Collaboration in the nhs who and where and making it happen
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Collaboration in the NHS Who, and where, and making it happen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Collaboration in the NHS Who, and where, and making it happen. Agenda. Collaboration in the NHS environment What the project in East Kent has achieved Addressing issues that emerged Summary. Where are the NHS collaboration needs?. Care delivery Ability to share information

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Collaboration in the nhs who and where and making it happen

Collaboration in the NHS Who, and where, and making it happen

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  • Collaboration in the NHS environment

  • What the project in East Kent has achieved

  • Addressing issues that emerged

  • Summary

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Where are the nhs collaboration needs
Where are the NHS collaboration needs?

  • Care delivery

    • Ability to share information

    • Multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) in the Community

    • Cross Agency working

  • Clinical networks

    • Ability for different disciplines to work together

  • General business requirements

    • Internal project work

    • Suppliers, Consultants etc

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Why collaborate care delivery

Silos: organisational, departmental, discipline

Patient journey has many touch points

The challenges are

making sufficient relevant information available from one episode of care to the next.

giving input from different disciplines and perspectives into care that is recommended

monitoring from different perspectives the ongoing case management and outcomes

Complying with Care Record Guarantee

Meeting Information Governance requirements

Why collaborate – care delivery

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Why collaborate the business story

PCTs: NHS history of re-organisation

Multiple locations, even multiple HQs

Still re-shaping services and teams

How many ‘partners’ does the PCT have?

Operational – the Council, Mental Health Trusts, Education…….

Business – suppliers, NHS federation, nursing agencies

Why collaborate – the business story

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Background to the eastern coastal kent groove pilot project
Background to the Eastern & Coastal Kent Groove pilot Project

  • Seed funding from Microsoft

    • Helping CFH evaluate Groove for the Enterprise Agreement renewal

    • Focused on teams, collaboration, personal productivity, not integration, messaging or connection to the Spine

  • D2i Solutions

    • Working with Groove pre-Microsoft

    • Health & NHS expertise

  • Intermediate care (IC) team selected

    • No current technology support available

    • One of IC five teams in the PCT

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Role of groove
Role of Groove Project

  • Collaboration platform

    • Presence

    • Instant messaging & communications

    • Security, etc

    • Workspace management

  • Data Management

    • Automatically move all data changes to workspace members when they next connect

    • Synchronisation capability with SharePoint

  • Application host

    • Data capture and tracking using Groove Forms

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Patient workspace
Patient workspace Project

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What are the issues going forward
What are the issues going forward Project

  • Original pilot was successful

  • Wider deployment needs

    • Information Governance

    • Services Infrastructure

    • Delivering benefits

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Information governance
Information Governance Project

  • Backdrop of recent events

    • Personal data being lost or mislaid

    • All levels in NHS being held to account, Chief Execs, Caldicott guardians, CFH,

  • Back to basics approach

    • Using the Care Record Guarantee

    • Develop solution design checklist

  • Ongoing dialogue with CFH

    • Ensure all projects are able to share benefits from developing best practice

    • External scrutiny

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Services infrastructure
Services Infrastructure Project

  • Groove

    • Data encrypted on the PC, and in transit

    • Only transmits changes

    • Meets FIPS Level 2 security standards

  • Take advantage of N3

    • Keep relay server in UK, within N3

    • D2i, ioko service for Groove

  • Sharing Cross Agency

    • Will need to verify their domain policies

    • Move to a model where NHS manages on behalf of social services etc.

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Clinical benefits
Clinical Benefits Project

  • Improved Care Management

    • Faster actions and responses

    • Clinical safety , share faster, contemporaneous notes

    • Improved patient/staff interaction

    • Potential for earlier hospital discharge & reductions in unscheduled admissions

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Operational benefits
Operational Benefits Project

  • Cross- disciplinary and agency team working

  • Notes / actions information capture and sharing

  • Better quality data, standardised, by-product of clinical activity

  • Use of professional time

    • Time shifting – work from anywhere

    • Time slicing – make unproductive time useful

    • Time release – use ‘dead’ time & reduce travel

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Behavioural and life style benefits
Behavioural and Life-style Benefits Project

  • Behaviour change

    • Quality of contribution

    • Behaviour change

  • Mobile working

    • Work / life balance

    • Reduced business mileage

    • Professional empowerment

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Summary Project

  • Groove collaboration adds value

  • Action to address key issues going forward

  • Learning, and hosted services infrastructure allows other NHS to fast-track based on the East Kent experience

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