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PERFORMER Project Coordination. Summary of project coordination & project management structure. PERFORMER Project Coordination. PERFORMER Project Coordination. The project is structured in 6 Work Packages with one additional Work Package dedicated to overall project management, as below:.

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PERFORMER Project Coordination

Summary of project coordination & project management structure

PERFORMER Project Coordination

The project is structured in 6 Work Packages with one additional Work Package dedicated to overall project management, as below:

PERFORMER Project Coordination

  • Project Handbook currently being drafted.

  • Jointly written by UPL & CSTB

  • Completed by end of Month 2

  • Detailed guidelines on Project Coordination

  • Read it!

Project Steering Committee

  • Highest level of management in the project

  • Includes representatives of all project partners

  • Overall responsibility for addressing technical, financial, administrative & collaborative aspects of the project. The PSC, in particular:

    • Defines strategy for conducting the project according to terms of the contract;

    • Monitors project progress, identifies corrective actions & authorises appropriate work plan amendments;

    • Reviews policy & strategy for dissemination & publicity of the project;

    • Reviews policy on Intellectual Property Rights & knowledge foreground & sharing;

    • Assesses the impact of any changes to the contract suggested by the European Commission & respond accordingly;

    • Resolves any conflict that may appear amongst the project partners;

    • Oversees & reviews the Project Co-ordinator’s administration arrangements

    • Agrees on the management of the knowledge generated during the project.

Project Steering Committee

  • PSC will meet normally twice yearly

  • PSC chaired by Project Coordinator, UPL

  • It will be made up key named representatives from each project partner with decision making powers for their organisation

    • All partners need to nominate a PSC representative as soon as possible

  • PSC role is advisory, holds decision making role if there is disagreement on the Project Technical Committee

    • PSC decisions are made by majority voting

    • Only one vote per partner organisation

    • Casting vote by Project Coordinator if required

PERFORMER Project Funding

  • Partners are only funded for tasks carried out in accordance with the Consortium Plan

  • Partners are solely responsible for justifying their costs

    • If you spend less than your allocation this is all you can claim

    • If you spend more than your allocation you cannot claim more

  • Payments

    • One pre-financing payment made once GA comes into force

    • 2 interim payments after each reporting period after approval of periodic reports & only for justified eligible costs

    • Final payment at end of project after approval of final reports. Consists of difference between calculated EU contribution & amounts previously paid

  • A party leaving the Consortium shall refund all contributions except for any contribution accepted by the EC.

  • Defaulting parties may be responsible for additional costs to others

PERFORMER Project Communication

  • Electronic communication is encouraged to save time & cost

    • Email, Skype, Webex & video conference

  • PERFORMER email lists

    • [email protected]ifrage.saclay.cea.frcontains all project members, maintained by CEA so if contacts change inform CEA.

    • When replying to [email protected] emails, only reply to the relevant individuals to minimise emails to other partners.

    • SIG Mailing list maintained by Technical Coordinator, CSTB

  • Email etiquette

    • Include “PERFORMER” at beginning of email title

    • Include WP title & date if action required

    • Limit email to one topic. If not practical include clear topic headings & list of topics at beginning of email

    • Speak to each other if issues are complex or need discussion, then confirm understanding by email.

PERFORMER Project Communication

  • 4 workshops are planned towards the end of the project (dates tbc);

    • Workshop 1: GDF/CSTB in Paris, France;

    • Workshop 2: Dragados/EUROCONSULT in Madrid, Spain;

    • Workshop 3: BRE/CU in Cardiff.

    • Workshop 4: ASM in Warsaw

  • Other activities during the project include;

  • ~4 project presentations per year at national & international events

  • Exhibition of project at one major international event each year.

  • ~12 contributions to scientific journals & technical magazines from all partners based on work in the project.

  • Internal WP workshops organised as & when required by WP participants;

  • Joint workshops with projects funded under the same Call (FP7-2013-NMP-ENV-EeB) and objective as PERFORMER and/or with members of the SIG;

  • (European) Public workshops;

  • National workshops;

Performer ko meeting


Technical Coordination

Marc Bourdeau

Splendid Hotel, Nice, 12th September 2013

Technical coordination technical committee tc
Technical Coordination & Technical Committee (TC)

  • TC composition

    • Chairman (Marc Bourdeau, CSTB, Technical Coordinator)

    • Project Coordinator (Helen Threlfall, UPL)

    • Members (all other WP leaders: CSTB/WP1, CEA/WP2, ECG/WP3, CCC/WP4, BRE/WP5, DRA/WP6) – Partners will have to appoint individuals as their representatives

  • Key roles of TC

    • Follow the technical progress

    • Manage interactions between Work Packages

    • Take technical decisions &, if necessary, propose adjustments to the technical content

    • Monitor compliance by the project partners in their technical obligations

    • Handle conflict resolutions of technical nature

    • Propose & select internal & external reviewers (SIG), & submit technical deliverables for review

  • Arrangement & frequency of TC meetings

    • Bi-monthly technical meetings through video or teleconferencing

    • Every month during the first 6 months

Technical coordination special interest group
Technical Coordination: Special Interest Group

  • Special Interest Group (SIG) formed at the start of the project

  • Support the participation of key stakeholders in workshops, conferences and other activities.

  • Reports to Project Technical

  • Perform peer-review of project deliverables. The SIG will include:

    • Building Owners and Facility Managers;

    • Contractors and ESCOs that manage building energy performance

    • Industrial partners integrating energy systems, ICT and controls

    • End users associations and public bodies

  • SIG to follow strategy & innovation development of the project

  • Members will potentially be early-bird customers for PERFORMER outcomes

  • Help disseminate results to other stakeholders & increase project impact & exploitation.

Technical coordination special interest group1
Technical Coordination: Special Interest Group

Organisations that have already confirmed or indicated interest in becoming SIG members are detailed below