How to get more from your driving further training
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How to Get More From Your Driving: Further Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Get More From Your Driving: Further Training. Presented by. After the driving test…. Only 3% of drivers take further training after gaining the full licence.

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How to Get More From Your Driving: Further Training

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How to Get More From Your Driving: Further Training

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After the driving test…

  • Only 3% of drivers take further training after gaining the full licence.

  • The only drivers required to take further training are the ones who are ordered to do so in court, or ones whose employer requires it as part of the terms and conditions of employment.

  • Drivers can also go on courses voluntarily to improve, or brush up on, their skills.

Isn’t the driving test enough?

  • The driving test allows you to drive on your own.

  • It does not guarantee 40 years of perfectly safe driving.

  • Bad habits can creep in un noticed.

  • Much may have changed since passing the test – new road markings and vehicle technology.

  • The Highway Code expands over time

Isn’t the driving test enough?

  • Need to ensure that driving skills are kept up to scratch.

  • Further training is the best way to achieve this.

What are the benefits?

  • Betters your driving skills

    • Improves your confidence and ability.

    • Improves your concentration.

    • Becomes easier to analyse and anticipate the actions of other road users.

    • Develops positive attitudes towards driving.

    • Helps you create space and give you time to deal with mistakes made by yourself and others.

What are the benefits?

  • Help keep you out of an accident – may even save your life

  • Removes the stress from driving

  • Improves fuel consumption

  • Less wear and tear on your car

  • Enjoy your driving more

  • What is advanced driving?

What do people cite as the reasons for not doing it?

  • No incentive

    • Large number of benefits as illustrated on the previous page.

  • Not important

    • Might save your life, driving is the most dangerous activity that most people do

  • “Advanced” sounds difficult

    • Wide range of courses available

What courses are available?

For New Drivers

  • Pass Plus

    • Way for young drivers to gain more experience on the roads, and in different conditions such as Motorways.

    • Reduces the premiums through some insurers.


What courses are available?

For All Drivers

  • Driving Assessment

    • A drive in your own car with a qualified instructor.

    • Give feedback about what you are doing well and tips for improvement.

    • Whether you would benefit from further training.

What courses are available?

For All Drivers

  • Refresher Courses

    • Many professional instructors offer this course for people who have been driving some time.

    • Update driving knowledge and skills.

    • Some designed for specific purposes, others suitable for all drivers.

    • Discuss what you want out of the course with the trainer before booking.

What courses are available?

For All Drivers

  • Fleet Driver Training

    • Some organisations require that their employees undertake further training

    • Organisations must consider how to reduce the risk to their employees on the roads as part of Health And Safety At Work

    • If you drive for work, ask your organisation what they are doing

What courses are available?

For All Drivers

  • Advanced Driving

    • Provided by 4 organisations approved by the Driving Standards Agency

    • Formal driving qualification

    • Advanced drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident or have penalty points.

Where can I find out more ?

Details of local driving schools can be found in the yellow pages or online – look for ones which advertise refresher courses.


  • If you ever find yourself

    • Having to brake sharply

    • Too close to the car in front

    • Regretting what you’ve just done (e.g. accelerated through an amber light)

    • Creeping above the speed limit

    • Feeling anxious or stressed by driving

  • Further training might be the answer

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