Team evaluation post conference process
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TEAM Evaluation Post-Conference Process PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TEAM Evaluation Post-Conference Process. Objectives. To identify the characteristics of an effective post-conference To identify the protocol for a TEAM post-conference To target areas to improve my skills as a post-conference leader. Agenda. Objective

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TEAM Evaluation Post-Conference Process

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TEAM Evaluation Post-Conference Process


  • To identify the characteristics of an effective post-conference

  • To identify the protocol for a TEAM post-conference

  • To target areas to improve my skills as a post-conference leader


  • Objective

  • Elements of an effective post-conference

  • TEAM protocol for a post-conference

  • Watch a video of real post-conference

  • Debrief post-conference

  • Reflection/personal goal

You just witnessed a post-conference that you deem to be effective. What are the elements of the post-conference that led you to label it as effective?

Think, Write, Round-Robin

Think about the question individually

Go “round” the table and share your answer(s) one at a time

Everyone will write the answers shared by the people at your table. At the end everyone has the same list of answers.

Characteristics of an Effective Post-Conference

  • Majority of talking done by the teacher

  • Thinking is on teacher

  • Coach asks questions to guide teacher

  • Open ended questions that generate responses

  • Conversational

  • Based on teacher’s abilities and capacity

Think, Reflect, Write

Think about the post-conferences that you have led thus far.

What do you think are some of your strengthsas a post-conference leader?

What are some areas of leading a post- conference that you would like to strengthen?

EVALUATING focuses on:

  • Aligning practices with a set of standards

  • Rating performance according to rubrics

  • Judging, encouraging, coaching, and supporting

We do not learn from our experiences, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why Coach?






  • Clear labels for factors that generated a Success/Complication

  • Deep reflection

  • Clear plan of action

  • Success/Complication

  • Superficial reflection

  • Tentative plans

The Evaluation Cycle

Post-Conference Protocol

  • Introduction

  • Reinforcement

  • Refinement

  • Review scores and evidence

Selecting Reinforcements & Refinements

When considering a lesson, which areas of the rubric..

  • Had the lowest/highest score

  • Would have the greatest impact on student achievement

  • Would impact other indicators

  • Would provide the teacher with the most potential for growth

  • Can I clearly label through evidence and examples for improvement

    *Don’t choose a refinement that is directly related to the reinforcement

Reinforcement Plan

  • Reinforcement Objective



Action for the teacher to take

Label the indicator from the rubric

Language from a specific descriptor

2. Self-Analysis Question

  • Open-ended

  • Use language from a specific descriptor to be reinforced

  • Probe for specificity

  • Extend thinking

  • Be a good listener- Take yourself out of the conversation. Don’t use “I” statements.

3. Evidence

  • Include judgment free, specific examples of what the teacher said or did that relates to the reinforcement objective.

  • When possible, provide examples of what students said and did.

4. Recommend continued use and elicit feedback

Label the indicator and descriptor teacher should continue to implement

Pose a question that encourages an explanation of how this reinforcement impacts student learning

Refinement Plan

  • Refinement Objective

  • Self-reflection Question

  • Evidence

  • Model/example

  • Guided practice

  • Closure


  • Presents several concrete and specific suggestions that the teacher can implement into practice

  • Focused on the refinement objective

  • Enhances student mastery of the learning objective

    * This is a crucial element in this process.

Guided Practice

  • Discuss how the refinement area can be included in the observed lesson or in an upcoming lesson

  • Listen and provide feedback


  • Ask the teacher a question to reflect on and apply what was discussed.

  • Question the teacher about the positive things that are happening in her classroom.

  • Provide teacher with scores

Post-Conference Plan

  • Take 3 or 4 minutes to read the post-conference plan from the video we’re going to watch.

  • After reading the plan, think about how you would complete these three sentence starters:

  • I like…

  • I wonder…

  • My prediction for this post conference is…

Watch Post-Conference

Thinking about the protocol we’ve discussed and the elements of an effective post- conference…

Jot down examples of these elements that are present in the post-conference as you watch it.

Effective Elements

  • What are some specific elements of this post-conference that make it effective?

  • What examples do you have of those components?

Different Perspectives

  • Number off at your table

  • All even numbers will take the point of view of the teacher and all odds will be the evaluator.

  • Think of one word to describe your feelings about the post-conference.

  • Share with your table your word and why you chose that word.


  • How did knowing the protocol benefit the post-conference leader?

  • How did the leader following the protocol benefit the teacher?


Take out your reflection about personal strengths/areas of need.

Based on your new learning from today, make additions or deletions to your reflection?

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