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Personality factors motivation
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Personality Factors - Motivation. 4A0C0901 Fiona Lin 4A0C0902 Benson Wu 4A0C0943 Mary Pan 4A0C0142 Alien Liu. The Affective Domain. Affect: emotion/ feeling The affective domain: the emotional side of human behaviors. Extended Definition of the Affective Domain.

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Personality Factors - Motivation

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Personality factors motivation

Personality Factors - Motivation

4A0C0901 Fiona Lin 4A0C0902 Benson Wu

4A0C0943 Mary Pan 4A0C0142 Alien Liu

The affective domain

The Affective Domain

  • Affect: emotion/ feeling

  • The affective domain: the emotional side of human behaviors

Extended definition of the affective domain

Extended Definition of the Affective Domain

  • Benjamin Bloom and his colleagues (1964)

    1. Receiving

    2. Responding

    3. Valuing

    4.Organization of values into a system of beliefs

    5. Value System

Personality factors motivation

Language is behavior, that is, a phase of human activity which must not be treated in essence as structurally divorced from the structure of nonverbal human activity. The activity of man constitutes a structural whole in such a way that it cannot be subdivided into neat ‘parts’ or ’levels’ or ’compartments’ with language in a behavioral compartment insulated in character, content, and organization from other behavior.

- Kenneth Pike (1976)

Personality factors

Personality Factors

  • Self Esteem

  • Inhabitation

  • Risk-Taking

  • Anxiety

  • Empathy

  • Extroversion

Myers briggs character indicators

Myers-Briggs Character Indicators



  • The most frequently used catch-all term for explaining the success or failure of any complex task

  • Dörnyei (1998): Motivation is a key of learning

  • How do you create, foster, and maintain motivation?

  • Three different perspectives of motivation:

    1. Behavioristic Perspective

    2. Cognitive Perspective

    3. Constructivist Perspective

Behavoristic perspective of motivation

Behavoristic Perspective of Motivation

  • E. L. Thorndike (桑代克) 提出「學習定律」:



Cognitive perspective of motivation

Cognitive Perspective of Motivation

  • 認知學派:強調個人的決定與努力

  • 主要的動機觀點:




Cognitive perspective of motivation1

Cognitive Perspective of Motivation

  • 認知學派對於學習的認知:










Instrumental and integrative orientations

Instrumental and Integrative Orientations

  • Robert Gardner & Wallace Lambert:學習者的學習態度和動機因素,如何影響外語學習的成功。



  • 不同的需要會達成學習外語的目標:

    a) 學術上或跟工作有關的工具效益性

    b) 社交的或文化的整合性

Instrumental and integrative orientations1

Instrumental and Integrative Orientations

  • Gardner & Lambert & Spolsky:


  • BrajKachru:


  • 工具效益性向似乎在某些特定的學習情境下更能有效的幫助語言學習成功,而某些另外的情境則較適用於整合性傾向。

  • 學習外語時,很少單一使用工具效益性傾向或整合性傾向,大部分是混合兩種傾向。

Instrumental and integrative orientations2

Instrumental and Integrative Orientations

  • 整合性導向動機:想要與目標語的使用者來往或了解一些與他們相關事務的中等程度慾望。

  • 同化性導向動機:長期以來想要與目標語人士認同的較深入需求。

  • 工具性效益性動機:學科導向或就業導向動機的強烈度。

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

  • 內在動機:出自本身緣故。

  • 外在動機:期待外在的獎賞等形式的正面回餽。

  • 哪一種動機比較有效?

The value of self reward

The Value of Self-reward

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Instrumental and integrative orientations3

Instrumental and Integrative Orientations

  • 工具性效益:為了達成目而學習語言。

  • 整合性效益:學習者希望自己深入外語的文化與社交。

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