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Fun meters for games
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Fun Meters for Games Nicole Lazzaro, President XEODesign ® Larry Mellon, System Architect Emergent Game Technologies AGC Oct 28, 2005 Measure Fun Pulled Pork Sandwiches: Yum! (But Why?) Structured observations of the people - Smiling? Savoring? - Structured questionnaires ?

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Fun Meters for Games

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Presentation Transcript

Fun meters for games l.jpg

Fun Meters for Games

Nicole Lazzaro, President


Larry Mellon, System Architect

Emergent Game Technologies

AGC Oct 28, 2005

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Pulled pork sandwiches yum but why l.jpg

Pulled Pork Sandwiches: Yum! (But Why?)

Structured observations of the people

- Smiling? Savoring?

- Structured questionnaires


Insertion of probes into the sandwich

- Temperature? Sauce balance?

- Sandwich mods?

Slide4 l.jpg

Fun meter requirements

  • Multiple data sources

  • Repeatable & validity

  • Game & player variance

What could you use it for?

  • Pre-ship evaluation

  • Early evaluation of game play

Nicole lazzaro l.jpg

Larry Mellon

Nicole Lazzaro

  • CTO: Emergent Game Technologies

  • 20+ years of tools and engines for distributed systems & supercomputers

  • Jade, EA, DARPA, …

  • Parallel simulation & virtual worlds

  • Automated testing & metrics in games

  • Recent Play: Go

  • President and Founder XEODesign

  • 15 years of design and research player experiences

  • Sony, EA, LeapFrog, Sega, Ubisoft, PlayFirst

  • Cognitive Psychology Stanford

  • Recent Play: Tombstone Hold ‘em

Next gen i get the graphics but where s the game l.jpg

Next-gen: I get the graphics, but where’s the game?



Visual effects


game play

Blocking issue in next gen games how much innovation will be fundable l.jpg

Blocking IssueIn next-gen games, how much innovation will be fundable?

Cost & Risk


Slide8 l.jpg

Next Gen Games

  • Increased Complexity

  • Increased Complexity of Analysis

Slide10 l.jpg

Next Gen Games

Slide11 l.jpg

  • Mobile

    Off-Computer Play

Next gen gambling roll dem bones l.jpg

Next-gen gambling: roll dem bones!



Blocking issue big games are hard to change at the last minute l.jpg

Blocking IssueBig games are hard to change at the last minute!




2 fun meters today l.jpg

2. Fun Meters Today

  • We can measure aspects that contribute to fun today

Slide15 l.jpg

Probes showed us how players interacted with each other: socialization more important to players than dancing

House categories beta test l.jpg

The house categories mini-game just wasn’t rewarding enough to players: a game “dead spot”


House Categories (Beta Test)

Fun meter l.jpg

Fun Meter

  • "Where is the fun in that?" – Bruce Shelly

Knowing in time l.jpg

Knowing in Time

The 4 keys the ride l.jpg

4 Flavors of Fun

The 4 Keys “The Ride”

Easy Fun:

Filling Attention

Hard Fun:

Challenge & Mastery

Altered States:

Change Internal Sensations

The People Factor:

Social Mechanism

The 4 keys the ride20 l.jpg

4 Flavors of Fun

The 4 Keys “The Ride”

Easy Fun:

Filling Attention

Surprise & Curiosity

Hard Fun:

Challenge & Mastery

Frustration & Fiero

Altered States:

Change Internal Sensations

Excite & Relax

The People Factor:

Social Mechanism

Shadenfreude & Naches

Hard fun fiero l.jpg

Hard Fun - Fiero

  • Personal Triumph Over Adversity

My fun meter read out l.jpg

My Fun Meter Read Out

Some players l.jpg

Some Players

Other players l.jpg

Other Players

Leapfrog s fly pentop l.jpg

LeapFrog’s FLY Pentop

Player Prototypes

and Field Studies

Fun meter26 l.jpg

Fun Meter

  • "Pace is everything.  User attention is the game." – Mark Terrano

3 fun meter challenge l.jpg

3. Fun Meter Challenge

More than 20 aspects to measure fun

Larry & Nicole have a bet

  • Left and Right sides compete

  • Winner gets a duck!

  • List posted w/slides

    260 ideas/hour = 4.3/min (21.5 / 5 mins)

What to measure l.jpg

What to Measure

  • Pace

  • Exploits

  • Rewards

  • Power Ups

  • Score Jumps

Fun meter challenge l.jpg

Fun Meter Challenge

Take Away

  • Lots of Aspects Effect Fun

  • Each Needs a Meter

4 sources of data l.jpg

4. Sources of Data

  • Every Meter Needs a Data Source

  • Data Relates to the Question

Slide31 l.jpg

Section 4.

