The southern male perspective
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The Southern Male Perspective. My Losing Season, Deliverance , and the Sound and the Fury. Pat Conroy. Wrote fictional and autobiographical novels based on his life growing up in a southern military family. He focused a lot on his time playing basketball for the Citadel. James Dickey.

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The southern male perspective

The Southern Male Perspective

My Losing Season, Deliverance, and the Sound and the Fury

Pat conroy
Pat Conroy

  • Wrote fictional and autobiographical novels based on his life growing up in a southern military family.

  • He focused a lot on his time playing basketball for the Citadel

James dickey
James Dickey

  • James Dickey is a southern poet who is know mostly for his novel Deliverance.

William faulkner
William Faulkner

  • Considered on of the most important writers in Southern literature

  • Wrote many of his story’s in a fictitious county based on Oxford, Mississippi where he lived.

  • It was called Yoknapatawpha County

My losing season
My Losing Season

  • Written By Pat Conroy in 2002

  • It is an autobiographical novel describing his time at The Citadel.

  • During this time he had an abusive coach while at home having a worse father.


  • Deliverance, written in 1970, is an adventure novel about four men who go on a canoeing trip that is filled with danger.

  • Bored with their lives at home.


  • During the journey the main characters, Lewis and Ed, are forced to adapt.

  • This trip is necessary for them to be content with their lives.

The sound and t he fury
The Sound And The Fury

  • Written in 1929 By William Faulkner.

  • Story of a deeply rooted southern family, the Compsons

  • Written using a narrative technique called stream of consciousness

T he sound and the fury
The Sound And The Fury

  • The first section is narrated by Benjamin

  • Benjamin is the “idiot” youngest son

  • He cries at anything out of the ordinary

  • Loved three things the pasture, his sister Caddy, and firelight.

The sound and t he fury1
The Sound And The Fury

  • The second section is narrated by Quentin

  • Quentin is the oldest brother

  • The pasture was sold for Quentin to go to Harvard.

  • Feels pressured by the constraints of his culture.

  • He later kills himself.

T he sound a nd the fury
The Sound And The Fury

  • The third section is narrated mostly by Jason

  • The second youngest brother

  • He feels cheated

  • Not given the same chance as Quentin or Caddy

  • He has insurmountable greed

  • He plays the role of the dominate male in the house

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