The River Ganges

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The River Ganges

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1. The River Ganges Written and researched by Amy B, Neneh, Olivia and Lily

3. Facts about the river The Ganges river does not rot or stink for several days if stored. The Ganges river heals and does other holy properties and is the holiest of all rivers. The river Ganges is a goddess, who is wanted to go to heaven to soothe the gods with it’s cool waters. The people come to bathe in the river Ganges to cleanse their souls.

4. More information The elderly people have their bodies floated down the river, when they die. Although the river flooded a nearby town it enriched the soil.

5. Animals in the river! The Ganges river dolphin is found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and in the Ganges river system.  The river water is so muddy that vision is useless and so these dolphins are blind and their eyes have no lenses.  They use a sophisticated echolocation system to navigate and find food.  They eat shrimp and fish from the mud in river bottoms.  They are solitary creatures and are only found in fresh water.  The Ganges river dolphin is an endangered species

6. Map of the River Ganges!

7. There is a Hindu saying that the Ganges grants salvation. This culture will end if the people stop going to the river, and if the culture dies the tradition dies, and the faith dies. Hindus also believe that if the ashes of the dead are deposited in the river then they will be insured a smooth transition to their next life.

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