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Start thinking of Self Care as Self-love in practice (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Start thinking of Self Care as Self-love in practice (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

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Start thinking of Self Care as Self-love in practice (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

Self care is not selfish, it is necessary for creating a better you and a better world. Self love is different from narcissism and is the basic building block to becoming self determined and loving other people.

Be Your Own Best (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)


-Be self reflective in order to develop a strong sense of self

-Be honest and gentle with yourself

-Allow yourself to feel in order to process, grow, and move forward

-Keep a journal and/or have alone time to rejuvenate and process

-Realize the ways in which you are special, strong, and valuable

-Prioritize your own needs

-Have fun getting to know yourself

-Practice being intentional with your time and energy so that you can do what is best for you

Take care of your body (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

ZZZ (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)ZZZZZZ…

-Make sleep a priority

-Try to get in the habit of having a regular sleep pattern

-Make your bed/bedroom a safe and comfortable place for yourself

-Allow your body to restore itself

- Sleep reduces stress and depression, and increases memory and productivity!

Eat well and exercise
Eat Well and Exercise (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

-Always listen to your body and honor its limits and potential

-Educate yourself about nutrition and exercise and come up with a plan for building healthy habits

-Be patient with yourself and meet your body where it is each day

-Take care of your body so that you can feel better and accomplish more

-Plan snacks and meals that are nourishing and balanced

-Stay hydrated!

-Invest in your future by learning good habits now and by taking care of your heart, bones, lungs, liver, mind, and spirit 

-Make time to pursue the things that you love (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

-Try new things even if they are out of your comfort zone

-Enjoy each moment (even the ones that are not ideal)

-Surround yourself with people who love, support, and celebrate you

-Gravitate towards the places, activities, and people that make you feel safe, happy, alive, and at peace


Reduce stress
Reduce Stress (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

  • Take a little time each day to do something just for you

  • Try going for a walk, taking a bath, reading a book, pursuing a hobby, having some quiet time, or maybe even just taking a few deep breaths

  • Let go of thoughts and things that are negative and or destructive

  • Keep perspective so that small obstacles do not become more overwhelming than they need to be

-Trust Yourself! (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

-Listen to your intuition

-Go with your gut feeling

-Believe in yourself

Ask for support
Ask for Support (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

  • If you feel that your well being is being impacted by anxiety, addiction, depression, and/or other personal struggles, connect yourself with resources that can help you

  • Educate yourself about resources available to you

  • Cultivate healthy relationships with friends, family, and your community

  • Remember that asking for support is a way of taking responsibility for yourself and your own happiness and overall well being

Expand your self care
Expand Your Self Care! (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

  • For more tips on self care, resources, referrals, community building, and opportunities for self-education check out the Women’s Resource Center in UMC 416

  • Or visit our website: