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Settings . Bluetooth> On- click on the Bluetooth device you would like to use and follow the on screen instructions. Do Not Disturb: On or Off (setting for do not disturb are in Notifications. ) Notifications>Do Not Disturb

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Presentation Transcript
  • Bluetooth> On- click on the Bluetooth device you would like to use and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Do Not Disturb: On or Off (setting for do not disturb are in Notifications. )
  • Notifications>Do Not Disturb
    • Automatically Turn on: Scheduled set time you do not want to be disturbed
    • Allow Calls From: Allows some calls through
    • Repeated Calls: Allow callers who call a second time within 3 minutes to ring through.
  • App Notifications
    • Change number of notifications
    • Alert style
    • Order
    • Hide alerts when locked
settings general
Settings> General
  • General
    • About- displays Name (click to change name), available storage, serial number, iOS version, etc.
    • Update- update when connected to wifi
    • Usage- shows each apps size, elapsed time since last charge
    • Siri- On, language, voice feedback
    • iTunes Wi-Fi Sync- allows you to sync to your computer when you are on the same wireless network
  • Spotlight search- Choose which items you want to search
  • Auto Lock: Settings> General> Auto Lock
  • Passcode: Settings>General> Passcode-**If you forget passcode you will have to restore the device.
  • Restrictions: Enable- Choose what apps, option, content, privacy filters you want. **If you forget passcode you will have to restore the device.
  • Slide Switch: Choose if you want it to mute or lock rotation.
  • Multitasking Gestures: On- pinch to the home screen, swipe up to reveal multitasking bar, or swipe left to right between apps.
  • Keyboard:
    • Keyboards>Add new keyboard> Emoji
    • Shortcuts> Add new shortcut>
  • Reset- Many Options

Settings > General (Cont.)

  • Sounds- Ringer and Alerts (ringtones); Keyboard clicks
  • Brightness and Wallpaper- set brightness, set wallpaper images (lock screen and home screen)
  • Picture Frame- chose transition, photo length, zoom, shuffle, all photos or albums
  • Privacy
    • Location services- apps gather data on your location
    • Privacy information- See what apps are using information from your device

Settings> General> Accessibility

  • Voice Over- speaks what is on the screen
  • Zoom: On
    • Double tap 3 fingers to zoom
    • Drag 3 fingers to move around screen
    • Double tap 3 fingers and grab to change zoom
  • Large Text: On- choose size
  • Invert Colors- Good for reading
  • Speak Selection- read text selected
  • Speak Auto-text-speaks text corrections or auto text
  • Guided Access-
      • Restricts iPad to an app
      • Disables areas of the screen
      • Disables hardware.
      • Must set passcode
  • Triple Click: Triple Click> Home> On- choose what you want it to do.
  • Closed Caption: Setting>Video>Closed Caption
just some basics
Just some Basics….
  • Recently Used Apps: Double click the Home Button, swipe to left to see more apps.
  • Audio Playback controls:
    • Unlocked: Double Tap the home button and swipe to the right to see audio controls and airplay controls, brightness lock screen orientation
    • Locked: Double Tap home button
  • Siri: Press and hold the home button
  • Tap Status bar: to bring you to the top of the page
  • Flick: to scroll quickly
  • Zoom: pinch to zoom
  • Manage App: Click and hold to move apps, drag apps on top of each other to create folders.
notes keyboard
Notes/ Keyboard
  • (Shift) before letter (capital)
  • Double tap to set caps lock
  • Double tap “space bar”- Period (.)
  • Hold down “e,y,u,I,o,a,s,z,c,orn” for more options.
  • Hold down ! For ‘ (apostrophe)
  • Hold down ? For “ (quotes)
  • Tap .com for other web options
notes keyboard1
Notes/ Keyboard
  • Tap to see additional numbers, punctuation, then tap for even more options.
  • Hold down the $ for other currency options
  • Hold down –, ?, !, ‘, “, for more options
  • To get to other keyboards tap
  • Tap to hide the keyboard.
  • Editing Text
    • Select, cut, copy, paste, speak (if you turn on that feature)
    • Select a word (define, suggest)
    • Practice with shortcuts
notes keyboard2
Notes/ Keyboard
  • Keyboard layouts (touch and hold keyboard icon)
    • Split keyboard
    • Undock
  • Dictation
    • Siri must be turned on and iPad must be connected to the Internet
    • Click on the and speak, when you are finished tap the to stop.
    • Add punctuation or format text by speaking (quote…..end quote)
    • Try: winky, frowny, smiley
    • Notes:--Set options in Settings
    • Use icloud to sync notes with other devices
spotlight searching
Spotlight Searching
  • Type in a topic
  • Will search device and give you the option to search Web and Wikipedia
  • Will find apps and tell you what folder they are located in.
  • Tap the arrow to display sharing options within an app.
  • You can use airplay with Apple TV or reflector to connect to a TV or Computer.
  • You can also connect an iPad to a TV or computer using the HDMI adaptor or the VGA adaptor.
  • Bluetooth: Pair Bluetooth devices over wireless.
  • File Sharing: Transfer File in iTunes

Find My iPhone- locate your device or any other device using your apple id.

    • Play a sound
    • Lost Mode: lock your device with a passcode and have it send a message displaying your contact number
    • Erase: wipe the device

**Must be turned on in iCloud settings and must be connected to the internet


Settings> Safari

    • Search engine
    • Auto fill
    • Private browsing
    • Clear history, cookies, data
  • Reader- no ads or clutter, can read offline
  • Reading List- collect articles
  • Full Screen Mode- landscape view on iphone
  • iCloud- keeps track of pages open on other devices.
  • Bookmark pages
  • History
  • Create an icon on homepage
  • Purchase a book from store
    • Dictionary, highlight, note, book appearance
  • Create collections in iBooks to organize books
  • Save pdf to iBooks
  • Email or print PDF
  • Controls
    • Double tap- enlarge
    • Go to a specific page- tap the search field and type page number or use navigation controls
    • Double tap a word- look up definition
    • View table of contents
    • Add or remove a bookmark
    • Change font, color of page, format of page
    • Annotate a book
      • Highlight, share text, note, share note

Search your school

  • Search your home
    • Drop a pin
  • Search Superdome
    • View information
    • Switch to flyover view
  • Get directions
  • Send and receive messages on iPad, iPod, or iPhone.
  • When using iPad or iPod select which account you want your message to come from (apple id, or other numbers linked to apple id).
  • Can send photo, video, location, contact information, etc.
  • Save images from message to camera roll
  • Contacts will import from your tangi email
  • Setup contacts for Siri, Messaging and Facetime

Select people to call from your contacts.

Can now use FaceTime over cellular networks as well as wi-fi.


Photo/ Video

  • Screenshot
  • Add photos to a photostream
  • Share photos
  • Edit Photos
  • Exchange Calendar shows up on device if you have mail setup
  • Add an event
  • Set alerts- Settings>Sounds>Calendar Alerts
  • Invite others
  • Add multiple calendars to device
  • Calendars> Birthdays (birthdays from contacts)
  • To do list with a due date
  • Location Alerts
  • Add multiple clocks
  • Set alarms
  • Set timer