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Tomochichi Gardeners
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Tomochichi Gardeners. Table of Contents : Tomochichi Gardeners Patience… Why? Plant the Seed Watch and Learn Growth of Corn Bar Graph Growth of Corn Pie Chart Time line Time line Continued Organizational Chart Gardening Necessities Finished Product Lets Plant a seed

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*Hesci there kids!

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Hesci there kids

Tomochichi Gardeners

  • Table of Contents:

  • Tomochichi Gardeners

  • Patience… Why?

  • Plant the Seed

  • Watch and Learn

  • Growth of Corn Bar Graph

  • Growth of Corn Pie Chart

  • Time line

  • Time line Continued

  • Organizational Chart

  • Gardening Necessities

  • Finished Product

  • Lets Plant a seed

  • Now what do we need?

  • Keeping track

  • How many Ears of Corn?

  • How we figured it out

  • Keep your plant ALIVE

*Hesci there kids!

I am Tomochichi your guide for gardening. The one thing you must remember when growing crops is to have patience.

*Hesci is hello in Muskogee language

Patience why

Patience…. Why?

Patience is key when trying to grow your own crops. It takes a lot of time and effort for the crops to grow! Lets use corn as an example because the Creek and Yamacraw Indians planted this crop.

Table of Contents

First we must plant the seed

First, we must plant the seed

Want to see what happens in the next few days to the seed?

Click Here!

Table of Contents

Hesci there kids

You guys want me to show how to get started? Lets see how different plants grow and change over time. Watch and learn!!!

Click Here

Table of Contents

Growth of corn shown in a bar graph

Growth of corn shown in a Bar Graph

Table of Contents

Weekly corn growth as percentages in a pie chart

Weekly Corn Growth as Percentagesin a Pie Chart

Table of Contents

Time line of corn growth

Time line of corn growth

Week 1

Plant the seed

Week 4

Week 6

Week 5

Week 2

Week 3

Starting to grow

Table of Contents

Time line continued

Time line continued

Week 7

Week 11

Week 9

Week 8

Week 10

Table of Contents

Organizational chart

Organizational Chart

What we need to grow any plant








Table of Contents

Gardening necessities

Gardening Necessities….

Water and Shovel


It is a good thing that water and sunlight are a natural resource and we can use our hands to dig.

Table of Contents

Finished product

Finished Product

Table of Contents

Let s plant a seed and watch it grow

Let’s plant a seed and watch it grow

1. Take your Dixie cup and fill it up about ½ full of soil.

2. Place a single lima bean seed in the soil, and then cover up the seed with more soil. Your cup should be about ¾ full now, and your seed should be buried under the soil.

½ mark

Table of Contents

Lima beans seeds. You only need 1 seed.

Now what do we need

Now what do we need?

In order for our seeds to grow into a plant we need water and sunlight for heat.

How much of each do we need?

Using a new dixie cup, fill it up a little less than ¼ with water, and pour that water on your lima bean plant...

We will do this once a day, until they start to grow!

Since it is starting to get cold outside we will use the heat from a lamp to keep our plants nice and warm and lit up.

Table of Contents

Keeping a growth track of your plant

Keeping a growth track of your plant

You are responsible for keeping up with watering your plant and remembering to place your plant under the lamp every day.

You are also to keep a daily journal explaining what you have done to help this seed grow into a plant. I would like you to explain if you watered your plant and how much water you used, and if you remembered to put your plant under the lamp and how close it is to the bulb.

Also in your journals, you can write about any changes you may have observed throughout this whole process!!

Table of Contents

How many ears of corn all together

How many ears of corn all together?

Tomachichi has 4 corn stocks. Each corn stock has 8 ears of corn on it. How many ears of corn are there all together?

Ask yourself…

How do I solve this? What is the important information in this question?

Write your answer and process in your math journal.

Table of Contents

How did you figure it out

How did you figure it out?

Corn Stocks

Ears of Corn

4 groups of 8







x 4



Table of Contents

Hesci there kids

Try to keep your plant ALIVE!!!!

Table of Contents



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