LSM3241: Bioinformatics and Biocomputing
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LSM3241: Bioinformatics and Biocomputing Lecture 7: Molecular Modeling Software Prof. Chen Yu Zong Tel: 6516-6877 Email: [email protected] Room 07-24, level 7, SOC1, National University of Singapore Web-resources of molecular modeling software

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LSM3241: Bioinformatics and BiocomputingLecture 7: Molecular ModelingSoftwareProf. Chen Yu ZongTel: 6516-6877Email: [email protected]:// 07-24, level 7, SOC1, National University of Singapore

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Web-resources of molecular modeling software

  • Universal Molecular Modeling Software List at NIH : Links to List of  modeling software home pages and catalogue of programs at NIH

  • NAR web-server issue 2003, 2004:

    Each July, NAR publishes an issue of web-based bio-software that includes molecular modeling

  • Molecular modeling software developed at NUS:

    • PEARLS: Program of Energetic Analysis of Receptor Ligand SystemMoViES: Molecular Vibrations Evaluation Server

Commercial molecular modeling software at nus l.jpg
Commercial Molecular Modeling Software at NUS

  • SYBYL: Molecular modeling, drug analysis and visualization software from Tripos. Installed in Computational Science and Pharmacy labs.

  • Insight II: Modeling and simulation software from Accelrys. Installed in Computational science lab. 

  • Discover studio: a modeling, simulation, and informatics software from Accelrys.  Two software, DS modeling and DS ViewerPro, installed in or licensed by life science labs.

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DS Modeling

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Summary of Today’s lecture

  • Web-resources of molecular modeling software.

  • NUS molecular modeling software

  • DS Modeling