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Roaring 20’s
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Roaring 20’s. I have….Who has. Objective: To review how the roaring 20’s brought everything but prosperity and normalcy to the US after WWI Task: You will be given a topic in chapter 24

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Roaring 20’s

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Roaring 20 s

Roaring 20’s

I have who has

I have….Who has

Objective: To review how the roaring 20’s brought everything but prosperity and normalcy to the US after WWI


  • You will be given a topic in chapter 24

  • You will have 15 mins. to retrieve information on your topic and complete a visual representation of your info.

  • When your topic is called you will say “ I have…and then provide your information

  • Upon completion…you will then say “Who has” for the next person’s queue to go.

  • Be ready to present your information!



  • Sports

  • Religion and Scientific and Technological Developments

  • Prohibition

  • Jazz, Ragtime, etc

  • Women's Fashion

  • Literature

  • Aviation

  • Dance and Music

  • Automobiles

  • Art

  • Architecture

  • Flappers

  • Movies

Review video

Review Video

  • Post it note review

  • Roaring 20’s

War payments reparations dawes plan

War Payments/Reparations/Dawes Plan

Foreign policy isolationism and normalcy

Foreign Policy(Isolationism and Normalcy)

Labor unrest

Labor Unrest

Racial unrest

Racial Unrest

Red scare fear of radicalism

Red Scare/Fear of Radicalism





Roaring 20 s

Sacco and Vanzetti

Pres harding video

Pres. Harding(Video)

Ohio gang

Ohio Gang

Tea pot dome

Tea Pot Dome

Pres coolidge video

Pres Coolidge(Video)

Economic growth of the 1920 s

Economic growth of the 1920’s

Consumer economy and debt

Consumer Economy and Debt

Automobiles and henry ford

Automobiles and Henry Ford

Airplanes charles lindbergh and amelia earhart

Airplanes/Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart

Electricity appliances inventions


Advancements in science

Advancements in Science

Art deco

Art Deco



Fashions and fads

Fashions and Fads







19 th amendment changes everything

19th Amendment changes everything!

18th amendment

18th Amendment



Al capone

Al Capone

Prohibition speakeasy

Prohibition: Speakeasy



Roaring 20 s


  • Check your own learning targets so far for Chapter 24

  • What do you have so far?

  • At this point, let’s add some more.

Radio and the movies

Radio and the Movies

Watch DVD – Nov 2 1920 birth of radio

Jan 27 1926 – Television introduced

Sports of the 1920 s

Sports of the 1920’s

  • Lou Gehrig

Babe ruth and sports

Babe Ruth and sports

Those left behind

Those left Behind

Jazz age

Jazz Age

Harlem renaissance

Harlem Renaissance

Generation of lost writers

Generation of lost writers

Kkk and nativism

KKK and Nativism

Immigration act 1924

Immigration Act 1924

Scopes trial

Scopes Trial

Election of 1928 hoover wins

Election of 1928: Hoover Wins!

  • Then the unthinkable happens! Stock market Crashes!

Let s finalize what we know about the roaring 20 s

Let’s finalize what we know about the Roaring 20’s

Roaring 20 s

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