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The Professionals of Information and Communication Technology Association (PICTA-Benin) Association des Professionnels des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (AP.TIC-Bénin). WITSA MEMBERSHIP. Austin, May 2005. Agenda. Introduction Objectives Priorities Membership

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Witsa membership

The Professionals of Information and Communication Technology Association (PICTA-Benin)Association des Professionnels des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (AP.TIC-Bénin)


Austin, May 2005

Agenda Technology Association (PICTA-Benin)

  • Introduction

  • Objectives

  • Priorities

  • Membership

  • Contacts

Introduction Technology Association (PICTA-Benin)

AP.TIC has been created in Cotonou on June 2004 by the most representative IT Companies installed in Benin.

In Benin, the IT environment is made by :

. no Independant IT Regulation Authority,

. 1 fixe line Telco company

. 4 mobile phones companies

. 6 Internet Service Providers

. More than 150 ICT companies (90% of them are very small companies with less than 5 employees)

. a growing market of ICT products and services

. a very moving ICT sector

. several previous unsuccesful attempts to create a representative association in Benin

Our Objectives Technology Association (PICTA-Benin)

  • Advocating the government for everything concerning ICT industry

  • To be a lobby for the ICT sector interests

  • To unfair the competition in IT and promote best practices

  • To provide to members of the association a vast network of contacts all around the world

  • To ensure the reinforcement of technical skills for IT companies

  • To provide ICT support for governmental and non governmental agencies

  • To initiate joint-venture for the promotion

  • of a strong ICT industry

  • etc…

PRIORITIES Technology Association (PICTA-Benin)

  • Be known by the government and institutions like a valid and representative partner

  • Facilitate the installation of an Independant IT Authority of Regulation

  • To obtain the total taxes exemption for IT products and services

  • To extend the association to other IT companies

  • To build the Website of the association

MEMBERSHIP Technology Association (PICTA-Benin)

AP.TIC is currently made by two categories of members :

Active members (only IT companies can be accepted as Active members)

Member of Honour (natural or moral person)

Currently, there are 19 active members and 0 member of honour in the association

AP.TIC Contacts Technology Association (PICTA-Benin)

Jacob Akinocho, President

[email protected]

Corentin ADJOVI, Vice-President [email protected]

Tadjou Dine Razaki, Executive Secretary [email protected]

Official Address :


01 PO BOX 3885 Cotonou

C/03 Immeuble SOBIEX Cotonou-Benin

Phone : +229 31 43 19

Fax : + 229 31 27 72

Thank You for your attention ! Technology Association (PICTA-Benin)