Out of the Dust
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Out of the Dust Jeopardy!. Created by Mrs. McLeod. Final Jeopardy. Who am I?. Figurative Language. Plot Diagram. Historical References. Grab Bag. $100. $100. $100. $100. $100. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $300. $300. $300. $300. $300. $400. $400. $400. $400. $400.

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Out of the Dust


Created by Mrs. McLeod

Final Jeopardy

Who am I?



Plot Diagram



Grab Bag


























Who am I? $100

I have a fondness for apples and love to play fierce piano.

Billie Jo Kelby

Who am I? $200

I don’t want to try any new farming ideas at the beginning of the story, but I learn to be more open-minded.

Bayard Kelby (Daddy)

Who am I? $300

My family and I become migrants and head west early in the novel.

Livie Killian

Who am I? $400

I am Billie Jo’s “Ma” at the Christmas dinner, and I allow a migrant family to live in my school house for a few days.

Miss Freeland

Who am I? $500

My face is “full enough of springtime”, and I help Billie Jo and Daddy learn to live again in the resolution.


Figurative Language $100

Answer both questions:

What type of figurative language is this?

This phrase is describing Billie Jo’s Ma. Name the character trait it is describing.

“She’s an old mule on the subject of my schooling.”

Metaphor; it is saying she is stubborn about making sure Billie Jo studies.

Figurative Language $200

What literary device is this?

“…her fine tunes and her fancy fingerwork…”


Figurative Language $300

What type of figurative language is this, and why did the author use it?

“Lightning danced down on its spindly legs.”

Personification; the author used it to help you visualize the lightning OR to make you feel like the lightning is alive

Figurative Language $400

What type of figurative language is this, and what does it mean?

When she didn’t get to play the piano in the community play, Billie Jo gave her mother “a look foul as maggoty stew”

Simile; it means that she gave her mother a dirty look or a scowl

Figurative Language $500

Answer BOTH questions:

What type of figurative language is this, and what is it saying about the attendance at the talent show?

“She didn’t think they could squeeze a rattlesnake into the back even if he’d paid full price, the place was so packed.”

Hyperbole; there were a LOT of spectators at the show.

Plot Diagram $100

What part of the plot diagram does this describe?

Oklahoma Panhandle, 1934-1935, during the Dust Bowl


Plot Diagram $200

During this part of the story, Billie Jo heads west on a train, then realizes the importance of family and goes back home.

Climax or turning point

Plot Diagram $300

During this part of the story, Billie Jo loses almost everything that is important to her as the events get complicated.

Rising Action

Plot Diagram $400

During this part of the story, we learn about the characters, setting, and problem.


Plot Diagram $500

During this part of the story, Billie Jo, her father, and Louise are building a new life together as a family.


Historical References $100

This was a time of economic hardship for the U.S. and Europe.

The Great Depression

Historical References $200

This man was the president during the novel; he had polio and served a record 4 terms.

FDR, or Franklin D. Roosevelt

Historical References $300

This famous aviator’s baby was kidnapped during the time of the novel.

Charles Lindbergh

Historical References $400

Billie Jo’s father fought in France during this war from 1914-1918.

World War I

Historical References $500

Anyone caught making this illegal substance during Prohibition was taken to jail.


Grab Bag $100

Out of the Dust is written in this type of poetry.

Free verse

Grab Bag $200

Karen Hesse chose to tell the story in 1st person point of view for this reason.

So the reader could understand Billie Jo’s thoughts and feelings.

Grab Bag $300

Billie Jo learns the importance of doing this in order to be able to heal her soul. She must _______ both herself and Daddy for their involvement in the accident.


Grab Bag $400

Throughout the novel, Daddy learns to be open-minded, to listen to other people’s ideas, and to try new things. Give two examples of things he did at the end of the novel that prove he has learned those lessons.

Dug Ma’s pond, tried new crops, went to the doctor, did chores for Louise, etc.

Grab Bag $500

“The way I see it, hard times aren’t only about money, or drought, or dust. Hard times are about losing spirit, and hope, and what happens when dreams dry up.”

What theme is Billie Jo expressing?

Never give up on your dreams; stay positive, etc.