databases lesson 5
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Databases – Lesson 5

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Databases – Lesson 5. Key Stage 3 ICT. Starter – Task 5A. Make as many words as possible from the following 2 words – write them in your work book. All information relating to one thing is a R _ _ _ _ _ To reorder items into alphabetical order is S _ _ _ . R E C O R D.

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databases lesson 5

Databases– Lesson 5

Key Stage 3 ICT

starter task 5a
Starter – Task 5A
  • Make as many words as possible from the following 2 words – write them in your work book.
  • All information relating to one thing is a

R _ _ _ _ _

To reorder items into alphabetical order is

S _ _ _

  • R E C O R D
  • S O R T
  • Practice your database skills by solving crimes


  • All: Will have added data records & created queries
  • Most: Will have customised queries
  • Some: Will have created and customised forms
the task
The Task
  • Find the missing information for the police database
  • Create a form
  • Add the missing data into the database
  • Write queries to identify possible suspects
copy of the national police database crimes
copy of the national Police Database - CRIMES
  • Open the database: Crimes Database
  • FROM

My Documents  ICT  Year 7  Databases  Lesson 5

create a form
Create a Form
  • Create a better customised form than this one.
  • Ebi:
    • More suitable image
    • Clearer field names
    • Each section was a Different colour
  • Remember – use your booklet to help you.
missing records task 5b
Missing records – Task 5B
  • It has just been announced that there are 4 missing records that need adding into the database.
  • Unfortunately some of the fields have been scrambled….use your skills to unscramble them
  • Add them into the your database using your form
you are the database
You are the database
  • All criminals that have

shoe size <size 7

stand up

This selects you if your shoe size is 6 or less

  • The < is called a comparison operator – crocodiles
  • All criminals that have shoe size <>size 5 stand up
  • Shoe size > 23
  • Shoe size <= 4 is the same as shoe size < 5
  • Shoe size => 6 is the same as shoe size > 7
lets use our crimes database
Lets use our Crimes Database
  • All criminals that have blonde hair AND wear shoes less size < 7

All criminals that have brown hair OR wear shoes less size < 7

csi time @ selby
CSI Time @ Selby

Break in at the Selby Museum.

PC White arrived at the Museum where he met the Security guard. Here is what he said.

  • “It was about 10.30pm and I was just about to do a sweep of the museum when I heard light footsteps, I quickly turned around to see a dark figure emerging from the basement doorway. The figure seemed small and thin and started to move quickly. The figure was heading for the back exit; I started to chase after them but couldn’t keep up. They ran through the back exit setting the main alarm off. By the time I had reached the door they were gone. This was when PC Doyle arrived.”

The Crime Scene Investigators(CSI) did a sweep of the building, dusted for finger prints, shoe prints and looked for any other evidence that been left by the suspect.

As they were passing PC White asked what evidence had been found, the head CSI investigator said some

Foot prints,

skin cells

and some hair fibres were found.

create query walkthrough
Create Query - Walkthrough
  • Gender is F
  • Hair Colour is Brown
  • Shoe Size is 3 or 5
  • Skin colour is white
who done it task 5c
Who done it? - Task 5C
  • Write the name of the suspect in your workbooks.
  • April Clarrington
  • Make sure you save your queries when you have completed them.
  • There are some more puzzles in your workbooks for your to complete.
your turn crime 2 task 5d
Your turn – Crime 2 – Task 5D

Hair colour is brown

Eye colour is blue

Build is M

Skin colour is white

extension crime 3 task 5e
Extension – Crime 3 – Task 5E
  • Looking for 3 Youths
  • Under the age of 30
  • Same Hair colour
  • Shoesize greater (>) than size 7
  • Bloodtype A or O
plenary task 5f assessment of learning
Plenary – Task 5FAssessment of Learning
  • 3 things you have learnt about queries?
  • 2 things you found difficult
  • 1 thing you would like to know more about.
  • Answer the above questions with the person next to you now into your booklets. We will review in a minute.