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Contact: Sun Qing Tel: +86-533-6091095 Fax : +86-533-6293183 E-mail: [email protected]

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Contact: Sun Qing Tel: +86-533-6091095 Fax : +86-533-6293183 E-mail: [email protected] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contact: Sun Qing Tel: +86-533-6091095 Fax : +86-533-6293183 E-mail: [email protected] Contact: Yan Ping Tel: +86-533-6093865 Fax : +86-533-6293183 E-mail: [email protected]

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Contact: Sun Qing

Tel: +86-533-6091095

Fax: +86-533-6293183

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact: Yan Ping

Tel: +86-533-6093865

Fax: +86-533-6293183

E-mail: [email protected]


With the end of huge profits, what opportunities and challenges will EO and downstream market meet?


EO, as a symbol of huge profits, is the hot spot of enterprise investment.In recent two years, new capacities that came into stream intensively ended up the huge profits in EO, and market competition became more severe under excess capacity. In order to seize fine chemical market, domestic enterprises improve industrial chain structure and adjust investment bases...prepare for the battle for domestic EO market!

The war has begun, we are poised for it. So SCI invites you to get together in the 3rd China EO and Downstream Industry Seminar to be held on Sept 17th – 19th, 2014, in Jinan City, Shandong Province, for in-depth discussions and analysis regarding EO and downstream industry development prospect and investment hot spot.

EO and Downstream Industry Hotspot

  • Faced with excess capacity, where will newly-added EO capacity go in the future? How to strengthen competition to win the market?
  • With the end of huge profits, EO with traditional technology will face shrinking profits or even losses, and this is the urgent problems to be solved by EO enterprises.
  • China domestic EO will accelerate to replace imported EO on price advantages, so how foreign traders to deal with this situation?
  • Whether nonionic surfactant can change from "popularization " to "specialty", and the experts can guide you to break through the bottleneck.
  • Polycarboxylate superplasticizer faces overheating situation, so will domestic demand improve further? And how about the export demand ? How polycarboxylate superplasticizer to deal with the overheating prospect?
  • How alcohol amine enterprises to face current crisis under lowering production loads?


Minister Of Organic Chemical Department

Cao Yang

China Research Institute of Daily ChemicalIndustry


Cheng Ning

The Economic Daily


Han Wengao

Previous Speaking Guests

Liaoning Oak Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Technical Director

Zhou Liming

Tengzhou Kaiyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd.

Deputy General Manager

Hu Xiufeng

Ningbo Lejia Chemical Co., Ltd.

General Manager

Luo Junwei

Lonkey Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Research Institute


Zhao Jianhong

Zhejiang Ouhua Chemical Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.


Yan Jinyu

Liaoning Oak Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.

Deputy General Manager

Song Enjun

Dena International Trade Co., Ltd.

Technology Research Center Director

Chen Yong Fu

China National Industrial Surfactant Council


Huang Hongzhou

Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Wang Yinggong

Legend Holdings Strategy Investment Department

Chief Investment Officer

Yan Leping


Wang Hua

Hubei Xianlin Phosphorus Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Deputy General Manager

Li Zhongjun

China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute

Senior Engineer

Hao Tingyu

Sublime China Information Group Co., Ltd.

Senior Vice President

Yang Xianghong

Sublime China Information Group Co., Ltd.

Vice President of Strategy

Cui Kezeng

Previous Attending Enterprises (listed in no particular order )


2012 - 2013 EO and downstream industry seminar participants were more than 300!

Previous Participants

1.EO market tracking as long as 8 years and Chinaunique information company with the most complete EO and downstream industry chain. we stay closer to the market.

2.Close to enterprises\' production and management, all-round interpretation of industry knowledge

3.The perfect opportunity to improve the industrial chain business

EO manufacturers

Downstream product enterprises

Trading companies

Foreign suppliers

Import and export traders


China key relevant associations

China key relevant research institutions

Auxiliaries Factories

Daily used chemical enterprises

Water reducer factories

Logistics enterprises

Equipment Companies



Draft Agenda

Sept 17th


09:00-14:00 Participants Registration

15:00-17:00Communication and Business Negotiation

18:00-20:00Buffet Dinner

08:30-0840 Welcoming Address

08:40-09:20 Sinopec EO market latest development direction and advice on

downstream development

1. China EO supply and demand structure analysis;

2. EO industry development forecast under the initial appearance of

excess capacity

3. Sinopec EO market latest development direction and advice

09:20-10:00 Macroeconomic policy interpretation and economic development in

H2 2014

1. Current economic situation at home and abroad

2. Global economic development prospect in H2 2014 based on global

major economic data

3. Interpret current infrastructure construction investment and

forecast housing market development from macroscopic viewpoint

10:00-10:40 Polycarboxylatesuperplasticizer monomer market development

bottleneck and direction

1. Supply and demand analysis in the context of capacity surplus

2. How to boost demand in domestic and overseas markets under

fierce competition?

3. Advantage and disadvantage analysis of new products

10:40-11:20 Primary alcohol, enol, alkynol - EO derivatives application and market

development trend

11:30-12:00 Expert interviews

12:00-13:00 Buffet lunch

13:50-14:20 Water reducer development trend from infrastructure policy aspect

1. Policy analysis of China infrastructure, shantytown renovation and

urbanization construction

2. High-performance polycarboxylatesuperplasticizer substitute

development trend

3. China Polycarboxylatesuperplasticizer development prospect and

advice from strategic perspective

Sept 18th



Draft Agenda

Sept 18th


14:20-14:50Imported EO derivatives slumped rapidly, how foreign traders to

cope with this situation?

1. China EO derivatives supply pattern changed quickly in 2014

2. Interpret next investment base point of foreign traders under

slumping imported volumes

3. NewEO derivatives products promotion and development prospect

14:50-15:30Development and influence of EO by MTO process

1. Influence of ethylene feedstock diversification to current EO market

2. Competitive power analysis of EO by MTO process

3. EO market development direction and exiting challenges and


15:30-16:00 How ethanolamine enterprises to survive under shrinking profits?

1. China ethanolamine capacity enlarged and profits were eroded

2. What problems and bottlenecks China ethanolamine market is faced


3. China ethanolamine market development direction

16:00-16:40 EO/PO copolymerized polyether market current situation and

development prospect

1. China EO/PO copolymerized polyether market current situation

2. EO/PO copolymerized polyether technology bottleneck and


3. Major consumption fields and potential application analysis of

EO/PO copolymerized polyether

4. China copolymerized polyether market development direction and

future planning

16:40-17:20 Expert interviews

17:30-18:30 The Night of SCI - Appreciation Dinner

Business tour

Sept 19th