Staple test corrections to original test and pass forward.
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Staple test corrections to original test and pass forward. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Staple test corrections to original test and pass forward. Remember: South America map quiz tomorrow! Blank copies are on the website. Warm Up 9/21. On a separate sheet of paper: - Explain what each role your group members played in preparing your presentation

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Staple test corrections to original test and pass forward.

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Staple test corrections to original test and pass forward.

Remember: South America map quiz tomorrow! Blank copies are on the website.

Warm Up 9/21

On a separate sheet of paper:

- Explain what each role your group members played in preparing your presentation

For the presentation: (on the same paper)

As each group presents you will write down 3 things you learned and 1 question you have.

Get check questions out!

Prepare to get test back.

If you would like to loose points on some of your already low test scores then you may talk during the announcements

Exempt from reading quizzes:







Warm Up Tuesday 9/17

What is the difference between popular culture and folk culture?

Get homework out!

Unit 2 Test Results

24 people took the test

10 out of 24 people got an 80 or above


All Stars:





FRQ Must Haves #1

  • refugee- someone forced out of their home country due to political unrest, economic turmoil, etc

  • Push- makes someone want to leave

    Pull- makes someone want to come

    c) international- migrating b/t nations/countries internal- migration within one region

    d) voluntary- make concious choice forced- have no choic

FRQ Must Haves #1

B- areas with major flows of internal Sudan, DRC, Iraq, Colombia areas with major flows of international Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan

C- Colombia- drugs/crime

Afghanistan/Iraq- war, political unrest

Sudan-civil war b/t Sudan/S Sudan

Somalia- famine, political issues

FRQ Must Haves # 2

  • USA is in stage 4

  • MUST HAVE gone through each stage and explained what happens to CBR/CDR NIR and explained what events are taking place within each stage

  • Must have given a specific example that was correct and explained why

Unit 3


Folk and Popular Culture

  • Pop culture quiz:

    • T or F: “Make it rain” means to throw money in the air

    • T or F: Britney Spears was once married to Kevin Federline

    • T or F: The New York Giants won the superbowl in 2008

    • T or F: On the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” Snooki likes to eat pickles.

Folk and Popular Culture

  • Folk Culture Quiz

    • T or F: Woody Guthrie exemplified American folk music

      • This land is your land

    • T or F: Bob Dylan’s real name is Robert Zimmerman

      • Like a rolling stone

Folk vs. Popular

  • Popular Culture:

    • Large societies

    • Heterogeneous

  • Folk Culture:

    • Small societies

    • isolated

  • Material Culture

  • Nonmaterial Culture

  • Cultural landscape:

    • Interactions of a group

    • cultural practices

    • Values of a society

    • artifacts and architecture

Origin of folk and pop cultures

  • Folk music:

    • unknown/multiple hearths

    • Composed anonymously/transmitted orally

    • Tells story

    • Cotton

    • House of Rising Sun

Origin of folk and pop cultures

  • MDC’s

Diffusion of Pop Music

  • SELL!

  • Technical skill

  • Armed forces radio network

  • Hip hop – South Bronx

    • Diffused to Oakland, ATL, St. Louis

    • Country Grammar

    • California Love

Diffusion of Folk Culture

  • Relocation diffusion

    • Amish

      • Isolated, rural areas

Sports: Hierarchal Diffusion

  • Folk Origin of Soccer:

    • 11th century England

    • Banned in 12th century

    • Legalized in 1603

    • Globalization of soccer

      • Willingness to pay

Where is Folk Culture Clustered?

  • Isolation promotes cultural diversity

  • Influence of physical environment

Food Patterns

  • Food habits: environment

  • Consider soil, climate, terrain, vegetation

  • Terroir: distinctive physical feature to the way food tastes

Food Patterns

  • World’s diet depends upon agricultural products grown in that region

Food Taboos

  • Shark Meat


“Eric Clapton is a musical diplomat”

phil. orchestra

Reading Questions for “Eric Clapton is a musical diplomat? Music can be a handy weapon when war and diplomacy fails.”

1. What did Kim Jong II say about the type of music that should be composed in North Korea?

2. How did North Korean music and in some way North Korea change when the New York Philharmonic Orchestra performed in the country?

3. Who did North Korean authorities invite to give a concert in Pyongyang?

4. Was Kim Jon at the New York Philharmonic concert?

5. How has music been deployed for diplomatic purposes?

6. How can shared cultural understanding blunt political hostility?

7. When did the first liberty in Afghanistan come about?

8. When and where did Eric Clapton playing in 2009?

Warm Up 9/18

  • List two ways that popular culture impacts the environment.

    • Give examples

      Get homework and progress reports out.

1st period Quiz

  • Describe the impact popular culture can have on folk culture.

  • Describe the difference between the diffusion of T.V. and internet.

  • Describe one positive impact that popular culture is having for women in places where folk culture is practiced. Describe one negative impact that popular culture is having for women in places were folk culture is practiced.

Where is Popular Culture distributed?

Wine Production

  • Spatial distribution: environment plays a role in distribution of pop/folk culture

  • Unique combo of soil and climate

Why is Popular Culture Widely Distributed

  • Role of television

    • Most popular leisure activity

Diffusion of Internet

  • Follows same pattern

  • Highest in U.S. Europe, Japan

  • Latin America and Asia: less

  • Only a decade

Govt. Control of T.V.

  • U.S.- private companies

  • LDC’s- controlled through govt. agency

Govt. control of T.V.

  • T.V. – force of political change rather than stability

  • Satellite dishes

  • Asia: prevent satellite dishes

Iranian Rap Music Bedevils the Authorities

  • Explain the status of rap in Iran.

  • How did rap music become popular in Iran?

  • Describe the role women play in producing Iranian rap music.

  • How is rap music sold in Iran?

  • Why do you think rap music is banned in Iran? Do you agree/disagree? Why or why not?

  • Iranian Rap Music

  • Iran Rap

  • In da Club

Why does globalization of popular culture cause problems?

  • Threat to folk culture

Loss of traditional values

* Clothing

  • Adoption of MDC’s style

    • imitation and replication

      * MDC’s clothing controversial in Middle East

Changing Role of WOMEN

  • Threatens of subservience of women to men

  • LDC’s also had negative impact

    • Increase in prostitution

Environmental impact of pop. culture

  • Modifies or controls environment

Negative Environmental Impact

  • Depletion of scare natural resources

  • Pollution of landscape

Uniform Landscapes

  • Produces product recognition and greater consumption

  • Fast food restaurants- franchise

McDonald’s in Germany

KFC in China

McDonald’s in Italy

What is normal?

  • “A drug crop is grown in fields, where it is harvested and put into 100lb bags. These bags are sold by the farmer from anywhere between 70 and 100 dollars. The product is then brought into another country, often using a middleman, where it is processed, refined, and sometimes mixed with other substances before being sold on the street. The final market value of the original bag can now be as high as seven to ten thousand dollars. What are we talking about???


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