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Based on a book by Dennis Abraims Ty Cobb By, Wesley Weaver

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Based on a book by Dennis Abraims Ty Cobb By, Wesley Weaver - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ty Cobb. Based on a book by Dennis Abraims Ty Cobb By, Wesley Weaver. Ty Cobb was one of the best baseball players of all time but that’s not how he started. Childhood. Ty Cobb was born on December 18, 1886 in a town named Narrows, Georgia.

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Ty Cobb

Based on a book by

Dennis Abraims

Ty Cobb By,

Wesley Weaver

  • Ty Cobb was born on December 18, 1886 in a town named Narrows, Georgia.
  • When he was born his mother was only 15 years old.
  • His family was always on the move when he was 6 or 7 his family finally settled in a town named Royston Georgia.
  • His father was one of the leading citizens in his town and bought a 100 acre farm out of town.
  • Ty father always made him do the grunt work in the fields pulling weeds and tending the crops always
childhood continued
Childhood (Continued)
  • Ty always needed to do whatever his father said he did but he didn’t like it.
  • Ty loved his father very much, he would try anything to make himself look better in his eyes
early baseball
Early Baseball
  • When Ty discovers baseball for the first time he was twelve. He also played for the Royston Rompers when he was twelve.
  • One day when he was in his teens he needed money to buy a new fielders glove and bat so he made one ot the biggest mistakes in his life
  • He knew his father owned a large personal library so he thought one or two books wouldn’t be missed so he took 3 and tried to sell them to someone who was a close friend with his father.
  • The friend reported it to his father and he was furious!
early baseball continued
Early Baseball (Continued)
  • When Ty’s father finally started to yell at him he said “ I thought I was raising a straight shooter not a thief.”
  • This upset Ty a lot and he started to cry at his fathers feet. He didn’t want to make himself look less in his fathers eyes.
  • Ty wasn’t allowed to play baseball for an extended amount of time, and he got even more chores to do.
  • Finally when he was allowed to play baseball again he tried out for the Royston Rompers a semi pro baseball team this was very impressive
dominating the game
Dominating the Game

Ty Cobb is famous because he persevered through his childhood and very early adulthood.

Ty Cobb signed with the Tigers in 1905

  • When Pitchers Dominated the game Ty Cobb Gave them a run for there money, batting .367 the highest lifetime batting average ever.
  • In 1911 he batted .410 a very high batting average.
  • That season in 1911 he only struck out twice

Ty Cobb high sliding into home in a regular season game.

  • Ty Cobb has batted .367 in his lifetime,
  • Most batting titles -12
  • Most Career Steals of home-56
  • Scored 100 runs in 11 seasons
  • Reached 1000 hits at 24, the youngest ever
  • Batted over .400 three times
  • Batted .320 for 23 straight seasons

Ty Cobb

Michael Jackson

  • Ty Cobb had a very rough childhood.
  • All Ty wanted to do was made his father happy.
  • It seemed that no matter what Ty did it make his father angry and disapprove.
  • Michael Jackson had a very rough childhood like Ty Cobb.
  • When Michael was young he was always busy recording and practicing
  • If he refused to practice his father would beat him until he would practice
bio poem

Bio Poem


Who gave 100% all the time.

Who feels the need to be the best.

Who excels at getting hated.

Who fears losing.

Who needs more supporters.

Who would love to see Babe Ruth lose.