Data extraction is always tricky…


(asking players)


(observing players)

Fun meters l.jpg

Fun Meters

  • “Are people around the company  (e.g. non-testers) playing?” – Steve Meretzky

Indirect measures l.jpg

Gathering Opinions


Focus Group


Beta/QA Testing

Lots of noise

Cheap to implement

Requires player to interpret events

Indirect Measures

Internal l.jpg


Indirect Measures

Internal35 l.jpg


Indirect Measures

Beta qa testing l.jpg


Many People Playing Game

Bugs and Exploits

Easy to Set Up

Forgive Artifacts

Fill in What’s Missing

Rapid Iteration


Professional TestersBug Focus vs. Fun

Player Filters Data

Not Target Market

Seen Earlier Versions

Group Think

Beta/QA Testing

The vocal minority l.jpg

The Vocal Minority

  • Type of play they expect?



Love It!

Hate It!

  • On Line Surveys

  • Post Play Surveys

  • Beta/QA Testing

  • Forums/Chat

  • Focus Groups

Focus group l.jpg




Generating Ideas


Ø Behavior

Group Think

Opinion Leader


Post Play

Watch not Play

Focus Group

Meta critic l.jpg

Meta Critic

  • Automated

  • Opinions of Play


  • Reviews “Weighted”

  • Comes too Late

Online surveys l.jpg



How Many Play w/Their Partner?


Ø Behavior


Question Bias

Online Surveys

Daedalus Project, Nick Yee

On line surveys l.jpg


Nifty Charts

Measure Existing Ideas with Accuracy


Low Cost per Respondent


Self Select

Ø Behavior


Mostly Quantitative

Find What Ask For

Bias in Questions

On Line Surveys

Fun meter42 l.jpg

Fun Meter

  • “We didn't have the techniques then that you are creating now to measure where the person was, and instead looked at progress vs. time or survey results after playing to try to determine where the person was at.” – Jeff Pobst

Direct measures l.jpg


Data Probes

Behavior Based Data

Requires Expert Interpreter

Tell us things that the user can’t tell us.

Direct Measures

Observe player l.jpg

Observe Player

  • XEOAnalysis

  • Usability

    • Un-fun

  • Player Experiences

  • Emotions & Drivers

    • 4 Flavors of Fun

Swg fun btn l.jpg

SWG Fun Btn

Usability: Remove Un-Fun (51UI)

Frustration w o fiero l.jpg

Frustration w/o Fiero

  • [Fiero flowchart w/hard and easy fun]

Observe player experience l.jpg


Behavior Data

Directly Observe Player, Game, Context

What and Why

Explore New Ideas

Less Up-Front Bias

Paper or Electronic


More Effort to Collect Data and Analyze



Trained Observer

Observe Player Experience

Slide48 l.jpg

Context - Last Call Poker

Observe players early l.jpg

Observe Players Early

Paper Fun Meters

  • New Roles for NPCs

  • Wire Frame UIs

  • Paper Prototype

  • Play Test the Fun

  • Automate Data Collection w/ Consumables or Tokens

Fun meter50 l.jpg

Fun Meter

  • “There's a core rule, a way to interact, and then tuning, an adjustment to see if it is ‘gripping and attractive’ or is it a ‘drag on the experience’?” - Hal Barwood

Slide51 l.jpg

Tuning imbalances can throw your entire economy out of kilter (killing fun), but remember to triangulate!

Economy detailed view l.jpg

More tuning imbalances: visitor bonus did not provide enough incentive to attract other players to your home, lowering in-game social connections

Economy: Detailed View

Slide53 l.jpg

Play styles vary wildly across player types: hardcore players will go to great lengths for a minor cash advantage

Slide54 l.jpg

Looking at what people spend their in-game money on gives you clues into what entertains them


4 of top 5: windows??

Slide55 l.jpg




Player & game actions

Minute 1

open door

cook food

Minute 2

fire breaks out

Rate of





Name of sound

Correlated data is much more valuable than single-source data





Measurement techniques probes embedded in the game l.jpg

Measurement techniques:probes embedded in the game

  • Strengths

    • Concrete, accurate metrics

    • Easy, fast, automated

  • Limits

    • Does not directly measure fun at all, only things that indirectly impact fun

    • Limited insight into player motivations

  • Best uses

    • Hot spot / dead spot analysis, tuning feedback

    • Understanding the true actions of your players

Future fun meters l.jpg

Future Fun Meters

New Data Sources

  • Biometrics

  • Eye Tracking

  • GSR

  • Facial Tracking

  • FMRI

Vittorio Gallese, 2004

Conclusions l.jpg


Knowing when l.jpg

Knowing When

  • Player Testing & Reviews

  • Data Probes

  • Observation and Prototyping Play

We need more than better visuals in next gen games l.jpg

We need more than better visuals in next-gen games

  • Visual impact eventually tapers off

  • And who can afford it?

Breakout games games that establish a new genre have innovative gameplay l.jpg

Breakout games – games that establish a new genre – have innovative gameplay

  • Populous

  • Pac Man

  • Doom

  • The Sims

  • Habitat

  • Grand Theft Auto

  • Katamari Damacy


What new types of gameplay will open up new genres in next-gen?

Measured innovation early in the design cycle is a way to break out of the box l.jpg



Play test

Cost / Risk



game play

Measured innovation, early in the design cycle, is a way to break out of the box




Pac man


Fun meters of the future unite l.jpg

Fun meters of the future: unite!

Slide64 l.jpg


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