Good Afternoon Gentlemen
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Good Afternoon Gentlemen مساء الخير يا ساده Welcome to: أهلا وسهلا بكم في PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Afternoon Gentlemen مساء الخير يا ساده Welcome to: أهلا وسهلا بكم في . Teacher Tim's Electronic Classroom What we will look at: Electronic Planner – HTML doc. E-mailed assignments: MLA Format Marking Plagiarism ‘ Tutorism ’

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Good Afternoon Gentlemen مساء الخير يا ساده Welcome to: أهلا وسهلا بكم في

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Good afternoon gentlemen welcome to

Good Afternoon Gentlemen

مساء الخير يا ساده

Welcome to:

أهلا وسهلا بكم في

Good afternoon gentlemen welcome to

Teacher Tim's


Good afternoon gentlemen welcome to

  • What we will look at:

  • Electronic Planner – HTML doc.

  • E-mailed assignments:

    • MLA Format

    • Marking

    • Plagiarism

    • ‘Tutorism’

  • The Teacher Tim Website –

Electronic planner

Electronic Planner

The two files you see here are my Planner for Semester 2 last year. They were never intended to be printed, especially as the document runs to about 1000 pages. Instead it was meant to be a navigable, interactive document that you could surf as needed.

E mailed assignments mla format

E-Mailed AssignmentsMLA Format

Last year all the AHSD pupils had to submit their assignments in MLA Format. This is a standard way of presenting work used in most High Schools and Colleges in the USA.

E mailed assignments

E-Mailed Assignments

This year I decided that to help me mark work, record submission dates and go a little way towards saving the planet (we use a lot of paper needlessly to print student's work) all work would have to be e-mailed to me for assessment.

My in and out boxes record an accurate time for the submission and the return of marked work. So there are no arguments about submitting work on time anymore, although some pupils have tried this. If it is not in my Inbox, as far as I am concerned, they have not submitted their work

E mailed assignments marking

E-Mailed AssignmentsMarking

I use a standard way of annotating and correcting work. Now I know this takes a lot of time, especially with G9 & G10, but I think the results justify the time spent. Good G11 & G12 work takes considerable less time to mark, even though they are writing more.

….and in case anyone does want to know, a 500-700 word assignment takes from 10-30 minutes to mark and correct.

E mailed assignments marking1

E-Mailed AssignmentsMarking

Here are some examples of the way I use MS Word to annotate and correct work.



Good afternoon gentlemen welcome to

Here is an example of an assignment that has been marked and corrected on-line and the ‘cleaned’ to remove all comments and corrections.

Good afternoon gentlemen welcome to

This is what the assignment looked like after it had been marked and corrected on-line.

E mailed assignments plagiarism

E-Mailed AssignmentsPlagiarism

Is a plague….and needs serious surgery

to cut it out!

For me this is the real advantage of having work e-mailed to me. If I suspect plagiarism I only have to copy and paste a line of text to find the source.

E mailed assignments plagiarism1

E-Mailed AssignmentsPlagiarism

Once pasted in the Google search bar, I am immediately taken

to Search Results…..and would-ya-believe it…..

the line I copied in is there in all it’s plagiarised glory. Result!!

E mailed assignments plagiarism2

E-Mailed AssignmentsPlagiarism

I check the start and end of paragraphs just to make sure it is all copied….and it was!

E mailed assignments tutorism

E-Mailed AssignmentsTutorism

Where I suspect work has been plagiarised but cannot find evidence for this on-line, I assume a tutor has written the assignment for the pupil… opposed to writing it with the pupil!

This is a slightly more contentious area as I can’t prove the work is not the pupil’s by presenting them with evidence of the site they have taken it from. However……

E mailed assignments tutorism1

E-Mailed AssignmentsTutorism


when questioned about the content of their assignment and a few key words, they always have no idea what they have written or what the words mean.

E mailed assignments tutorism2

E-Mailed AssignmentsTutorism


This is under-graduate level work!!!

When questioned the pupil had never heard of Hamlet and had no idea what a ‘motif’ was.

The teacher tim website

The ‘Teacher Tim’ Website

After a few teething problems

e-mailing me assignments was

working well. (apart from some

G9 & G10 pupils….but I probably

wouldn’t have got printed

assignments from them anyway.)

However, because pupils were also e-mailing me requests for lesson resources I found my Inbox always full and I seemed to be spending a huge amount of time just sending work out. I then remembered what Mr Graeme told us about the school he had visited in Dubai where a science teacher had a website for her work. So during the October Mid term break I set about creating my own teaching resource website and…………

The teacher tim website was born

The ‘Teacher Tim’ Website was born

Uploading a website

Uploading a Website

File Transfer Protocol


Your Computer Host Server World Wide Web

HTML editing

Software ex.

Serif WebPlus

Registered Domain Name

& Hosting Services

[must be paid for]

Good afternoon gentlemen welcome to

For Free WebPlus software Google ‘Fee WebPlus’ or will let you build a small site, about 10-12 pages. My site currently has over 40 pages.

1 foot 0 3048 m 2 feet 0 6096m

1 Foot = 0.3048 m2 Feet = 0.6096m

Good afternoon gentlemen welcome to

Why I love the English Language

Thank you

Thank You : شكرا جزيِ

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