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Tony Davis. Tony go to these sites there a lot of info! Types of nuclear waste. There are 2 types of nuclear waste.

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Tony Davis

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Tony Davis

  • Tony go to these sites there a lot of info!




Types of nuclear waste

  • There are 2 types of nuclear waste.

  • Low-level nuclear wastes- Includes material used to handle the highly radioactive parts of nuclear reactors and waste from medical procedures involving radioactive treatments or x-rays. Low level waste is easy to dispose of. Storing the waste for a period of 10 to 50 years will allow most of the radioactive isotopes in low level waste to decay, at which point the waste can be disposed of as normal refuse.

  • High-level nuclear wastes- Includes material from the core of the nuclear reactor or nuclear weapon. This waste includes uranium, plutonium, and other highly radioactive elements made during fission. Most of the radioactive isotopes in high level waste emit large amounts of radiation creating long time periods before the waste will settle to safe levels of radioactivity.

Periodic Table of Elements Nuclear Wastes

How nuclear waste affects people

  • Nuclear waste can go directly from the source to people, but it can also go to water, the air, and even crops and animals. Nuclear waste can travel through the air to crops and animals, and then back to people. It can travel from water to animals and then back to people so in the end people can get affected by every source directly or indirectly.

Nuclear Waste Disposal IssuesGraphs of nuclear waste disposal

4 types of nuclear waste disposal

  • Ocean disposal

  • Space disposal

  • Deep well injection

  • Mine disposal

How nuclear waste is disposed into the ocean.

  • Sea-based options for disposal of radioactive waste include burial beneath a stable abyssal plain, burial in a subduction zone that would slowly carry the waste downward into the Earth’s mantle, and burial beneath a remote natural or human-made island.

  • Problems- It would put the marine life and oceanic animals in danger.

Mine Disposal

Deep Well Injection

Space Disposal

  • Nuclear waste is disposed into space by launching space containers into the sun or putting them on the moon.

Future of nuclear energy

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