Standard week 10 voca b
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Standard Week 10 Voca b PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Standard Week 10 Voca b. English II. Repugnant. Offensive to taste and feeling This alien was so _____ that the FBI decided not to let anyone know about these hideous-looking creatures because they were just too gross. CANDID. Straightforward, Honestly frank

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Standard Week 10 Voca b

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Standard week 10 voca b

Standard Week 10 Vocab

English II



  • Offensive to taste and feeling

  • This alien was so _____ that the FBI decided not to let anyone know about these hideous-looking creatures because they were just too gross.



  • Straightforward, Honestly frank

  • I thought I could be _____ with my friend, Gretchen, when she tried to make the phrase “fetch” happen, because “fetch” was never, ever going to happen.

Standard week 10 voca b

Mean Girls Link



  • A Representative of a government who is sent on a special diplomatic mission

  • I was sent as a(n) _____ to Israel with the sole intention of clearing up any racial tension that existed.



  • To give a false appearance of; To make up, Fabricate

  • The boxer would _____ a punch and when you flinched, she would come in with a sucker-jab.



  • A natural talent or aptitude; a knack

  • Some say I have a(n) _____ for juggling, although I have never tried to juggle with chainsaws.

Standard week 10 voca b

Progressive Chainsaw juggler



  • To increase, enlarge, or intensify

  • The fight _____ quickly when Brick, our newscaster from Channel 4, killed a man with a Trident.

Standard week 10 voca b

Anchorman “That escalated quickly!”



  • Skeptical; Expressive of disbelief, unbelievable.

  • After I said I was a millionaire, she looked at my cheap sneakers from K-Mart and gave me a(n) _____ stare.



  • A gathered multitude of human beings; A crowd (people or things)

  • They tried to cram a(n) _____ of people into the main street of Disneyland for the 100 year celebration, which made it very hard to walk around.

Standard week 10 voca b

A horde of people at Disney



  • To run hastily; To dash

  • At the repugnant restaurant, I saw a tiny mouse _____ across the floor and then hide behind a plant.

Standard week 10 voca b

Mouse scuttles across the floor of a dirty restaurant.



  • A prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease

  • The doctor's _____ was that I should be rid of the embarrassing rash within a week



  • Causing sorrow; serious

  • The nuclear technician made sure he didn't make any _____ mistakes, because the consequences of these errors could be a disaster.

Standard week 10 voca b

General Grievous causing a grievous



  • Consisting of dissimilar elements; Assorted

  • It looks like you have a(n) _____ mixture of candy from Halloween, so why not trade with me so you can build up your supply of peanut butter cups?

Standard week 10 voca b

A heterogeneous bowl of M&Ms, reeses pieces, and skittles



  • A story or drama told or performed by one person; A long speech

  • As an actor, you must be able to perform alone on stage, so I'm making you perform a(n) _____ in front of the entire class.

Standard week 10 voca b

Taylor Swift’s monologue song on SNL



  • To drive or urge forward

  • My football captains are trying to _____ the whole team to victory by bringing us together.

Standard week 10 voca b

Remember the Titans are impelling each other to win



  • Something that is a means to an end; Contributing to personal advantage, beneficial

  • Running 2 miles each day is supposed to be _____ toward one's health but I find walking just as practical.



  • Hard and consistent work in any menial or dull occupation

  • Her workload was so boring that she finally gave up and slipped away from the _____ at the office to go on a much-needed break.



  • A small compartment, as for work or study

  • Dilbert is famous for working in a small _____ that looks like a tiny box.

Standard week 10 voca b

Office Space movie trailer… (They work in cubicles)



  • To enter in a book, or on a list, roll, or document, by writing

  • The first draft of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was _______ on a piece of parchment for Shakespeare to see all written out.



  • An individual or group that offers assistance or support

  • I felt like I could serve as a(n) _____ bouncer for the club because they were short on muscular men.



  • A harsh, grating sound; Unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound

  • Her _____ voice sounded like she had been a smoker for years, but the scratchy sound made me shudder nonetheless.

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