Different types of business softwares
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Different Types of Business Softwares - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Different Types of Business Softwares. By: Raffaela Iovieno & Wynn Brabazon. Software Package Comparison by Per User Cost. Document Outline. Introduction - Business owners learn the importance of purchasing a type of business software. Software’s depend on the business size

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Different types of business softwares

Different Types of Business Softwares

By: Raffaela Iovieno


Wynn Brabazon

Software Package

Comparison by Per User Cost

Document outline
Document Outline

  • Introduction-

  • Business owners learn the importance of purchasing a type of business software.

  • Software’s depend on the business size

  • The numerous amounts of software’s that will be explained so business owners can make the right choice.

  • First Paragraph-

  • Quicken 2007 Software

  • Small business software

  • Five outstanding features that the provides to the users

  • Second Paragraph-

  • Cost of the Quicken 2007 Software

  • Fundamentals for a new business owner to learn from

  • Third Paragraph-

  • Peachtree Software

  • Medium size business

  • Seven different feature that are offered

  • Cost of the Software

  • Fourth Paragraph-

  • Microsoft Money 2007

  • Six different types of features

  • Cost of the software per user

Document outline1
Document Outline

  • Fifth Paragraph-

  • Hyperion Software

  • Five software features

  • Businesses that follow in Hyperion’s footsteps

  • Businesses that use Hyperion software

  • Sixth Paragraph –

  • Four more features

  • Large size business

  • Seventh Paragraphs-

  • Everest Software

  • Where it originated from

  • Small to medium

  • Eighth paragraph-

  • Fourteen features

  • Cost

  • The companies that use the software

  • Ninth Paragraph-

  • Target

  • Problems

  • How Everest helped them

Document outline2
Document Outline

  • Tenth Paragraph-

  • Fischer Skis

  • Problems

  • How Everest helped them

  • Eleventh Paragraph-

  • Animalmania

  • Problems

  • How Everest helped them

  • Twelfth Paragraph-

  • Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006

  • Small Business

  • Seven Features

  • Thirtieth Paragraph-

  • More in-depth about the features

  • Easy connection

  • Online banking

  • Conclusion-

  • Business owners learn from these valuable software’s and will hopefully purchase software that’s beneficial to their company.

Quicken software 2007
Quicken Software 2007

  • An Instant view on a business progress

  • Categorize the business easily

  • Personal expenses for reporting taxes

  • Simplify tax preparation & hidden deductions

  • Create reports, and graphs easily

Peachtree software
Peachtree Software

  • Features:

    -General Ledger

    -Payroll Solutions

    -Accounts Receivable

    -Accounts Payable


    -Time & Billing & Job Costing

    -Fixed Assets

Microsoft money 2007
Microsoft Money 2007

  • Features:

    -Effortless Invoicing

    -Design Professional invoices

    -Payroll is made easy

    -Financial Reports

    -Simplify Taxes

    -Manage Accounts Payable

How will these software s benefit a business owner
How Will These Software’s Benefit A Business Owner

-Quickens: Important Values

-See visuals

-Categorize information

-Prepare taxes

-Manage invoices

-Has an additional feature to organize data.

-Support system

Con t benefits on these software s
Con’t: Benefits On These Software’s

  • Peachtree: Important Values

    -Financial records are stroed on the core of the computer.

    -Calculate payment for the employees.

    -Amount of merchanizes the business can sell.

    -Fixed Assets help daily operations.

Con t benefits on these software s1
Con’t: Benefits on These Software’s

  • Microsoft Money 2007: Important Values

    -Professional made invoices

    -Custom designed templates

    -Payroll is downloaded to calculate & print checks

    -Fills tax forms

-Tracks the taxable expenses

-allows multiples bill to be paid at one by using different checking accounts.

Everest software features
Everest Software Features:

  • Accounting

  • Purchasing

  • Inventory

  • Marketing sales

  • RMAs

Everest features continued
Everest Features Continued

  • Point of sales

  • CRM groupware

  • Management

  • Shipping and receiving

  • E-commerce

Target wholesale
Target Wholesale

  • Not being windows based

  • Lack of inventory

  • Incapable of sub-grouping a mammoth requirement

  • Handling more makes and models

  • extending the business on-line

  • doubling the growth every year

Microsoft small business accounting 2006 features
Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 Features

  • Management accounting tasks

  • Does quotes

  • Invoices

  • Purchase orders

Microsoft small business accounting 2006 features continued
Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 Features Continued

  • Manage inventory

  • Keeps track of payroll and time sheet

  • Forecast the cash flow

  • Online banking from multiple bank accounts


  • Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 helps manage employee data, calculate payroll, print checks, run payroll reports, and file taxes.


  • Hyperion is a multi-million dollar software company that provides firms to teach the business owners the software capabilities.

Hyperion features
Hyperion Features

  • Eliminates data integrity risk

  • Allow the employee to trust the numbers and low compliance cost

  • Data preparation server

  • Financial data quality managements


  • Citibank

  • City of San Jose

  • Chevron

  • Miami Dolphins

  • Northface

  • Yale University

  • Continental Airlines

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