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Tools in the Recovery Toolbox. Surviving times of STRESS. Try to avoid swimming with sharks!. In times of stress, SIMPLIFY!. K.I.S.S. One Day / Hour / Minute / Moment at a Time One Step at a Time Don’t “SHOULD” on yourself. How can stress be triggered?.

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Tools in the Recovery Toolbox

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Tools in the recovery toolbox l.jpg

Tools in the Recovery Toolbox

Surviving times of


Try to avoid swimming with sharks l.jpg

Try to avoid swimming with sharks!

In times of stress simplify l.jpg

In times of stress, SIMPLIFY!

  • K.I.S.S.

  • One Day / Hour / Minute / Moment at a Time

  • One Step at a Time

  • Don’t “SHOULD” on yourself

How can stress be triggered l.jpg

How can stress be triggered?

  • What happens when you’re too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired?

  • Sometimes you can deal with things and it’s “no big deal”. At other times even little things get to you – what are the things that cause you stress?

H a l t l.jpg


Don’t get too . . .

  • Hungry

  • Angry

  • Lonely

  • Tired

Hunger don t just eat eat right l.jpg

HUNGER:Don’t just eat, eat right!

Good nutrition reduces stress:

  • 3 balanced meals and healthy snacks as needed

  • Reduce sweets, caffeine, and nicotine


Anger resentment who gets hurt l.jpg

ANGER / Resentment:Who gets hurt?

  • Some forms of depression have been described as “anger turned inward,” giving unresolved anger / resentment a negative influence on recovery from mood disorders

Loneliness develop and use support network l.jpg

LONELINESS?Develop and use support network

  • Recovery is not only an individual “I” process, it is also a mutual “We” process

Tiredness fatigue makes cowards of us all l.jpg

TIREDNESS?“Fatigue makes cowards of us all . . .”

  • Sleep Hygiene

    • Block out and protect sleep time

    • Develop a pre-sleep routine

    • Adjust lights & temperature

Be physically active l.jpg

Be Physically Active

  • When tempted to use a substance to “self-medicate” depression or anxiety, physical exercise can be a constructive, healthy alternative

Exercise l.jpg


Treat yourself to EXERCISE each day

  • It relaxes, calms, and reduces tension.

  • Produces brain chemicals that make you feel good.

  • Helps improve sleep

  • Helps weight control


Seek perspective l.jpg

Seek Perspective . . .

  • Find out about other people’s situations

  • Volunteer to help someone worse off than you

Spirituality l.jpg

Prayer & Meditation: Practice listening to and coming into the presence of your Higher Power - ”praying only for knowledge of [my HP’s] will for me and the power to carry it out.” (Step 11)

Conversation with your Higher Power

Turning it over

Letting Go (Let go and let God)

Journaling - keeping a personal record of thoughts, feelings, ideas

Spiritual Fellowship - friendship based on shared spirituality


Other traditional 12 step recovery tools l.jpg

Other Traditional 12-Step Recovery Tools

  • Going to meetings

  • Using a sponsor

  • Daily reading of recovery literature

  • Calling other recovering people on the phone

  • Working the Steps

  • Participating in service work

  • Carrying the message of recovery

More recovery tools l.jpg

Whatever works (and is healthy):


Humor / Laughing




Taking a walk


Taking a hot bath

Soaking your feet


Relaxation tools

Deep Breathing

Tense/Relax muscles

More Recovery Tools

Don t crash and burn l.jpg

Don’t Crash and Burn!!!

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