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 starter activity. The pictures above refer to some of William’s greatest achievements. Can you identify them?  Would an Anglo-Saxon see them differently?. How did William take control of England?.  Learning objectives.

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 starter activity

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starter activity

The pictures above refer to some of William’s greatest achievements. Can you identify them?  Would an Anglo-Saxon see them differently?

How did William take control of England?

 Learning objectives

TBAT explain the threats facing William & judge the way he dealt with them

 keyword: rebel tyrant

 Your task

  • In your books wrote down the heading ‘The Harrying of the North’. Use the sheet provided and note down at least 3 ways in which William tried to control England after the Battle of Hastings

  • What do you think the word ‘harrying’ means?

  • If you were William would you have dealt with these problems in the same way?

Harrying of the North

Appointed English Earls to look after parts of country, e.g. Edwin & Morcar

Used his army to put down rebellions

Destroyed rebel villages, tools and crops

 Your task

Read the story of Hereward the Wake. Explain why this is one of the most famous stories of rebellion. You have been asked to create a monument to Hereward. Explain what it would look like

Forest Laws

Crime – caught hunting in the royal forest


First offence - two fingers to be chopped off

Second offence – blinded

How would these punishments deter poachers?

Was William a good king or a tyrant – a cruel, uncaring leader? His reputation is on trial. Listen to points for and against and decide.

 Homework

  • Revise for your assessment on William

  • Find out the origin of Hereward the Wake’s name

 Plenary

  • How did William deal with threats?

  • What was so terrible about the Harrying of the North

  • How did the Normans deal with poachers?

  •  Do you think Hereward really existed? Why might the English have invented him?

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