10 11th grade parent night
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10 &11th Grade Parent Night. September 20 , 2012 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM. Go Center Staff:. Erica Denae Ramos Financial Aid Officer Rules of the Go Center:   All students must sign in Be prepared with a USB to save their work   Have a pass if coming from class

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10 11th grade parent night

10 &11th Grade Parent Night

September 20, 2012

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Go Center Staff:

  • Erica Denae Ramos

  • Financial Aid Officer

  • Rules of the Go Center:

  •   All students must sign in

  • Be prepared with a USB to save their work

  •   Have a pass if coming from class

  • Current Go Center Hours 7:30am-4:15pm. Monday thru Friday.

2011 2012 psja memorial counseling staff
2011-2012 PSJA Memorial Counseling Staff

  • *Dominique Caro

    9th Early College Counselor

  • Patricia Guajardo (A – De la Rosa)

  • Roel Guajardo (De Leon – G)

  • Dora Mata (H – Mor)

  • Gloria Gutierrez (Mos – K. Rodriguez)

  • Eric Guerra (L. Rodriguez – Z)

  • Rachel Santillan - Clerk

Department Working Hours

Time: 7:30AM – 5:00PM

Phone: 956-354-2422

* Head Counselor

3 graduation plans 3 planes de graduacion credits required creditos requeridos
3 Graduation Plans 3 Planes de Graduacion Credits required Creditosrequeridos







Recommended dap

  • 4 English

  • 4 Math

  • 4 Social Studies

  • 4 Science

  • 1 P.E.

  • ½ year of Speech

  • *3 Foreign Language

  • *Pre-Calculus

  • 1 Fine Arts

  • *5 ½ Electives

  • *4 Measures (at least 2 core) B or better per semester (College Grade)

  • *Obtain Level III Advanced Academic Performance in Eng 3 & Alg 2 STAAR Tests

  • 4 English

  • 4 Math

  • 4 Social Studies

  • 4 Science

  • 1 P.E.

  • ½ year of Speech

  • 2 Foreign Language

  • 1 Fine Arts

  • 6 ½ Electives

  • *Obtain Level II Satisfactory Academic Performance in Eng 3 & Alg 2 STAAR Tests


4 maneras de obtenerlasmedidas

4 ways of earning measures

Tambiendebeobtener 3 creditos de lenguajeestranjero del mismoidioma

Obtain Level III Advanced Academic Performance in Eng 3 & Alg 2 STAAR Tests

Must also obtain 3 credits of the same foreign language

Important importante
Important Importante

Important Importante

Para tenerunaoportunidad de ser parte del diezporciento de suclase, los estudiantestienenquecompletarsusmedidasparadiciembre de su ultimo ano.

Dos de lasmedidastienenque ser de clasesbasicas. Las otras dos pueden ser de claseselectivas.

Todaslascuatromedidaspueden ser de clasesbasicas.

  • In order to compete for a slot in the top ten percent, a student must complete their four measures by December of their senior year.

  • Two of the measures have to be core. The other two can be from an elective.

  • All four can come out core classes.

Texas compulsory attendance
Texas Compulsory Attendance

  • Students must attend school every day.(§ 25.085)

  • No credit unless they attended 90% of the classes (§ 25.092)

  • 3 or more days/parts absent within a four-week period, a warning letter may be filed on for criminal truancy charge (§ 25.095)

  • May result incharge with a criminal offense.

    (§ 25.093)

  • Absent w/o excuse for 10 or more days/partsschool must file criminal truancy charges (§ 25.094)

E xcused absence
Excused absence


    (i.e., athletics, UIL competition, band/choir, etc.)


    (i.e., the student mentoring another student.)


    Religious holy day. Includes days of travel.


    Medicaid-eligible and is participating in the Early & Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program.


    Personal illness or doctor’s appointment

Excused absence cont
Excused absence cont…

  • COURT:

    Court proceedings


    Referred to the Texas Department of Human Services for abuse or neglect.


    Temporary absence if approved by the principal.




  • An NG (No grade) is given to students who are not present 10% or more in each class.

  • Students need to make up absences on Saturdays to receive credit.

  • Keep posted to announcements and our website for further info.



  • All core departments offer tutoring upon request after school

  • Please keep posted to our school website for further info.

  • http://wolverines.psjaisd.us/

  • An NG (No grade) is given to students who are not present 10% or more in each class.

  • Students need to make up absences on Saturdays to receive credit.

  • Keep posted to announcements and our website for further info.

Progress reports reports cards
Progress Reports-Reports Cards

  • Instructional Reporting Periods

  • Progress Reports

  • Report Cards

  • Passing grades (70+)

  • Dual-credit grades (80+)to get DAP measure

Credit recovery
Credit Recovery

  • Nova-net – Computer-based

    Credit recovery for students that have already taken courses and need to recover credits.

