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VAT Terminology. VAT

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1. VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT) & Pharmasoft A Presentation by Essel Software & Services Ltd.

2. VAT Terminology VAT – Value Added Tax - This is the new system being implemented from April 1, 2005 in A.P and other states. Unlike, Sales Tax, VAT is calculated based on Input & Output variation.

3. VAT Terminology – Input Tax INPUT TAX Input Tax is the Tax shown in our purchase bills. As per the norms, every trader need to show Tax separately and it is considered as Input Tax. Apart from Trade Purchases, Tax on Capital Goods purchases like A.C., Computers etc.. is also considered for this Input Tax.

4. VAT Terminology – Output Tax OUTPUT TAX Output Tax is the Tax charged on all the Taxable sales of a Vat Dealer. For Ex. Tax shown by us our Output Tax and it becomes Input Tax for our customer.

5. VAT Applicability Below 5 Lakhs turnover – No Tax & No. Regn required. 5 – 40 Lakhs – TOT will apply & VAT is optional. Above 40 Lakhs – VAT will apply.

6. VAT Rates There are three main rates for Input and Output Vat tax. 0% for Agriculture products. 1% for Jewellery 4% for Pharma, Computers, Soaps etc. 12.5% for FMCG, Automobile

7. Input Tax Amount Calculation Month Purchases Gross Value X Rate of Tax For ex.: Input Tax = 10,00,000 * 0.04 = 40,000/- Purchases, includes Trade purchases and Capital Goods purchases as per the existing VAT Rate.

8. Output Tax Amount Calculation Month Sales X Rate of Tax Output Tax = 20,00,000 * 0.04 = 80,000/- On the invoice, we should show, Items Amount, VAT Value and Total Value In case of discounts, it should be given before VAT.

9. Tax Credit If Input Tax is greater than Output Tax, then we should not pay Tax to Government. This amount will be carried forward to the next month. This is the Tax Credit Amount. Input Tax 1,00,000/- Output Tax 50,000/- Tax Credit = Input Tax – Output Tax = 1,00,000 – 50,000 = 50,000/-

10. Opening Stock Tax Calculation Opening Stock Tax Claim should be submitted by 7th April 2005. Submitted before 30th, is subjected to acceptance of Dept. Submitted after 30th, are not allowed for Tax Claim. VAT Claim Form 115 Need to be submitted. Tax Computation based on previous sales tax rate. If Trader has bill with Tax shown clearly, it is considered for 100%. If Trader has inclusive Tax Bill, 90% of bill value is considered for Calculation.

11. Opening Stock Tax Calculation For Ex: 10 Lakhs with 10% SST - 1 Lakh as Opening Stock VAT Claim. Opening Tax Credit arrived can be re-deemed as follows: Opening Stock tax will be deducted between Aug 2005 – Jan 2006 as 6 monthly installments. If still, credit is there after Jan 2006, it will be carried forward and it can be adjusted upto Jan 2008. If still additional amount is there, it will be paid by Govt in Mar 2008

12. Tax Amount Calculation Output Tax – (Input Tax + Tax Credit + Opening Stock Vat Adjustment Amount) VAT Equation Sales Value – Purchase Value = G.P X VAT Rate. Tax Paid Date If not paid by 20th of the month then 5000/- penalty

13. Example

14. Tips for VAT Accounting In March 2005, it is suggested to reduce the stocks and do not purchase, unless, it is urgent. This way, we can reduce opening stocks for New Fin. Year. In April, May, June, July, We suggest to maintain balance of Purchases and Sales, which helps to plan Tax in a better way. From August onwards, you can reduce purchases, as Opening Stock Credit will be used from these months.

15. VAT & PHARMASOFT Following Forms are provided in Pharmasoft VAT Form 115 – Opening Stock Claim Form VAT Form – 200 – Monthly VAT Returns VAT Form – 200 B – Year VAT Returns VAT Form – 007 – TOT Returns.

16. VAT & PHARMASOFT Pharmasoft Customers can easily handle VAT Operations without any problem with the latest version released.

17. VAT & PHARMASOFT THANK YOU A Presentation of Essel Software & Services Ltd.

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