Number the stars review ch 9 16
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Number the Stars Review: Ch. 9-16 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Number the Stars Review: Ch. 9-16. By Brock Hall Book by Lois Lowry. “ He who number the stars..”. Chapters 9-12. In what ways is the funeral at Uncle Henrik’s different from other funerals?.

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Number the Stars Review: Ch. 9-16

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Number the Stars Review: Ch. 9-16

By Brock Hall

Book by Lois Lowry

“He who number the stars..”

Chapters 9-12

In what ways is the funeral at Uncle Henrik’s different from other funerals?

The ways this funeral at Uncle Henrik’s is different from other funerals is that there are coats in the casket, the casket is not open, and no one is talking about the good times they had with Great-aunt Birte.

Think About the Situation the Johansens Face. Why might not knowing everything Help them to be Brave? Why does Mama lie to annemarie?

  • Not knowing everything may make Annemarie feel braver because there are many scary things that may be revealed when all of the situation is told.

  • Mama lies to Annemarie because she doesn’t want to reveal everything left because she wants Annemarie to stay brave.


The surprise Ellen receives during the funeral of Great-Aunt Birte is the arrival of Ellen’s parents and the arrival of Peter. Ellen is rejoiced to finally see her parents again.

How does Mama keep the Soldiers from Opening the Casket?

To keep the soldier from opening the casket, Mama says that Great-aunt Birte died of typhoid fever, an infectious disease.

What Is the Meaning of the Psalm read at the Funeral?

  • The meaning of the Psalm read at the funeral is that the Jews will have to relocate, rebuild, and find safety in Sweden one by one.

What is in the casket?

  • There are coats to keep the people warm on their journey in the casket.


  • Mama gave the baby Kirsti’s sweater to keep her warm on her journey. Peter also gave the baby some liquid that would make her sleep so that the baby wouldn’t cry and give them away.

Peter gives Mr. Rosen a paper-wrapped package. What instructions does Peter Give Mr. Rosen?

  • Peter tells Mr. Rosen that the package must get to Uncle Henrik without fail and that it is of great importance.

Describe the plan Peter devises to get the group safely away.

  • Peter will lead one group to the dock where Uncle Henrik will be waiting with his boat. Twenty minutes later, Mama will lead the second group. It would be less likely for them to be spotted in these two groups. Mama will then return to Henrik’s and Peter will perform some other tasks that he must accomplish this night.

How long is Mama supposed to be gone? How long is she actually gone?

  • Mama is supposed to be gone only an hour.

  • Mama is found lying in the path in the woods by Annemarie. She never came back.

What do you think has happened to Mama?

  • I think Mama has been punished by the Nazis for helping the Jews and left to die.

Chapters 13-16

Describe what happens to Mama on the way back from the boat.

  • Mama trips on a root on her way back from the boat and either sprains or breaks her ankle.

What does Annemarie find next to the house?

  • Annemarie finds the packet Peter gave to Mr. Rosen next to the house.

What instructions does Mama give Annemarie concerning the item she found next to the House?

  • The instructions that Mama gives Annemarie concerning the item she found next to the house is to bring the package to Uncle Henrik at the dock. If she gets stopped, she should act like a silly little girl taking lunch to her uncle.

What story does Annemarie think about on the way to the dock on the path?

  • Annemarie thinks about the story of Little Red Riding-Hood on the way to the dock on the path.

List the main characters that Annemarie thought about.

  • Little Red Riding-Hood

  • Grandma

  • The Big Bad Wolf

How are the main Characters in Number the Stars like the ones in Little Red riding-hood?

  • Annemarie is like Little Red Riding-Hood because they are both taking food to someone down a forest path.

  • The Nazi soldiers are like the wolf because they are both antagonists.

  • Uncle Henrik is like Grandma because they are both getting food.

What are the instructions that Annemarie’s mother gives her in case she is stopped?

  • Annemarie’s mother’s instructions are to act like a silly, little girl bringing lunch to a forgetful fishermen.

What does the German soldier find in the packet?

  • The German soldier finds a handkerchief in the packet.

What is the first thing Annemarie had to try to do the day after returning to her uncle’s house?

  • The first thing Annemarie had to try to do when she returned to Uncle Henrik’s house was to milk Blossom, the cow.

What is Uncle Henrik’s definition of Bravery?

  • Uncle Henrik’s definition of bravery is not thinking about the dangers when you do something.

How does Uncle Henrik get the Rosens to Sweden?

  • Uncle Henrik gets the Rosens to Sweden by hiding them in a secret compartment on his boat and then sailing to Sweden.

What does Annemarie learn about Peter?

  • Annemarie learns that Peter is in the resistance.

What is the secret of the handkerchief?

  • The secret of the handkerchief is that it weakens the smelling ability of the Nazis’ dogs when they come to smell for hidden Jews.

Number the Stars Review: Chapters 9-16

Brock Hall

Book by: Lois Lowry

“He who Number the Stars one by one…”

The End

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