Start thinking of self care as self love in practice instead of selfishness or self indulgence
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Start thinking of Self Care as Self-love in practice (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Start thinking of Self Care as Self-love in practice (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

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Start thinking of Self Care as Self-love in practice (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

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Start thinking of Self Care as Self-love in practice (instead of Selfishness or Self-indulgence)

Self care is not selfish, it is necessary for creating a better you and a better world. Self love is different from narcissism and is the basic building block to becoming self determined and loving other people.

Be Your Own Best


-Be self reflective in order to develop a strong sense of self

-Be honest and gentle with yourself

-Allow yourself to feel in order to process, grow, and move forward

-Keep a journal and/or have alone time to rejuvenate and process

-Realize the ways in which you are special, strong, and valuable

-Prioritize your own needs

-Have fun getting to know yourself

-Practice being intentional with your time and energy so that you can do what is best for you

Take care of your body


-Make sleep a priority

-Try to get in the habit of having a regular sleep pattern

-Make your bed/bedroom a safe and comfortable place for yourself

-Allow your body to restore itself

- Sleep reduces stress and depression, and increases memory and productivity!

Eat Well and Exercise

-Always listen to your body and honor its limits and potential

-Educate yourself about nutrition and exercise and come up with a plan for building healthy habits

-Be patient with yourself and meet your body where it is each day

-Take care of your body so that you can feel better and accomplish more

-Plan snacks and meals that are nourishing and balanced

-Stay hydrated!

-Invest in your future by learning good habits now and by taking care of your heart, bones, lungs, liver, mind, and spirit 

-Make time to pursue the things that you love

-Try new things even if they are out of your comfort zone

-Enjoy each moment (even the ones that are not ideal)

-Surround yourself with people who love, support, and celebrate you

-Gravitate towards the places, activities, and people that make you feel safe, happy, alive, and at peace


Reduce Stress

  • Take a little time each day to do something just for you

  • Try going for a walk, taking a bath, reading a book, pursuing a hobby, having some quiet time, or maybe even just taking a few deep breaths

  • Let go of thoughts and things that are negative and or destructive

  • Keep perspective so that small obstacles do not become more overwhelming than they need to be

-Trust Yourself!

-Listen to your intuition

-Go with your gut feeling

-Believe in yourself

Ask for Support

  • If you feel that your well being is being impacted by anxiety, addiction, depression, and/or other personal struggles, connect yourself with resources that can help you

  • Educate yourself about resources available to you

  • Cultivate healthy relationships with friends, family, and your community

  • Remember that asking for support is a way of taking responsibility for yourself and your own happiness and overall well being

Expand Your Self Care!

  • For more tips on self care, resources, referrals, community building, and opportunities for self-education check out the Women’s Resource Center in UMC 416

  • Or visit our website:

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