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NEGES Foundation Inc. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

NEGES Foundation Inc. Nest for Educational Growth and Environmental Safety Nid Educatif pour Garantir un Environnement Sain ….An Educated Choice!

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NEGES Foundation Inc.

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NEGES Foundation Inc.

Nest for Educational Growth and Environmental Safety

Nid Educatif pour Garantir un

Environnement Sain

….An Educated Choice!

  • “engaging the community to effect positive and progressive changes in order to educate its constituents, maintain, safeguard and protect the environment”

    James E. Philemy

Address62 Rue LaCroix Léogâne, Haiti (509) 235-0976

365 11th Street

Brooklyn, New York 11215

(718) 768-1282


James E. Philemy, [email protected],

Marie Yoleine Gateau, [email protected]

NEGES Foundation, Inc.

a not for profit organization

founded in February of 1998.


  • The purpose of NEGES Foundation is to foster all aspects of community development and provide allowances for educational needs and environmental preservation.


NEGES Foundation believes that social and humanitarian values are essential in developing a community’s awareness.


  • to provide the community with a nest for educational growth and environmental safety.


  • At NEGES, self-discipline, self-motivation and thoughtfulness become a three-prong approach that sustains educational growth, health /recreational, education/activities and environmental safety.

NEGES Foundation has accomplished many projects in the town of Léogâne:

  • A Technical School

  • A Bilingual School (Ma Petite Ecole)

  • A Summer Camp (Camp d’Amitié)

  • A Cultural Festival (Village Indien)

  • A Medical Clinic at Destra

  • A Café Restaurant with a cyber cafe

  • Building of Rural Roads


Computer Laboratory, 1998

Main Office

Institut Polytechnique de Léogâne, home to Ma Petite Ecole, Camp d’Amitie & Au Bon Cafe



Institut Polytechnique

promotes community awareness and development

First Graduation of IPL. Graduates walking from the main office to the auditorium.

View of the yard during our first technical graduation

Time out to reflect…..

Construction of the 2nd Floor to create 2 conference rooms & 3 studio apartments

Big Hall, soon to become home to Ma Petite Ecole

Ma Petite Ecole

Ma Petite Ecole Duo-Method: Montessori-Gardner

exposes children to the world of technology and the opportunity to learn English as Another Language. (AAL)

Morning Routines

Read Aloud

Children express themselves through first hand exploration, sports, arts and crafts, story writing, bookmaking, folktale, music etc…

Time to play & time to learn

Good Routines & Rituals

Free Play in the school yard

Graduating class of 2004

Awards Assembly

Graduation Ceremony

Parental Support

Camp d’Amitié (Friendship Camp)

  • teaches the following:

  • - preservation of nature,

  • - protection of the environment,

  • - self- discipline

  • - history and cultural awareness

  • - arts and crafts.

In preparation for the morning Camp.

Children on task in the yard.

Children, friends & counselors in action.

Making masks using the papier mâché technique.


Children learning how to play table games.

Children at work.

Presentation by Camp participants inside the old building of IPL.

Field Day…

Children at the beach building sand castles

Monitors challenging each other in a chess game.

Beautiful faces of the Camp

Shared Vision….

NEGES Foundation Inc. recreated an Indian Village in an effort to educate the community on a very important period of our history and in memory of Queen Anacaona (August 2003)

Quisqueya during Pre-Colombus Time

Rites and Rituals of the Tainos & the Caribs.

Children preparing for the Indian Village Parade.

Indian Village Parade…..

Reproduction of Teepees where the Caribs and Tainos lived.

A day at the village.

Reflections on the meaning and historical value of such event…

Authentic Games -- Parade --- Dance Festival --Talent Search -- Health Fair Music --Sports Award Ceremony -- Art Expo --- Cultural Awareness

Breaking Grounds…

Medical Clinic at Destra



Pre-natal Care,

Health Fair,



A view of the Medical Clinic at Destra

Doctors volunteers

Au Bon Café Restaurant

Take a tour!

Stairway to Balcony

Main Entrance

Au Bon Café Restaurant

First of a kind in town

12 Employees

Rural Road to connect Destra to the town of Léogâne.



These accomplishments have been thus far funded by the co-founders with the support of a few good friends and families.

NEGES Foundation Inc.

  • Is particular and quite sensitive about :

    • The environment

    • Reforestation

    • Energy Conservation

    • The preservation of our culture

    • Community awareness

    • Health and self-determination

    • Sustainable and durable development

At the aftermath of Jeanne…

NEGES Foundation Inc cannot remain indifferent to the devastating toll of such a cynical hurricane:

-Thousands of Deaths

-No potable water

-No means of transportation

-Health and medical needs

-Thousands of homeless people

-Extreme Famine, etc…

An Ad Hoc International Committee was created…

  • Short term goals

  • The Committee had sent a special delegation to Haiti to assess the needs of the people and to intervene immediately.

  • The Committee had set up a mobile medical clinic in various areas for the victims of the hurricane.

  • Long term goals

  • The committee plans to launch a campaign of reforestation of Haiti to prevent the reoccurrence of disasters of such magnitude.

  • The committee plans to work closely with the local and international governments to fully implement the ecological reconstruction of Haiti.


25 miles away from Port-Au-Prince

Water is overflowing the bridge frequently

…main road destroyed……

1st floor home completely submerged…

….a city inundated…

  • …a town in prominent danger of devastation…

Immediate Plans

NEGES Foundation has just acquired two acres of land in the vicinity of Léogâne that will house the Applied Learning Schools, a Community Outreach Center and Mon Petit Village.

Build a cafeteria to provide at least a hot meal daily to the students and the teachers.

Construction will begin in February 2005

Future Plans

  • Construction of a pioneering

    school for environmental protection

    and energy conservation.

  • Construction of a campus to service the community by providing access to its facilities, equipment and learning laboratories.

  • Build a “Centre d’Urgences et d’Aides Humanitaires” to support the community in times of emergency.

  • Build an experimental school and provide potable water to the surrounding communities.

  • Organize a Food Co-op to promote bio-agriculture and encourage exchanges in the community.

  • Organize a cooperative of fishermen in the area to encourage economical growth.

How Can I Help?

  • Provide Technical Assistance

  • Sponsor a child or a program

  • Donate money, office, school and medical supplies/equipment

  • Adopt a project

  • Make a pledge

Helping others is a very important part of helping yourself….

Contact in the USA

  • James E. Philemy

  • [email protected] 917 224-4939

  • Marie Yoleine Gateau

  • [email protected] 917 539 -1158

Your donations are tax-deductible

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