fear Accomplishing a goal one has set for themselves Idea  Process  Influence  Human Achievement . (Contd.) Human Achievement made by winners

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Be the change you want to see mahatma gandhi

“Be The Change You Want To See”- Mahatma Gandhi

Made by


Sanah & Sai


  • Overcoming one’s fear

  • Accomplishing a goal one has set for themselves

  • Idea  Process  Influence  Human Achievement


  • Human Achievement made by winners

  • Accomplishing dreams with huge efforts and boldness

  • Extra-ordinary efforts towards a society

  • Going through odds to achieve something that your peers might not be able to

School headgirl sanah
School HeadGirl-Sanah

  • Factors  Family, Talents, Knowledge

  • Fears  failure, not able to cope up with everything (academics & co-curricular at the same time)

  • Process  studied hard (good grades) , sports (state level basketball player) , dancer & singer

  • Result  confidence boost, urge to achieve more and more, independent

Professional fighter
Professional Fighter

  • Influence by myself

  • It is showing my identity

    and personality

  • Boost my confident and

    be aware of all time

  • Motivation to protect my

    self, family, and friends

Getting to study in us
Getting to study in US

US is a developed country with largest national economy

. Sophisticated education system with diversities supports my ambition as a young entrepreneur

. Competitive and open minded environment inspires my mentality

. Motivation Factor : Reputation, Economic status, and interest

Achievement on the global platform

Stay hungry stay foolish
“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”

  • Creation of smartphones  functioning of world

  • Blueprint for the society

  • Inspiration for the future generation

  • Sustainable progression

  • Achievement has no limit. Always have an urge to make an indispensible difference in the society.

  • Leaving a mark for which one could be sanctioned

A ray of hope
A Ray Of Hope

  • Fame, Money & Glory

  • Path of progression for Spain

  • Opportunist, Domineering & Ambitious

  • Factors : Desperateness, Circumstances, Time & Political association

  • Discovering new path of progression

  • Oppressor for the people of Cuba & Hispaniola and a victim of the King & Queen of Spain.

  • Showed how a great achievement requires risk and sacrifices

  • Hero for his nation, Villain for the victims


  • There is no fixed formula to describe a ‘human achievement

  • Different individuals have differing goals and mindsets

  • ‘Human achievement’ should have great influences on progression

  • In a society or on an international level


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