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Marina Tyasto Head of International Relations Department, Coordinator UNESCO Leadership Chair

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Marina Tyasto Head of International Relations Department, Coordinator UNESCO Leadership Chair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Establishing the Eurasian Institute for Leadership Development in Public Administration at SAPA, Novosibirsk. Marina Tyasto Head of International Relations Department, Coordinator UNESCO Leadership Chair. Actuality.

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Establishing the Eurasian Institute for Leadership Development in Public Administration at SAPA, Novosibirsk

Marina Tyasto

Head of International Relations Department,

Coordinator UNESCO Leadership Chair

  • According to a Presidential decree on reform of civil service and introducing the Federal Program entitled “Reforming and developing of the system of civil service in Russian Federation (2009 – 2013)” the most urgent task facing the creation of professional civil service cadre relate to training and professional development of the civil service sector.
eurasian institute for leadership development in public administration at sapa novosibirsk
Eurasian Institute for Leadership Development in Public Administration at SAPA, Novosibirsk
  • Establishing the Eurasian Institute for Leadership Development in Public Administration at SAPA will promote leadership as a driving force for these changes and particularly for introducing and developing good governance education programs in Russia and neighbour countries (Kazahstan Usbekistan, Tadjikistan and Kirgizia).
the objective of the project
The objective of the project
  • is to establish of the Eurasian Institute for Leadership Development in Public Administration (EILDPA) at Siberian Academy for Public administration with the aim to develop best leadership training techniques, train the trainers (teachers of higher educational institutions teaching public administration) and disseminate new courses and training among educational institutions of Siberia, other regions of Russia and countries of NIS especially Asian countries (Kazahstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Kirgizia) .
our potential partners
Our potential partners
  • We have identified them at the International Conference at SAPA in April of 2009, among them we have now:
  • Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan,
  • Academy of State and Social Construction under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan,
  • Academy of Aministration under the President of Kyrgyzstan,
  • National University of biological resources and nature management of Ukraine.
  • We plan to attract more partners among the participants of the Fair of projects in Budva.
target groups
Target groups:
  • Teachers of the Academies and Institutions of Public Administration from Siberia, other regions of Russia to the East from Urals and from respective Institutions of NIS.
  • Civil servants selected for future managerial positions (reserve of cadre) of public administration in Siberia and NIS countries.
  • Different categories of civil servants interested in different leadership courses and training and key for promoting of good governance.
  • Students of SAPA and other Institutions via academic mobility interested in leadership courses and development of professional competences.
  • NGO leaders, business managers interested in leadership development programs and participatory discussions with civil servants and solving common problems of the local communities.
the goal of the project
The goal of the project
  • is to create a new educational and research unit at Siberian Academy for public administration to develop specific activities devoted to study leadership, develop short-term leadership courses and trainings for accelerating real change in public service according to the needs of reforms through newly trained civil servants as change agents.
the goal of the project1
The goal of the project
  • The same need in newly trained reform oriented civil servants is articulated in the neighbour countries: Kazahstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Kirgizia.
  • Respective institutions in these countries as National academies for Public administration and Academies for civil service as well as other Universities provide training to civil servants and are interested to learn from Russian and European colleagues, to put together joint efforts to develop those new technologies and methods of training the civil servants in respective countries.
the goal of the project2
The goal of the project
  • EILDPA intends to invite professionals from European Institutions (members of NISPAcee and other) into research and training programs and participation in different events providing a site geographically connected to Asian Countries and Siberian and FarEastern regions of Russia for promoting European educational standards.
one of the expected outcomes
One of the expected outcomes
  • is the creation of the Eurasian Network of researchers, teachers and civil servants involved in leadership in Public service, forming the critical mass of civil servants able to promote Good Governance and Leadership for Human development in vast territory of Central Asia (Siberia and NIS).
activities of the eildpa
Activities of the EILDPA
  • SAPA holds the UNESCO Chair in Leadership in Public administration and management of socio-economic processes. The UNESCO Chair will lead teachers of SAPA to create leadership courses, trainings and workshops and organizing international events as Summer schools, training courses, international study tours and international conferences on Leadership Development and Good Governance related topics.
activities of the eildpa1
Activities of the EILDPA
  • Activity 1. Creating International team of teachers and researchers for the EILDPA at SAPA under the leadership of the UNESCO Chair. Development and selection of leadership courses.
  • Activity 2. Organizing regular Summer Leadership Development Institute as a site for teachers of European and Asian Institutions of Public Administration to learn new concepts of Leadership for human development and it’s role as driving force for the promotion of Good Governance in countries going through the reforms.
  • The Summer Institute will include the study tour to Altai Republic or will take place in Altai region or Altai Republic – a territory south from Novosibirsk with the unique nature and culture the Heart of Central Asia.
activities of the eildpa2
Activities of the EILDPA
  • Activity 3. Organizing special 2 weeks courses on Leadership and Good governance for civil servants from Siberian Federal District and from NIS countries at EILDPA with following study tour to European co-partner institutions.
  • Activity 4.Training of trainers program. SAPA has a license to train teachers of Higher education. In 2008-09 academic year the training course for teachers was probated and is ready to be disseminated for teachers of Institutions from NIS countries.
activities of the eildpa3
Activities of the EILDPA
  • Activity 5. Organizing International conferences on actual issues of Leadership Development and Good Governance using participatory methods like Open Space Technology and Future Search Conference with cross-sector participants – civil servants, teachers of educational institutions, representatives of civil society (Businesses and NGOs).
  • SAPA holds a UNESCO Chair “Leadership in public administration and management of socio-economic processes” as a branch of the UNESCO Chair of the Russian Academy of Civil service under the president of Russian Federation.
professor adel safty academic consultant to unesco chair
Professor Adel Safty – academic consultant to UNESCO Chair
  • Activity of the UNESCO Chair is based on the concept of Value Leadership of Prof. Adel Safty, academic consultant to the UNESCO Chair, President of Global Leadership Forum and founder of the first (in Jordan) and second (in Turkey) Leadership UNESCO Chairs.
  • Under the leadership of Prof. Safty SAPA organized leadership development seminars for faculty and staff members of SAPA and other educational institutions and business companies.
The 10th Global Leadership Forum“Leadership and Globalization: challenges and opportunities” June, 2008

