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Each switch corresponds to ONE individual light bulb upstairs. ... How can you determine which light switch corresponds to a particular light bulb if you can only make one trip ...

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Logic Puzzle

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There are 3 switches in the basement of a house. Each switch corresponds to ONE individual light bulb upstairs. You are in the basement and you cannot see the bulbs “turn on” from your location. How can you determine which light switch corresponds to a particular light bulb if you can only make one trip upstairs?

Logic Puzzle

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  • Stanford:

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rwcxs7LzwM&feature=related

  • UPenn Grasp Lab:

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvRTALJp8DM

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBsJwapanWI

  • Boston Dynamics:

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1czBcnX1Ww

Meeting agenda l.jpg

Meeting Agenda

Introduction to ASME

Introduce Executive Board

Open Positions

Yearly Overview

Details on Competitions (Flugtag, SPDC, Formula 1)

AIAA Presentation

Next Meeting Notes

What is asme l.jpg

What is ASME?

National Organization:

Founded in 1880

Develops Solutions to Real World Challenges

Not-For-Profit Professional Organization

Establishes Codes and Standards

Hosts Technical Conferences and Design Competitions

Publishes Technical Papers in Accessible Database

Mission: To serve our diverse global communities by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge for improving the quality of life; and communicating the excitement of engineering.

President: Robert T. Simmons (2010-2011)

What is asme cont l.jpg

What is ASME? (cont.)

Student Chapter:

  • Top 3 Goals:

    • Professional Development

    • Technical Skill Enhancement

    • Networking

  • Previous Years:

    • SPDC Host and Attendee for Several Straight Years

    • Design Competitions, Conferences, Community Service

    • Trips, Industry Tours, National Events

    • Fun Events, Socials, and Contests

Asme website l.jpg

ASME Website

  • National Organization:

    • http://www.asme.org

  • Student Chapter:

    • http://eng.fsu.edu/asme

2010 2011 executive board l.jpg

2010-2011 Executive Board

Open leadership positions l.jpg

Open Leadership Positions

  • Historian:

    • Records events throughout the year. Takes pictures, video, and written accounts of all events.

  • Volunteer Chair:

    • Coordinate volunteer service events. Collaborates with community service providers.

  • Finance Committee (5-6 people):

    • Works with Fundraising Chair to obtain sponsorships and donations. Coordinate fundraising events.

Yearly overview finalized events l.jpg

Yearly Overview (Finalized Events)

Welcome Back TourSeptember 8

Career Center PresentationSeptember 14

Industry Day September 15

Student Leadership Seminar September 24 – 25

Turbocor Presentation October 12

Turbocor Tour October 14

Career ExpoJanuary 19, 2011

SPDC / Design CompetitionApril 1 – 3, 2011

FlugtagJuly 2011

Yet to be finalized events l.jpg

Yet-To-Be Finalized Events

NASA Launch and Tour

Panel for Graduate Discussion

Guest Speakers


BI-Monthly Competition (Egg drop, Paper Airplane, Mousetrap Car, Pinewood Derby)

Monthly Reverse Engineering


Science Fair Judges

Many more

Possible industry tours l.jpg

Possible Industry Tours

  • Lockheed Martin

    • Missile Division

  • Northrop Gunman

    • Shipbuilding

  • Budweiser

    • Beer!!! (Manufacturing)

  • BMW

    • Beemers!

  • Honda

    • No Brake Issues With Them

  • Frito Lay

    • It’s All In The Chips!!

  • Coca-Cola (Bottling)

    • Classic Case of Awesome

  • CF Industries

    • Fertilizer

  • Warner Robins

    • Air Force Base

  • Disney World

    • Hanging Out With Mickey

  • Progress Energy

    • Nuclear Power


    • Naval Air Station

  • Sweetwater Brewery

    • More Beer! (No Drinking of course)

Event ideas l.jpg

Event Ideas

Possible Industry Tours (CSX, Budweiser, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, NAS Jax, etc….)

Sporting Events (Flag Football, Basketball, Kickball, Volleyball, etc..)

Game Nights (COD, Halo, Mario Cart, Guitar Hero, Board Games, Poker, etc…)

FSU Football Games (Home Tailgating, Away @ Restaurant/sports bar)

T-Shirt Design Contest

Reverse Engineering (Bicycle, Computer, Mini Fridge, Leaf Blower, Boat Engine, Motor etc..)

Build your own Circuit Board

Social Events (Bowling, Karaoke, Billiards, etc…)

FE Exam, GRE Preparations / Review Sessions

Slide13 l.jpg


2011 Student Design Competition (SPDC)

The Untapped Energy Source??

• 4 Person Teams to design, construct, and test/run the device.

• Scoring is based on distance traveled by the car subtracting a percentage of water lost.

• Contact Information: email: mab06g@fsu.edu

phone: (904) 316-5693

Formula sae competition l.jpg

Formula SAE Competition

^^^^ Previous years composite design ^^^^

Formula SAE Hybrid ----



^^^ Assembled F4 Honda motor ^^^

Garrett Sponsorship GT12 Turbocharger FREE!!!

Http students sae org competitions formulaseries rules http www youtube com watch v fiu0ffce404 l.jpg




-Cost Score

-Presentation Score

-Design Score

-Acceleration Score

-Skid Pad Score

-Autocross Score

-Endurance-Economy Score

Requirements l.jpg


Max wingspan: 30ft

Max weight: 450lb (including pilot)

Environmentally safe materials


No loose parts

Advertising limited to 1cu.ft.

Judging l.jpg


  • Must be powered by muscle, gravity, and imagination

  • Scores based on

    • Distance

    • Creativity

    • Showmanship

  • Next Miami competition in July 2011

Famu fsu student chapter l.jpg

FAMU/FSU Student Chapter

What is AIAA?

  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    • World’s largest professional society devoted to the advancement of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense

    • “Since 1963, members from a single professional society have achieved virtually every milestone in modern American flight.”

    • International Conferences

    • Primary Publisher of Aerospace Technical Papers

Famu fsu student chapter22 l.jpg

FAMU/FSU Student Chapter

Member Benefits:

SCHOLARSHIPS (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Conferences (Student and Professional)

Student Design / Paper Competitions

AIAA Student Journal (industry trends, graduate school profiles, employment opportunities, etc…)

Aerospace America Magazine

Aerospace Career Handbook

Famu fsu student chapter23 l.jpg

FAMU/FSU Student Chapter

What do we need to start?

15 registered student members

$20 registration online

Constitution and By-Laws

Executive Board / Leadership

How you can get involved l.jpg

How YOU Can Get Involved

Open Leadership Positions

Design Competition Teams

Volunteer Work


Coordinate Bi-Monthly Competition

Participate in Events

Offer Suggestions

Next meeting l.jpg

Next Meeting

  • September 14, 2010 @ 7pm, Room B135

    • Free Food and Drinks!

  • Career Center

    • Presentation on Resume Building and How-To-Dress.

    • Bring your resume for notes and critiquing. Come prepared with questions.

  • Preparation for Sept. 15 Career Expo

    • Target at least 5 companies / employers before this meeting.

      • http://www.career.fsu.edu/expos/engineering/

    • Do RESEARCH on these companies and use this knowledge when introducing yourself and speaking with them.

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