November 24 th 2013
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November 24 th 2013. Announcements. Happy Nativity fast…the fast will start tomorrow God willing till January 7 th 2014 بداية صوم الميلاد غدا الأثنين 25 نوفمبر...كل عام وأنتم بخير. Tuesday : No Liturgy Thursday : (Thanksgiving day) 10 -12 pm followed by the thanksgiving lunch.

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November 24 th 2013

November 24th 2013



Happy Nativity fast…the fast will start tomorrow God willing till January 7th 2014

بداية صوم الميلاد غدا الأثنين 25 نوفمبر...كل عام وأنتم بخير


Tuesday : No Liturgy

Thursday : (Thanksgiving day) 10 -12 pm followed by the thanksgiving lunch.

Friday : 11:00a.m - 1:00p.m

Saturday : 8:30 -10:30a.m

Sunday : 8:00 –11:30a.m



  • الثلاثاء : لا يوجد قداس

  • الخميس :(عيد الشكر) 10 -12 م يعقبه غداء مع الآباء الكهنة.

  • الجمعة : 11:00ص – 1:00م

  • السبت:8:30 10:30ص

    الأحد : 8:00 - 11:30

Bible study meetings

All the Bible study meetings are canceled because of St.Philopateer’s celebration (Starts Wednesday evening)

Bible Study meetings


No Servants meeting today.


Sunday school classes (3rd -5th grade classes) meeting with Abouna is today after the Arabic sermon.

The field trip today to Amazing Jacks for the Elementary group (2nd -5th Grade) is canceled because of the bad weather.


Our prayers for our sister Heba Costandy…she is in the hospital and needs all your prayers.

Please do not disturb with phone calls,,,just keep praying for her and her family.


Thanks giving service served by Richardson Interfaith Alliance will be at First United Methodist Church of Richardson (503 N. Central Expressway 75080) on Tuesday November 26th 2013 at 6:30p.m in the main Sanctuary.

Our church will present Christian Arabic songs to let people know about Christians of the Middle East (per their request).

Everybody is invited to attend


St.Philopateer’s celebration will start Wednesday November 27thGod willing.

We will be blessed by having 4 blessed fathers visiting us this year.

Fr.Serapion Ghobrial

Fr.Elia Eskander…(Thanksgiving Liturgy followed by Lunch for all the congregation with the priests).

Fr.Aghathon Saleh

Fr.Seraphim ElSoryani.

High school diocese convention

Girls:   December 21-24 (Saturday-Tuesday)

Speaker: Fr. Lazarus Yassa

Visual Arts Grand Ball – Pour Out Your Heart

Boys:  December 25-28 (Wednesday-Saturday)

Speaker: Fr. John Bishara

NBA Game – Orlando Magic vs Detroit Pistons

High school diocese convention

Diocese college convrntion

Three Holy Youth College Convention

December 18-21 Titusville, FL

Guest speaker - Fr. Paul Girguis, St. Mark's DC

We're going to Universal Studios

DISCOUNTED registration for those flying in! Contact us for pricing info.

Diocese College convrntion


العظة العربي:

“لِكَيْ تَكُونُوا بِلاَ لَوْمٍ، وَبُسَطَاءَ، أَوْلاَدًا للهِ بِلاَ عَيْبٍ”



There will be presentation regarding our coming church project…

Plan for new gym building

Plan for New Gym Building

Church status

Church Status

  • The Upstairs sanctuary and Sunday classrooms are done with God’s grace…

  • It is time to look forward to the completion of the service for our beloved children and youth.

  • The need for indoor sports facility becomes a priority now.


  • In 2001, the Sunday school service only required 4 classrooms (Women and Men Communion and 2 Side Rooms).

  • As of now, we are getting tight regarding the youth sports activity and congregation social gathering.

  • The need for an indoor Gym plus social hall and its accessories (Kitchen & A-V-room) and adding few 4 -5 classrooms will help us a lot improving the service for our future (kids and youth)

Where we are

Where we are?

  • Now we are in the phase of the schematic design for the project.

  • With your prayers and the blessing of our beloved Saint Philopateer we got approval from the city of Richardson to have 5 more feet in the height of the Gym building so we can have a better functional building.

How we will proceed

How we will proceed?

  • We will finish the schematic design within 2 months and will start the design development phase right after.

  • We do not know yet how much the project will cost but since we have around 15,000 sq.f of buildings, so we expect a project of $2,000,000


  • We studied some ideas to lower the cost and bring it to around $1,400,000 but still too early to decide about it.

  • We have an engineering committee working together to finalize the design and get it approved by all of us.

Financial status

Financial status

  • We see that our financial status as of now is not good but God who supported us to finish all what we have, will continue His support…this is our faith in Him.

  • The church although has some savings yet is not doing good regarding the monthly income which is really not good for the project.


  • We will need all your financial support and commitment for finishing this project.

  • We have to commit to the following:



  • Prayers in one accord asking God to build His house and care for His people.

  • Matthew 18:19 “Again I say to you that iftwo of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.

Family contribution

Family contribution

  • Each family will be asked to donate a $1000 (for example) for the project over the period of the coming six months ($170/month) this contribution should be away from the tithes).

  • So, we can get $200,000 over 6 months

Ask a friend

Ask a friend

  • You need to approach your friends or relatives for helping in this project…

  • Too many little contributions can make big difference

Penny jars

Penny Jars

  • The left over can satisfy the needs…

    12 baskets of remaining fragments were taken up!!!

    $1/day/100 families/month = $3000.00/month

Saving the burnt money

Saving the burnt money


  • Imagine that we have 50 people smoking with average 1box/day…this means that we burn $6000/month (50x$4x30days=6000)

  • You may consider quitting smoking and direct this money toward your family and your church rather than burn it.

Youth participation

Youth participation

  • Most of our beloved youth (senior high school students and up) are working…please commit to giving your tithes regularly to the church…this will make big difference in our monthly contribution.

Other ideas

Other Ideas

  • “Advent” calendar

  • Church T-Shirt.

  • Do-it-yourself church services (cleaning, etc.)

  • Family goal sheets

  • Individual donations


  • Finally…we will put all our ideas, and heart desire in God’s hands and let God be the author and finisher of our work.

  • We have to be aware of the importance of our future by helping and creating a healthy environment for our kids to grow in…this is our future and we trust God who brought us here will keep His care for us and our children to be light to the world.

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