Tornado safety for kids
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Tornado Safety For Kids. By: Kendle Young Framework ESS.8.1.5. Watch A watch tells us that the weather is getting wild! In a Tornado Watch this tells us that I tornado could happen, but nobody has seen one yet. Warning

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Tornado Safety For Kids

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Tornado Safety For Kids

By: Kendle Young

Framework ESS.8.1.5


A watch tells us that the weather is getting wild! In a Tornado Watch this tells us that I tornado could happen, but nobody has seen one yet.


A warning means that the weather is more serious than in a watch. A Tornado Warning tells us that someone has seen a tornado or that one has been picked up by radar.

A Watch vs. A Warning


Listen and follow the directions of the grown-up in charge.

Stay Calm.

Get to the safest place that you can for shelter.


Don’t Stop, Drop and Roll.

Don’t run around crying and screaming.

Don’t go outside to look at the storm.

What Should We Do When There’s a Tornado Nearby?

When There’s a Tornado at School

  • Go to a room or hallway in the middle of the building

  • Stay away from glass- like in windows or doors

  • Crouch down like a frog and make yourself as small as possible

  • Use something to cover your head. If you don’t have anything use your hands

When There’s a Tornado at Home

  • Go to your family’s storm safety zone: a room in the middle, on the bottom floor, and without windows. Bathrooms and closets are great!

  • Hide under something for protection. Couch cushions or a mattress help keep you safe when things go flying.

Hints That a Tornado Is On Its Way:

  • The sky turns a greenish color

  • The world sounds really quiet after a thunderstorm

  • Clouds move really fast across the sky or in a circle

  • The wind makes a sound like a loud waterfall or roaring train

  • When your town turns on tornado sirens

Let’s Take A Quiz!!!Click the cloud that matches the best answer

A Tornado Watch . . .

Is a watch you can buy that tells you when a tornado is near.

Means that someone saw a tornado or radar detected it.

Tells us that the weather is right for a tornado to form.

Only happens in other countries, so we don’t need to worry.

A Tornado Warning . . .

Means that a tornado has been spotted and we should get to our safe zone.

Is when the wind blows really hard.

Says that a tornado might happen.

Lasts for at least 3 hours.

When taking cover from a tornado you should . . .

Just stay where you are. There’s not enough time to find another place.

Find a place without windows in the center of the building.

If you don’t have anything to cover your head with, you should use your hands.



One hint that a tornado could be coming is when the sky turns a greenish color.





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