During last two years SAPA has developed methodological seminar for faculty with the aim to discuss the issues of educational reform in the context of Administrative and municipal reforms in Russia.

  • The list of leadership seminars for different categories of civil servants and groups of local communities was developed.
  • Teachers of SAPA developed courses and trainings for leadershipdevelopment for reserve of cadre in Novosibirsk region.
  • SAPA has a unique methods of participatory work with big groups wildly used for strategic planning, problem solving, conflict resolution and community development, like Open Space Technology (H. Owen, Potomac, USA), Future Search conference (M.Weisbord, S. Janoff, Philadelphia, USA) and others (Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Genuine Contact TM).
  • These methods will be used by EILDPA as main tools for leadership development.
  • EILDPA will be open to learn and select the best methods of leadership development and Good Governance training from European Institutions as well as from Asian partner institutions and disseminate them among civil servants.
identification of possible donor institutions
Identification of possible donor institutions.
  • Global Leadership Forum (Canada/Turkey) is a partner organization, providing a Leadership concept, books, teaching materials, expertise and international attraction of trainers and participants and actually could be a co-founder of the EILDPA.
  • One of SAPA’s international partners is VNG International – Association of Dutch municipalities. Together we applied for MATRA Program financed by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Netherlands. We could apply for MATRA grant.
our possible donors and partners
Our possible donors and partners
  • Our German partner – DBB Academie – training center for civil servants in Bonn, Germany help SAPA to develop anti-corruption research and training. Their sponsor OLAF could be a potential donor for EILDPA events on anti-corruption training and conferences.
  • Our long-term German partner the Bavarian School of Management, Munich will be a co-organizer of study-tours to Bavaria.
our possible donors and partners1
Our possible donors and partners
  • Public Administration International, London, Great Britain – possible partner for joint projects, could provide experts and programs on Leadership Development in Great Britain.
  • FALA – Training Centre for Public Administration of the Czech Republic – a partner in MATRA Project will provide a site for study tours to learn the European best practices in local development.
our possible donors and partners2
Our possible donors and partners
  • Altai –Mir University, USA based non-for –profit organization is our partner in leadership programs for Altai Republic.
  • New Eurasia Foundation could support EILDPA and its programs.
  • A Network of international specialists in leadership, trainers, experts who are willing to collaborate on volunteer base or on low cost.
our possible donors and partners3
Our possible donors and partners
  • NISPAcee/NASPAA could provide information support for a special event of the EILDPA – like summer school or international conference.
  • European Commission could be a source of different grants relevant for some special programs of EILDPA.EILDPA will try to find local donors and organize fundraising campaigns and special events.
  • Leadership is a relatively new concept in Russia and region and has traditionally associated with power, authority and office.
  • The Project discussed today seeks to introduce and disseminate a new concept of leadership focused on promotion of good governance and human development.
  • The concept is consistent with the objectives of recently introduced reforms of Public administration in Russia.
  • We at SAPA are uniquely positioned to undertake and bring to fruition such a project.
  • I invite your support and expression of interest in collaboration so we may together make a difference in the quality and nature of leadership not only in public administration, but also for future generations.
  • Together we share a common purpose and have a common vision.
  • Let’s work together to make it happen!
  • Thank you very much!