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Welcome!. Academic Strategies Unit 8 Seminar. General Questions & Weekly News. Please share your weekly news… and general questions. Weekly Reminders & Announcements. Announcements Current course average Gradebook Goal: No ZERO’s! Communication is KEY.

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Academic Strategies

Unit 8 Seminar

General questions weekly news

General Questions & Weekly News

Please share your weekly news…

and general questions.

Weekly reminders announcements

Weekly Reminders & Announcements

  • Announcements

  • Current course average

  • Gradebook Goal: No ZERO’s!

  • Communication is KEY

Final assignment reminders

Final Assignment Reminders

  • Unit 7/8 Interview: Tuesday, August 28!

  • Unit 8 Discussion: Tuesday, August 28!

  • Unit 8 Web Exploration: Tuesday, August 28!

  • Unit 8 Quiz: Tuesday, August 28!

  • Unit 9 Seminar: Thursday, August 30!

  • Unit 9 Quiz: Tuesday, Sept 4!

  • Unit 9 Career Action Plan: Tuesday, Sept 4!

  • Unit 9 Discussion: Tuesday, Sept 4!

  • Unit 9 Web Exploration: Tuesday, Sept 4!

  • Unit 10 Writing Assignment: Tuesday, Sept 11!

  • Unit 10 Exam: Tuesday, Sept 11!

Unit 8 assignments

Unit 8 Assignments

  • Complete the Unit 8 Reading

    Career Connections

    O*Net Online

    KU Career Resources


    Mind Tools Website

    Optimal Resume

  • Attend the Unit 8 Discussion

  • Complete Unit 7/8 Interview Assignment


What stage are you in with your career planning at this point?

Let’s take a poll…

Career connections

Career Connections

  • As you plan for your careers or your career changes, there are many steps to keep in mind. Unit 8 is designed to help you with the career planning process by providing you with all kinds of valuable career-related information.

  • Use this week as an opportunity to develop even clearer career goals for yourselves.

Successful career planning

Successful Career Planning

  • I. Career goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.

  • II. We need to be motivated to reach our career goals.

  • III. We have to have a clear idea of our own values, interests, strengths and even weaknesses as we set career goals.

S m a r t career goals

S.M.A.R.T. Career Goals

  • Why should career goals be S.M.A.R.T. goals?

    Specific * Measurable

    Action-oriented * Realistic * Timed



  • What will motivate YOU to complete your degree at Kaplan and reach your career goals?

Career resources

Career Resources

  • List career resources you have used or those that you are aware of.

Resources to help you

Resources to help YOU!

Internet (O*Net)


KU Career Resources


Friends, family members


Unit 8 career resources

Unit 8 Career Resources

  • O*Net Online: http://online.onetcenter.org

    Find Occupations

    Skills Search

  • CHOOSINGACAREER.NET http://www.choosingacareer.net/

  • Career Skills – Problem Solving Skills:


  • KU Career Resources

    Career Guidance

    Career Options

    Resumes & Cover Letters (Optimal Resume)

    Interviews & Job Search

Let s take a field trip

Let’s take a field trip…

  • Go to your KU Campus homepage.  

  • Under the University Info tab on the top tool bar click Career Resources. 

  • Start searching!! It’s that easy.

Ku career resources

KU Career Resources

Career Development Track

Career Assessment

Resumes, Cover Letters, Portfolios

Interviewing & Networking Tips

Career Resources Library

Optimalresume com


Offered in collaboration with KU Career Resources – provides

additional help with resumes, cover letters, portfolio building.

New user to Optimal Resume?

Click on the link to go directly to the Optimal Resume website:


Click on the "Never Been Here Before? Create New Account" link

and follow the instructions.

Let s tour the o net online

Let’s Tour the O*Net OnLine



  • I want to be a . . .

    Key Words: “manage an office”

    Compensation & Benefits Managers

    Financial Managers, Branch or Department

Critical element

Critical Element?

  • With all of these amazing resources at your fingertips, there’s still one critical element we haven’t touched on yet.

  • What is that element?

Aim for a perfect fit

Aim for a Perfect “FIT”

  • The more you understand yourself, your motivations and your values, the better equipped you will be to set career goals that will really "fit" you.



The case of minh

The Case of Minh

  • Minh has been working as a retail clerk since high school. She knows the inventory well and likes her boss and the customers who come in regularly to purchase from her. Her income is above minimum wage and is almost enough to cover the cost of living, so she has been rather satisfied - until recently.

  • You see, Minh is planning to get married next year. She knows that this life change means her responsibilities will increase, and so she has chosen to go to college and increase her job prospects as well. She has chosen Business as her major. The first term has been going well, but in week 8, Minh's boss asks her to work extra hours.

Let s discuss

Let’s Discuss

  • Question 1: How is Minh's current job beneficial to her ultimate career goals?

  • Question 2: How would setting more specific career goals help Minh make decisions?

  • Question 3: What general advice would you give Minh to encourage her to complete the quarter and continue in school?

Goal setting change

Goal-setting & Change

  • Sometimes, no matter how much critical thinking we use, we end up deciding that we have set the wrong goals for ourselves. What should you do if this happens?



= Critical Thinking!!!

Ongoing process of change

Ongoing Process of Change

  • The whole process of career planning should involve change. The more you learn about yourself and your strengths, the more changes you should make.

  • The more you learn about the opportunities available to you, the more changes you should make.


“CHANGE is essential. This is where I am---this is where I want or need to be. What ACTION am I willing to take to reach that point? Take time to assess and make adjustments to strategies and goals."

SOURCE: Adapted from: Sowing the Seeds of Success, A Learning Activities Handbook, compiled and edited by Suzanne Skinner and Carolyn DeLecour; Ellis,Dave, The Master Student, 1985, and Judson, The Search for Solutions, 1980.


Don't be afraid to change and grow.

Think of yourself as a WORK IN PROGRESS!!


Final Questions?

Thanks for attending…

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