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Logo Design. Company or Personal Trademark. Basics of Logo Design. Introduction—The basics of logo design Use simple geometric shapes lines, circles, squares, and triangles.

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logo design

Logo Design

Company or Personal


basics of logo design
Basics of Logo Design

Introduction—The basics of logo design

  • Use simple geometric shapes
    • lines,
    • circles,
    • squares, and
    • triangles.
  • Even the graphically-challenged can create great graphics for logos, newsletters, fliers, or web pages using these basic building blocks.
using lines in logo design
Using Lines in Logo Design
  • Lines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Don\'t get stuck in a rut.
  • Vary the thickness of the lines.
  • Make lines of dots, dashes, or combinations.
  • Look at the patterns that a series of lines make.
  • Use lines to direct eye flow.
  • Use lines to form barriers.
  • Use lines to indicate connections.
  • Use lines to show movement.
use shapes in logo design
Use Shapes in Logo Design
  • The following shapes can be very effective in logo design:
    • circles,
    • squares, and
    • triangles
design suggestions
Design suggestions:

A good logo should:

  • be simple
  • include words, letters, images and/or symbols
  • limited number of colors (maximum of three is a good number to include)
  • can be abstract or realistic
  • must be original
  • is easily recognizable
assignment 3 personal logo
Create a personal logo using the feature in Microsoft Word

Use a combination of 2 shapes (circle, triangle, or square)

Incorporate both line and pattern in your design

Include your initials in the design

After your design, write a paragraph explaining your choice of elements and why the design represents you.

Insert a header with your name at the left margin and Assignment 3 Logo at the right margin

Save in your Module 2 folder as Assignment 3 Logo.

Print and pass in.

Assignment 3—Personal Logo
create a gif image in paint
Create a GIF Image in Paint

After you create your design, create a graphic image in Paint:

  • Make sure design is fully visible on the screen
  • Select Control + Print Screen
  • Open Paint
  • Select Paste
  • Use the Select Tool to capture design
  • Select Copy
  • Paste in New Paint File
  • Edit as needed
  • Save as GIF File in images folder created on your home drive.