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NEWCNT. What is NEWCNT?. Program to enter new contract information New contract for school year Mid-year change with retro payment Mid-year change without retro payment. NEWCNT Options. Main processing menu in NEWCNT. MAINT Option. MAINT Option. NEWCNT Maintenance

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Presentation Transcript

What is newcnt
What is NEWCNT?

  • Program to enter new contract information

    • New contract for school year

    • Mid-year change with retro payment

    • Mid-year change without retro payment

Newcnt options
NEWCNT Options

  • Main processing menu in NEWCNT

Maint option1
MAINT Option

  • NEWCNT Maintenance

    • Add new contracts

    • Modify new contracts

    • Delete new contracts

    • Purge individual contracts

Build option1
BUILD Option

  • Auto process for groups of like jobs

    • Subs

    • Teachers

  • Places jobs for access with MAINT option

  • Zeroes all contract-to-date figures

    • Amount paid

    • Amount earned

    • Days

    • Pays

Purge option1
Purge Option

  • Purges contracts into JOBSCN

    • Updates JOBSCN information with NEWCNT data

    • Adds LPA/LPE pay types to UPDCAL_FUT for pay off amounts

    • Creates job history data reportable on JOBHIS report

    • Deletes new contract data from NEWCNT

Delete option1

  • Deletes new contracts from NEWCNT

    • Mass delete of new contracts

    • Useful for early salary notices based on old rate

    • No need to use for normal purge functions

Report option1

  • Generates report

    • Reports all NEWCNT data

      • MAINT

      • BUILD

    • Summary report

    • Detail report

Import option1
Import Option

  • Allows import of data from outside source

    • Spreadsheets

    • Third party vendor salary schedules

    • CSV (comma separated values)

    • Tab delimited

    • Free format of data

Import option2
Import Option

  • Fields required in load file

    • Employee ID

    • Job number

    • Contract type

  • All calculations are completed as if the MAINT option was used

    • Pay per period

    • Retro amounts

    • Etc.

Newcnt calculations
NEWCNT Calculations

  • Contract Obligation

    • Amount earned plus amount to be earned plus full retro earned

  • Contract Amount Earned

    • Days worked times daily rate

  • Contract Amount Due

    • Contract amount earned minus the amount paid

Newcnt calculations1
NEWCNT Calculations

  • Pay per period

    • Obligation minus amount paid minus amount docked divided by remaining pays

  • Daily rate

    • Contract amount divided by total days

  • Dock next pay (lump sum retro)

    • Full pay per period minus old pay per period times pays paid; negative result

Newcnt calculations2
NEWCNT Calculations

  • Retro next pay (lump sum retro)

    • Full pay per period minus old pay per period times pays paid; positive result

  • Rounding

    • All intermediate calculations use 5 decimal places

    • The rounding is processed at the end of all processing

      • Based on rounding flag in USPSDAT/USPCON

Newcnt fields defined
NEWCNT Fields Defined

  • Days since raise

    • Must be greater than zero for retro payments

    • Must be less than or equal to days worked

    • Used to calculate retro earned

  • Contract obligation

    • Amount district owes to employee

Newcnt fields defined1
NEWCNT Fields Defined

  • Contract amount

    • Location of current job on the salary schedule

    • Total contract that could be payable to the employee for job

Purging of new contract data
Purging Of New Contract Data

  • When to purge for new contract

    • Timing is everything

    • Before last pay of old contract is ideal

    • After last pay can cause incorrect data and manual updates

Newcnt purge example7
NEWCNT Purge Example

  • If neither option is used

    • Days from 8/26/2002-8/30/2002 are lost

      • Amount earned incorrect

      • Accrued wages incorrect

      • Days worked incorrect

Purging of new contract data1
Purging Of New Contract Data

  • When to purge for a mid-year change

    • Effective at period begin date is ideal

    • Mid pay period mid-year contract changes can’t be done with NEWCNT, manual updates are necessary

    • Doesn’t currently work if zero days worked

Purging of new contract data2
Purging Of New Contract Data

  • Pay one beyond mid pay period change and retro pay

    • Retro effective 3/3/2003

    • Payroll dates 2/23 – 3/8 pay date 3/14/2003

    • Complete 3/14 payroll at old rates

    • Prior to 3/28 payroll

      • Mid-year contract change with retro

      • Process retro for 5 days (3/3 – 3/7)

      • No manual updates

Newcnt functions clarified
NEWCNT Functions Clarified

  • Using the ‘Clear’ function

    • Should be used only for ‘new contract type’

  • Adding an employee new to district

    • Use JOBSCN rather than NEWCNT

  • Contract start date

    • Used to calculate LPE/LPA amounts correctly

    • Should be first physical day of work

Paying ahead of days worked
Paying Ahead Of Days Worked

  • Mid-year changes

    • Calculate based on days already worked

    • Doesn’t use the pay per period and contract amount paid

  • Other issues

    • Employee resigns

    • Employee changes positions


  • Upcoming enhancements

    • Support for partial work days

    • Collapsing of pay account option

  • Questions/Answers