airmanship knowledge learning outcome 3 part 2 no 1 group air combat
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Airmanship Knowledge Learning Outcome 3 Part 2 No 1 Group Air Combat

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Airmanship Knowledge Learning Outcome 3 Part 2 No 1 Group Air Combat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uncontrolled copy not subject to amendment. Airmanship Knowledge Learning Outcome 3 Part 2 No 1 Group Air Combat. Revision 2.00. Airmanship Knowledge Learning Outcome 3 Know the aircraft in service with the Royal Air Force. Contents. N o 1 Group – Air Combat Typhoon Tornado GR4 / GR4A

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No 1 Group – Air Combat


Tornado GR4 / GR4A

Tornado F3

Harrier GR9 / T12

Joint Combat Aircraft


Reporting Name Typhoon

Role Letters & Marks T1A / F2 / T3 / FGR4

Role Multi-Role Fighter

detail differences t1a vs t3
Detail Differences – T1A vs T3

Typhoon T1A / T3 are primarily used for pilot conversion training but are fully combat-capable

All Typhoon T1s had a modification to the fuel system to become T1As

Typhoon T3 has the PIRATE FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) sensor mounted on the port-side of the nose

detail differences f2 vs fgr4
Detail Differences – F2 vs FGR4

Typhoon F2 and FGR4 are the frontline combat variant of Typhoon.

Typhoon F2 is used in the air-to-air and Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) roles only

Typhoon FGR4 has the PIRATE FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) sensor mounted on the nose

FGR4 upgrade introduced air-to-surface capability to Typhoon. All F2s will be upgraded to FGR4


Manufactured by the Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK via the Eurofighter consortium

High performance, single seat, multi-role fighter aircraft designed to perform air superiority and ground attack missions with a full range of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons.

Twin-engine delta wing design with canard foreplanes and fly-by-wire controls for maximum agility

Advanced avionics including ECR-90 CAPTOR Radar, Helmet-Mounted Symbology System (HMSS) helmet-mounted sight and voice control input.

typhoon technical data
Typhoon Technical Data



CREW 1 (2 in T1A / T3)

MAXIMUM SPEED 1,147kts (2125km/h)

(Mach 2.0) at 36,090ft

ENGINES Two Eurojet EJ200


tornado gr4 gr4a
Tornado GR4 / GR4A

Reporting Name Tornado

Role Letters & Marks GR4 / GR4A

Role Ground Attack / Reconnaissance

tornado gr4 gr4a4
Tornado GR4 / GR4A

Variable geometry wing, all-weather ground attack and reconnaissance aircraft.

Terrain-following radar, Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) and night-vision goggles allow unrestricted operations day or night

LITENING III Laser Designation Pod allows self-designation of ground targets for laser guided bombs.

Carries full range of air-to-surface weapons as well as RAPTOR pod for tactical reconnaissance

Linescan system enables the GR4A to conduct low-level, tactical reconnaissance.

tornado gr4 a technical data
Tornado GR4/A Technical Data

WING SPAN 13.9M fully forward

8.6m fully swept



MAXIMUM SPEED 800kts (1480km/h)

(Mach 1.2) at sea level

ENGINES Two turbo union RB199


tornado f3
Tornado F3

Reporting Name Tornado

Role Letters & Marks F3

Role Air Defence

Tornado F3 was retired from service in March 2011

tornado f36
Tornado F3
  • Retired from service March 31st 2011.
  • Developed from the Tornado GR1 as a long-range air defence interceptor.
  • Variable sweep wing for high supersonic speed or high loiter duration.
  • All-weather day/night operation with beyond visual- range engagement capability.
  • Patrols for over 3 hours at 300nmls from base.
  • Carried AMRAAM and ASRAAMair-to-air missiles
  • Secondary air defence suppression role added in 2003 using ALARM missiles
tornado f3 technical data
Tornado F3 Technical Data

WING SPAN 13.9M fully forward

8.6M fully swept



MAXIMUM SPEED 800kts (1480km/h)

(Mach 1.2) at sea level

ENGINES Two Turbo Union RB199


comparing f3 gr4
Comparing F3 & GR4

Tornado F3

Longer nose

AMRAAM Missiles on stretched fuselage


Tornado GR4

harrier gr9 t12
Harrier GR9 / T12

Reporting Name Harrier

Role Letters & Marks GR9 / T12

Role Ground Attack & Reconnaissance

Harrier GR9 / T12 was retired from service in December 2010

harrier gr9 t121
Harrier GR9 / T12

Harrier GR9 was a ground attack and Close Air Support aircraft capable of V/STOL (Vertical / Short Take-Off Landing)

Harrier T12 was a twin-seat training variant for training new pilots and was fully combat capable

Aircraft were operated by 1 Sqn and 4 Sqn RAF and the Naval Strike Wing of the Fleet Air Arm under Joint Force Harrier

Operated from both land bases and Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers.

Capable of operating day and night and in all weathers.

Carried a full range of air-to-surface weapons

harrier gr9 t12 technical data
Harrier GR9 / T12 Technical Data



CREW 1 (2 in T12)

MAXIMUM SPEED 640kts (1186km/h) at

sea level

ENGINE One Rolls-Royce Pegasus 105 vectored-thrust turbofan

joint combat aircraft
Joint Combat Aircraft

Reporting Name Joint Combat Aircraft

Role Letters & Marks

Role Multi-role land- and carrier- based strike fighter

joint combat aircraft3
Joint Combat Aircraft

JCA is UK designation for US-built F-35 Lightning II

Low-observable multirole fighter/attack aircraft

Planned in-service date of 2020 to replace Harrier GR9 in RAF and Royal Navy service and operate from land bases and new Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

Sophisticated avionics and weapon-targeting systems including helmet-mounted weapons cueing

UK JCA is based on F-35C carrier variant. F-35 is also available as a conventional takeoff variant (F-35A) and Short Takeoff & Vertical Landing STOVL variant (F-35B)

joint combat aircraft technical data
Joint Combat Aircraft Technical Data

WING SPAN 13.1M (9.1M folded




ENGINES Pratt & Whitney F-135 turbofan