United republic of tanzania
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UNITED REPUBLIC of TANZANIA. Less develop country Kurmacheva Vlada VED-06-1. The dictionary. Less develop country – a fairly country without much industrial development.

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United republic of tanzania


Less develop country

Kurmacheva Vlada VED-06-1

The dictionary
The dictionary

Less develop country – a fairly country without much industrial development.

These countries, also called members of the THIRD WORLD, typically have low levels of per-capital income, high inflation and debt, and large trade deficits.

Geographical position
Geographical position

Tanzania – a country of east-central Africa on the Indian Ocean

History of occurrence
History of occurrence

Most of the region became a German protectorate in 1891 and passed to the British in 1920 as Tanganyika. Tanganyika achieved independence in 1961 and joined with Zanzibar in 1964 to form Tanzania.

United republic of tanzania1

The capital of Tanzania is DODOMA

The Largest city is DAR-es-SALAAM

Official Languages: SWAHILI and ENGLISH

Government is REPUBLIC

President name JAKAYA KIKWETE

Prime Minister name MIZENGO PINDAL

Area of Tanzania is 30th place in the world

Population 2009 estimate43,739,000 people (30th place) 

GDP 2009 estimate – total $22.318 billion (82th)

Per capita 2009 estimate $550

Currency - Tanzanian shilling

Drivers on the left


Tanzania’s Human Development Index is 0.530. HDI is rated from 0 – 1, 1 being the best. HDI is calculated based on the life expectancy, education, and standard of living.

The industry of tanzania
The industry of Tanzania

Accounting for only about 10% of GDP, Tanzania’s industrial sector is one of smalled in Africa


Tanzania has mineral resourses and a largely untapped tourism sector, which might make it a viable market for foreign investment.