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Equivalent Fractions PowerPoint PPT Presentation

This is a lesson teaching students about Equivalent Fractions.

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Equivalent Fractions

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Equivalent fractions



Equivalent fractions

Parts of a Fraction

Numerator= Top Number

Denominator= Bottom Number

Equivalent fractions

What is an Equivalent Fraction?

Equivalent Fractions appear differently, but have the same value.

The fraction shaded on the left hand side is 1/2 and the

fraction shaded on the right hand side is 2/4

Equivalent fractions

Take a look at this chart. What are

some equivalent fractions?



Equivalent fractions

Equivalent Fractions with food!

If you got 1/2 of the pizza, your friend got 2/4 of the pizza ,and your other

friend got 4/8 of the pizza, would you all be getting the same amount???

Equivalent fractions

How Can You Find

Equivalent Fractions?

Equivalent Fractions can be found by

multiplying or dividing both the

numerator and the denominator by the

same number.

Equivalent fractions

Another Way to

Find Equivalent


Notice how the numerator (top number) was

multiplied by 6 and it gave us 6, and the

denominator (bottom number) was also

multiplied by the same number and it gave us

24. So, 1/4 is equivalent to 6/24.

Equivalent fractions


The numerator (top number) was divided by 4 and

it gave us 1, and the denominator (bottom

number) was divided by the same number and it

gave us 2. Therefore, 4/8 is equivalent to 1/2.

Equivalent fractions

Your Turn!!!!

Johnny ate 5/12 pieces of cake. Jessica wants to

eat the same amount as Johnny. Write a fraction

that is equivalent to 5/12 to show how much cake

Jessica ate.

** Remember, equivalent fractions have

different numbers.

** Also, remember that in order to find equivalent

fractions, you can multiply the numerator and

denominator by the same number.

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