    After-school Saturdays

    3:45-4:45 8:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

  • Credit Recovery – Night School

    Monday thru Wednesday (5:00-7:30)

    Coming Soon

Career Pathways

  • Law

  • Business

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Health Science

  • Human Services and Agriculture

  • Law Enforcement

  • Introduces students to professions in law enforcement at the local, state and federal level

  • Preparation for a career in law enforcement

  • Overview of the federal and state court systems

  • Business

  • Financial Management Principles

  • Create Word Processing Documents

  • Learn about Multimedia Software

  • Help students learn about transition to the workforce and/or postsecondary education

  • Technology

  • Computer and Technology Applications

  • Focus on fundamental elements and principles of visual arts/design

  • Advertising and

  • Visual Communication

  • Create quality photographs

  • Health Science

  • Overview of support services and

  • the health care industry

  • Introduce students to medical terms

  • Expose students to numerous health careers

  • Students conduct field and laboratory investigations

Concurrent enrollment admission criteria

Concurrent EnrollmentAdmission Criteria

Be a high school junior or senior on target toward graduating under a Recommended or DAP Graduation Plan

Submit official verification of having met the criteria for concurrent enrollment

Meet the Texas Success Initiative

Meet UTPA Concurrent Enrollment Application Deadlines

Official transcript
Official Transcript

Submit official verification of having met the criteria for one of the programs:

  • Rank in the top 10 percent of your graduating class

  • Have a 90 or above grade point average (based on grades in academic courses such as English, math, natural sciences, social studies and foreign languages)

  • Score a minimum ACT composite of 22

  • Score a minimum SAT combined score of 1030 (Verbal/Critical Reading and Math)

Texas success initiative
Texas Success Initiative

In compliance with Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements, you must either take a state-approved assessment or be exempt from TSI prior to attending orientation and enrolling in any college-level coursework. Your results will not be used for admission purposes.

  • State-approved assessments include: THEA, ASSET, ACCUPLACER or COMPASS.

    You are TSI exempt if you submit verification that you have completed one of the following:

  • TAKS (10th or 11th grade scores): 2200 Math and 2200 ELA with a Writing score of 3

  • ACT: 23 Composite with a 19 English and 19 Math

  • SAT: 1070 combined score (Verbal/Critical Reading and Math) with a 500 Verbal/Critical Reading and 500 Math

    Testing Information

  • For more information about THEA, ACCUPLACER, ACT or SAT testing dates and fees, contact:

  • University Testing Services (956)-292-7584 or [email protected]

How to apply for utpa concurrent enrollment
How to apply for UTPA Concurrent Enrollment?

  • Go to the website online at http://www.applytexas.org and complete the application process.

  • Complete the UTPA paper application that requires parental and school official signatures.

  • Request Official Transcript & Individual TAKS Scores from MHS Registrar's Office.

  • Turn in compiled information to Mrs. Gutierrez in the Counseling Department.

South Texas College

Dual Enrollment Program

  • Students remain at their local high school campus, enjoying the benefits of high school participation while earning college-level credit

  • Student must complete his/her sophomore year, few exceptions

Admissions Process:

Step 1: Complete a Dual Enrollment Admissions Application

Apply online at www.applytexas.org

Step 2: Provide STC or Ms. Caro (STC Contact) a copy of

your high school transcript; including TAKS, THEA

or Accuplacer Scores

Step 3: Meet with your high school counselor to select and

register for Dual Enrollment classes

Testing Requirements

  • Minimum TAKS Scores (11th/12th gr. only)

    • English 2200

    • Writing 3

    • Math 2200

  • Minimum THEA Scores

    • English 230

    • Writing 220

    • Math 230

  • Minimum ACCUPLACER Scores

    • Reading 61

    • Writing SS80 + E –5

    • Math 68

Rank rango

  • Raw GPA is configured using all the grades a student obtains since his freshmen year up to the fifth six weeks of their senior year and dividing by the number of grades.

  • El GPA escalculadousandotodaslascalificacionesque el estudianteobtienedesde el gradonueve hasta lasquintasseissemanas del ultimo ano y dividiendopor el numero de grados.

Rank with weight rango con peso
Rank with weight Rangocon peso

  • The following weight is added to classes as long as the student took the course for the whole year and earned a grade of a 70 or better.

  • El peso siguienteesagregado a cadaclasesiempe y cuando el estudiantehaigatomado la clasetodo el ano y la paso con unacalificacion de 70 o mas alto.

Weight added to classes

Peso agregado a lasclases

Texas scholar requirements requisitos para ser texas scholar


Graduate from high school having completed the Recommended or Distinguished Achievement Program


Complete at least two courses while in high school eligible for college credit.


Graduarse de high school de bajo del plan Recomendado o el Distinguido


Completarpor lo menos dos claseselegiblesparacredito de colegio.

Stc special programs deea demsa decsa decja

  • Students must enroll during their sophomore year.

  • These programs are two year programs and students must be seriously interested in pursuing a career in Engineering, Biology, Computer Science, or Criminal Justice

    For more information:


  • Estosprogramas son de dos anosparaestudiantesqueseriamenteestaninteresados in unacarrera en ingenriería, biologia, ciencias de computación,ocriminologia

  • Los estudiantes se enlistandurantesusegundoano.

    Para masinformacion:


Welcome Back Migrant Students and Parents

PSJA Memorial Migrant Department

Mr. Jorge Palacios

Migrant Director

(956) 354-2049

From left to right:

Imelda Cadena - Migrant Counselor

Iris Flores - Lab Manager

Maggie Veliz - Guidance Associate

(956) 354-2420 ext# 6383

Services that the migrant program provides our students
Services That the Migrant Program Provides Our Students

Support Services:

Health/Dental/Eye care

School Supplies

School Shirts

Instructional Services

UT- Austin Distance Learning for Secondary Students

Credit By Exam

Dual Credit/ Concurrent Enrollment

Academic Assistance

Credit Recovery with APEX

After School Tutoring

Extra Science Instruction with our Migrant Teacher

Thank you for allowing us to serve your children

We pledge to move our students forward into a college ready, college connected, and college complete school year.

Thank You for allowing us to serve your children.