Furniture arrangement
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Furniture Arrangement. Conversation Recreation Dining Entertaining Hobbies Relaxing. Activities that commonly take place in a living area. The main area in a room where people are seated. This area should be 8-12 feet . What is a primary conversation area?.

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Furniture Arrangement

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Furniture Arrangement

  • Conversation

  • Recreation

  • Dining

  • Entertaining

  • Hobbies

  • Relaxing

Activities that commonly take place in a living area

  • The main area in a room where people are seated.

  • This area should be 8-12 feet

What is a primary conversation area?

  • Seating for 2-3 people outside the primary grouping

  • A piano

  • A desk and chair

  • A reading chair with a lamp

What is a secondary furniture grouping?

  • 80 square feet

What is the minimum dining area for four people?

  • 180 square feet

What is the minimum dining area for 6-8 people?

  • Games

  • Hobbies

  • TV viewing

  • Dancing

  • Active Play

Activities that take place in a family room

  • Durable

  • Dark

  • Easily maintained

What type of furniture is ideal for a family room?

  • Sleeping

  • Bathing

  • Dressing

The purposes of the sleeping area

Types of Space provided in a bedroom

  • Sleeping

  • Storage

  • Dressing

  • 22 inches

Amount on each side of the bed should be….

  • A twin bed can be pushed against a wall and look balanced while still giving a person enough room to make the bed.

What is the exception to the rule when talking about space on each side of the bed?

  • 40 inches give a person enough room to pull out the drawers

Space in front of a chest of drawers

  • 36 inches

The recommended space in front of a closet

  • The area that a person need to dress and get ready

  • 42 inches

Dressing Circle

  • The use an environment will have and the activities that will take place there. It dictates the selection and the arrangement of furniture.

  • Combining functions is usually necessary in small houses/apartments.

What is function?

  • Function of a room determines the furniture needed.

  • Furniture scale should be appropriate for the space available.

  • Furniture can serve a number of functions depending on where it is placed.

  • Make furniture as useful and multi-functional as possible.

  • Group furniture according to activity.

  • If a focal point is used in the room, group furniture in such a way that it accentuates the emphasis.

Furniture Arrangement Guidelines

  • Living and dining rooms may need to be combined

  • A bedroom is also an office

  • A bed has drawers underneath

Combine Furniture with Function

  • Check the room for vents—don’t place furniture over vents.

  • Remember all entry and exit ways

  • Outlets, phone jacks, cable outlets

  • Fireplaces

  • Stairs

Things to consider when designing a room

  • How to control flow of traffic:

    • Place furniture at key locations to direct traffic flow, restrict or redirect traffic.

  • Traffic flow 3-4 feet

Traffic Flow

  • Opposite walls should lend visual weight

  • Furniture, doors, windows, and fireplaces should be balanced

  • Visual mass is more important than dimensions

  • Groupings should be balanced

  • Do not overcrowd the room with furniture

Creating Balance

  • Group furniture around a focal point

  • If the room lacks a focal point, use a piece of furniture as a focal point

Use furniture to create a focal point

  • Rhythm through alternation, alternating hard and soft, upholstered and wood, create contrast, rectangles and curves, high and low


  • Line in furniture should be in harmony with other existing lines.


  • Negative space needs to be interesting. Large pieces of furniture pushed tightly into corners are not as pleasing as when you have negative space

Form & Space

U Shaped Grouping

L Shaped Grouping

Parallel Grouping

The Stagers

Fishbowl in the Sky

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