Technical Elements of Drama   The production

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Technical Elements of Drama The production

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1. Technical Elements of Drama – The production Different parts and jobs of putting on a production:

2. Technical Elements of Drama Producer Director Stage Manager Scenic Designer Lighting Director Costume Designer Choreographer Make-up Artist Usher Box Office Attendant Playwright House Manager

3. The Producer The producer of the show functions as a business manager. The are in charge of all the financial parts of the play. Some of their jobs include: Raising all money for the play Over seeing the budget Finding and hiring the director Providing the space for Performance (rent or buying). Supervising the advertisements and merchandising.

4. Producer Continued… Also: The producer picks the right script for the right director. If the script is poorly written, and the director is not talented the show will suffer.

5. The Director Analyzes and researches scripts. Cast for the show (find the actors to play the roles) Coordinate the rehearsals

6. Rehearsals: Director Job Talking to actors about the show and read through the lines. Meet with designers who will show them models of the sets and costume sketches. Meet with stage managers about production schedules. Blocking the show (showing movements of actors while on stage). With an actor’s body alignment, which kind of profile (or turn) would be used to deliver an important line? Full Back Full Front ˝ Turn

7. Rehearsals (Director’s Job) continued… Work on technical items Completed sets Props Costumes Makeup Lights Pyrotechnics

8. Lighting Director Jobs include Deciding what types of lighting instruments to use. Deciding what types of beams of light they will produce Deciding on color of lights Determining the relative bright-to-dark scale on the stage.

9. Lighting: Color Psychology Red: heat, passion, danger Blue = nature, water, cool, calming Green = jealousy, envy, nature, calming Yellow = sun, bright, happy, upbeat Orange = hunger, violence, agitation How can the colors of light used have an impact on the purpose behind the play? HINT: “Those who tell the stories shape the culture.”

10. Stage Manager: The heart of the production. Unnoticed, if they do a good job. Jobs: Help the director analyze the script. Organize rehearsals, auditions, and productions. Finds right furniture and props needed… Organizes costumes (once designed). Schedules production meetings with director and designers Directors right hand man.

11. Scenic Designer: is responsible for the environment the actors move through. Scenic designer jobs: Research past productions of the play, historical period the play is set in and the place where the play is set. Works with the director to design the set (inside or outside scene, wall color, etc.) Doing technical drawings so the builders can make the sets.

12. Costume Designer: is the person who is responsible for the clothes worn by the actors on stage. Might be the hardest working designer in the theatre. Usually design from 2-5 costumes in each play per actor. How could the costumes from Uncle Tom’s Cabin help the play to be more Persuasive in shaping the Culture?

13. Choreographer: is responsible for the actors movements on stage. In musicals, they are in charge of the dance movements on stage. Also with the actors while they are singing, or saying their lines. How is a choreographers Job different than a directors job, since they both deal with moving characters around the stage?

14. Usher, Playwright, and Box Office Attendant The usher is responsible for seating the audience members in their proper seat. The playwright writes the plays. The Box Office Attendant: Counts tickets and makes sure all dates, prices, and ticket info is correct. Mails out the tickets Counts ticket money

15. Make-Up Artist: Makes sure all actors have on appropriate make-up when it is too complicated for actors to do alone.

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